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  1. I mean Bell and one of the pass rushers, in all likelihood Ford has the best chance of hitting the market. I'm good with signing one of them and Bell if all of them hit the market, if Bell chooses Indy sign both.
  2. D-Law and Clowney will either be tagged or extended. If either hits the market, including Ford, I agree, have to go after them. But get this, there's money for both.
  3. I don't see how Bell is anywhere close to a Holmes situation. Holmes was never a top 5 or top 10 at his position, Holmes had a legitimate attitude problem and fought with teammates, Bell held out because the Steelers wanted to use him for another year and dump him and Bell wasn't going to let them. Good for him. His teammates are dumb for reacting the way they did. The only blue chip offensive guy on the market and you don't want him?
  4. I can't tell if this is serious or sarcastic
  5. That would be cool, not a long term fix but one for the time being, feels like a Jet move. Hadn't thought of that.
  6. I like the Bell signing. Intrigued with trading Williams or Lee, could we get a 2nd for either? Also, if we sign Bell I see no point in drafting a RB in the 2nd round, Bell, Crowell, and McGuire is a really strong RB group.
  7. I think the focus should be on the offensive line and Bell, and rightfully so. However, it's clear that there isn't a #1 wideout on this team. Anderson and Enunwa, to me are both WR 2/3 guys. Anderson is little one dimensional, in that he's a poor mans Tyreek Hill, deep threat but not much of a threat otherwise; and Enunwa is a matchup mismatch and a great YAC guy but he's rarely not injured and doesn't get the separation you like to see from a #1. T The problem is, there really isn't anything out there this year in FA. Golden Tate and John Brown headline a weak class. Gordon could be an option as an RFA if he doesn't get 1st round tender from NE, but other than that the Jets will have to look to the draft to find a #1 for Darnold. Not sure if there are any trade target and ultimately I think we see roughly the same pass-catching crew as we saw this year.
  8. Sully80

    Reggie Mckenzie

    I'm not sure he'd take a demotion, I think with his resume, he'd get interviews for open GM positions. If he was willing to take another FO position give him VP of player personnel.
  9. I think Allen was and has been exactly as advertised coming out of the draft. Rifle for an arm, dynamic scrambler, hard to bring down, inaccurate, and tends to make bad decisions (what was he doing on that first pick??). I thought he'd be worse than this but he's relied on his legs to make up for his deficiencies. He's going to get himself killed playing the way he's been playing.
  10. Sully80

    Reggie Mckenzie

    I'd be very interested. Reggie rebuilt that organization, they were a mess when he got there and they had very limited draft capital initially and in cap hell. Not his fault Mark pulled an Al and gave Gruden full control, tore down a great foundation of players.
  11. Sully80

    Sam has elite accuracy

    That would be too rational, Darnold is the GOAT
  12. Sully80

    Amari Cooper

    I agree and he should be canned. I'm not a pick hugger by any means, if a first round pick can get you a blue chip caliber play do it, but we still have the chance to draft one this year with a top 5 pick. This is why I'm also all in on Leveon Bell, guy is a top 5 RB in the league, regardless of it being a devalued position and a guy with a ton of mileage, bring him in. Offense needs a star like that and there really isn't anything else available. Maybe Josh Gordon as an RFA, depends on the tender he gets from NE.
  13. Come to think of it, I believe that was Jenkins who leveled Allen on that play
  14. Sully80

    Amari Cooper

    I think this is a fair point about Cooper. Say we go WR in round 1, is Cooper better than any of the WRs in this class? Its early in the process but I think you'd be right. However, an OL pick could impact both the passing and running game, so a generational talent there may be more valuable than Cooper. Also, I think Mack is unfair, obviously you're probably not getting a Mack level talent in the draft this year but the Bears gave up I believe 3 first rounders and a huge contract. The contract we could swallow, not having a first round pick for 3 years with the offense in the state its in would've been potentially devastating.

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