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  1. Landry Jones vs Baker Mayfield

    Didn't realize Lamar Jackson's arm was on the weaker side in comparison to the rest of the class
  2. Will giants take Barkley?

    I don't think it necessarily makes him look clueless but it does go back on what he's said prior to the draft, plus fans would be restless and put pressure on him to start year 1 especially if the giants are out of it by week 12-14. Drafting Rosen would significantly expedite Gettleman's job review. Drafting a bust and Allen or Mayfield turn out to be studs? He'd be finished very quickly.
  3. Will giants take Barkley?

    I think Barkley is in play with the Browns and Giants at 1, 2. More so with the Giants. I agree that "you don't skip a franchise QB if you're at pick #2 and your current QB has 1-3 years left", but I don't think its a fireable offense, especially if Barkley is the stud everyone thinks he is. Their fan base is RB starved and in love with Eli, he won't face an incredible amount of backlash for the pick. Also, if both go QB, one of the two could take Allen, it's an outside shot, but a lot of talent evaluators really covet Allen's physical tools. Jets are definitely in play for Rosen and Darnold at 3, I agree it's more likely that Allen is the pick at 3 but Rosen and Darnold could be on the board and it wouldn't shock me.
  4. Will giants take Barkley?

    I think people aren't giving enough attention to the fact that this Gettleman just got the Giants GM job. Drafting a QB in the first round buys you a couple of years of job security but if you're wrong you're probably out after that. No one will fault Gettleman for taking the BPA, generational talent, Barkley in attempt to make the playoffs/win-now. If that doesn't work and Gettleman's job security is in question he can draft a 1st round QB and buy himself another year or 2 as GM at least if that QB busts. This is essentially what Maccagnan has done, thrown money and band aid QBs at the problem and now that his job is on the line he's forced to draft a young QB and if he hits he gets to keep his job but if he misses he still holds onto it for another year or two.
  5. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    Best available FA WR with no WRs on the cap cut or trade block other than Dez Bryant
  6. I wouldn't have let A-rob go to the bears
  7. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    How much we looking at with him? I'm willing to kick the tires on him, although he was terrible last year.
  8. I'd much prefer Mayfield to Allen but I just don't see Mac passing on him given the tools of the QBs Mac has drafted. I truly believe he likes Allen, and we're doomed. At least this will be entertaining though.
  9. Giants trading out of pick 2 instead of staying put and drafting Barkley or Nelson (if their intent isn’t to pick a QB), to a team like the Broncos or Bills is a doomsday scenario. I’d have to imagine Mac likes his 3rd option just in case this does happen, but I’d definitely prefer it not to. It’s unlikely this happens but we’ll see. Can’t wait to see who we wind up taking.
  10. Love it. This was always plan B for me. We need a QB I don’t care what it takes. Money. Picks. Doesn’t matter. Cousins would’ve been nice but I’m fine with this and ecstatic if it lands us Darnold or Rosen.
  11. So what now for the OL?

    I’d be fine with trading up for OL help, but I’d prefer the help to be an OT, I’m not sure Beachum holds up for another full season. ijalana signing was big but I don’t trust him that much to protect a young QBs blindside, if there’s a tackle in round 2 you like and you only give up your 3rd, 4 and maybe a 5th do it. I would have to imagine the kid from Oklahoma falls to us now in the third right?
  12. Doubt they trade down with Giants ready to pull the trigger on either a QB or Barkley. My guess is they stay put and hope for Barkley at 4.
  13. So what now for the OL?

    This. I think they upgraded Center in a big way, Johnson was abysmal. I also think that they probably attribute a lot of the bad interior line play from Carpenter and Winters because of the terrible play at center. How many times did we see someone run by our guard while he was helping out Johnson who was getting beat by the nose tackle?
  14. If Mac gets me Darnold or Rosen 😍