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    Top 50 Free Agents 2019

    If Lawrence shakes free he should be the top guy. If not I’d love Frank Clark and/or Trey Flowers. Try to sign Bell. Darby’s coming off ACL but he’s young and a solid #1 corner when healthy. I’d also look into Paradis, Saffold, Brown and Humphries. Grady jarret wouldn’t be bad either. Lot of ways we can go and a lot of cap space, can’t sign everybody but you gotta bring in a ton more talent. OL and Pass rush are top priorities, but signing Darby would be an awesome addition to the secondary, I think Derrick Jones can be our Skrine slot replacement.
  2. I need playoffs, a top 10 offense, Pro bowl Sam. That’s it, none of this ranked 20th crap you got a good qb with a ton of cap room and trade assets on the market. Sadly we won’t get any of them because the word is out of Gase.
  3. If you could get a second for Sheldon Richardson you can get a 2nd for Leonard Williams. Pull the trigger, I’ve see enough apologizing for his inability to get sacks.
  4. I was all aboard the Williams train prior to the national championship game, after watching him get bullied all game and get exposed as slow, I’m off. I can’t tell you who exactly id want at 3 but I know it’s not Williams.
  5. Sully80

    Enunwa Contract Details

    Dude could make 100 million for all I care as long as his cap hit is low and the Johnsons won’t close their wallet. His cap hits over the next two years are great, especially next season. I’m now convinced this was a good signing, nice contract work/ cap maneuvering by Mac and I’ve been a vocal critic and wanted him fired.
  6. Have a feeling it’s Rhule, they never announced meeting although there are reports that they did, sounds like they didn’t love McCarthy as much as the NY media did and haven’t heard much love for the rest of the lot that they’ve interviewed. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s either Rhule or Kingsbury. Well see with Monken today.
  7. I’d be lying to you if I told you I knew who to take at 3. It sure sounds like allen and bosa are the top 2 guys, ferrel impressed me and I wouldn’t mind him especially if we switch to a 4-3 under the new head coach. As for Williams, I know I don’t want him, I don’t understand how you watch that game and feel comfortable with him as the pick at 3. That was nfl talent he went up against and he got bullied most of the night. He looked better in the second half but he also got a lot more help with ferrel in the second half. He held ferrel in check on plays where Tua got rid of the ball very quickly but he rarely held his guy for a longer developing play. Tua was running for his life the whole game, give me a pass rusher if you think he’s a 10 sack+ guy, Greedy Williams, a WR if you think he’s a #1 or trade out and open up your options.
  8. What game were you guys watching? Williams got bullied all game by Ferrel, it wasn’t until he started getting help that Ferrel was neutralized. I understand now why there were concerns about him as an OT in the pros, he moves like a guard. No way I want him with the 3rd pick. I’m not sure there are any OTs that are worthy of a 3rd overall selection this year, may have to take a defensive player (Greedy Williams or a pass rusher), Wideout, or trade out for a team that wants Haskins.
  9. Jets are bringing McCarthy in for an Interview
  10. I mean Bell and one of the pass rushers, in all likelihood Ford has the best chance of hitting the market. I'm good with signing one of them and Bell if all of them hit the market, if Bell chooses Indy sign both.
  11. D-Law and Clowney will either be tagged or extended. If either hits the market, including Ford, I agree, have to go after them. But get this, there's money for both.
  12. I don't see how Bell is anywhere close to a Holmes situation. Holmes was never a top 5 or top 10 at his position, Holmes had a legitimate attitude problem and fought with teammates, Bell held out because the Steelers wanted to use him for another year and dump him and Bell wasn't going to let them. Good for him. His teammates are dumb for reacting the way they did. The only blue chip offensive guy on the market and you don't want him?
  13. I can't tell if this is serious or sarcastic

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