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  1. I doubt people who have decided to go to this event are no longer going because the uniforms leaked the day before. Doesn't what you're describing sound like an NY Jets PR person's job and not Jamal's? I have no doubt he has interest in keeping the event as exciting as it can be but I doubt he'd flat out lie if these are in fact the final version of the uniforms. If they really were 100% the final version of the uniforms I doubt Jamal and Leonard Williams even address it. Why ruin your credibility over something that will be officially announced in the next 24 hours? That makes no sense to me, not enough that they "want to keep the event alive". I believe these are probably anywhere from 75%-90% of the final uniforms, could be a few minor changes revealed tomorrow.
  2. This is how I feel, Jamal is pretty active on social media and responds to fans, people would give him a ton of crap if he flat out lied to save an event. Probably close to the final version but not 100% them.. I'd imagine the reveal will have Le'veon and Mosley in the jerseys as well.
  3. I don't think Jamal would lie and say these aren't them if the final version weren't a little bit different. I'm convinced this is an earlier version of the concept but the concept hasn't changed radically, someone has reported that numbers are on the sleeves so it's possible that these are very close with a few minor tweaks that are different. Hopefully they get rid of New York over the numbers, just looks weird and will look awkward on a jersey or t-shirt.
  4. The more I read the more I get the feeling that these are an earlier version of the concept but they probably haven't departed radically from it. Colors, Logo, and Number design probably all correct.
  5. Conflicting reports on these uniforms leave me skeptical but leaning towards fake. Connor Hughes says these are the jerseys, but Jamal Adams has said they are not and Leonard Williams liked a comment saying "these are probably fake why would Quincy be wearing under armour cleats?"
  6. Pass rushers age well, it's one of the few positions that do.
  7. I think the coaching combined with the FA moves make this team a viable wild card contender prior to the draft. Hard to judge this offseason and team prior to the draft and end of FA. Defense will be improved with Williams as our DC, Poole is an upgrade over Skrine, Johnson should play better and maybe Jets add another CB but Roberts could be solid there, year 3 Jamal Adams enough said, Jets could draft Allen and him with Jenkins, Mosley, Williamson, Anderson, and Williams is a formidable front 7 that could really affect the passing game. Offense with Osemele, Bell, and Crowder with Gase calling the plays instead of Bates with year 2 Darnold should make the offense special.
  8. While I was unhappy he didn't sign here, it was a ton of money to commit to a guy who hasn't proven he could play EDGE and rush the passer consistently and produce in the NFL. It was a gamble that I would've taken because Life's a Gamble but I'm not heartbroken the deal fell through. Sucks a little more with Houston most likely going elsewhere. Worst part about that is the PR, like if you're going to go back on your word its bad enough, don't talk about being physically ill w/ night sweats you baby, showed 0 respect to an organization that was willing to pay him about 10 million more than his beloved Vikings.
  9. I don't think Jets want Houston. Like an earlier post said, they've had a ton of time to evaluate the market and Houston still isn't a Jet, nor has he visited. Sounds like they made a call and heard what he wanted and walked away. They may circle back if no one gives him that money but I don't see it. I agree with everyone here I'd give him 4 years, how many guys have we seen be effective pass rushers in the mid 30s Demarcus Ware and Cameron Wake immediately come to mind. '
  10. I don't like the idea of trading down mainly because I don't like the idea of drafting QW, I doubt he'd make it past 4 but if he did, I'd much prefer Josh Allen. So much so that I'd be willing to forgo that 2nd round pick. Give me a young edge pass rusher as opposed to a Leo Williams clone. I think it's crazy people are not satisfied with Leonard williams and his production and are completely sold on QW, Leonard williams when he was drafted was the next Watt/Suh. QW isn't even the prospect Williams was.
  11. There have been some Steeler and Pats rumors swirling but just seems to be smoke, nothing real attached to them
  12. People need to understand you could potentially squeeze something extra out of the Texans because the trade back is the equivalent to 3 second round picks. Maybe you get a 2nd from Houston in this deal as well, Clowney, #23, and a 2nd for #3? The drawback is the money, but you could potentially fill 2 holes on top of EDGE rusher in the top 60 in the draft this year. Not a completely absurd proposition.
  13. Nice contribution. Only downside of this move is having to pay Clowney
  14. You're betting that Bosa/Allen gives us that production. Gholston was a sure bet too. You get a guaranteed top 10 EDGE player, and MAYBE you get your Mangold or a #1 WR or your LT/RT for years to come. Not making this move MAYBE gives you a pass rusher. I understand the argument about paying him big money versus drafting a kid and hoping he gives you the same production on a rookie deal, but let's not act like making a deal like this makes 0 sense, because it does.
  15. All that money on top of the Watt deal is a lot to account for. I think the worst part about this move would be the weight of Clowney's contract on the cap as opposed to Josh Allen or Bosa on a rookie deal. But who knows if Bosa or Allen turn out to be as good as Clowney, people thought Clowney was Lawrence Taylor coming out, he's been great but not what people thought he would be.
  16. Not wasting draft picks, just trading back. Our 1st for their 1st and Clowney. Definitely has the ACL injury and a history of being injury prone but he's only missed 3 games in the past 3 seasons.
  17. I'm not sure they would either but they could draft their Clowney replacement, all to avoid paying Clowney big money.
  18. Because it's getting you your pass rusher of the future and a first round pick to help the offense. Trading down would most likely take you out of the Bosa/Allen sweepstakes and it's unlikely we'd get another 1st this year while being able to still draft Bosa or Allen. Doing this trade gives you the best of both worlds, young EDGE guy and some 1st round help for Sam.
  19. Definitely could be for the defense but the team overall may benefit from say, Clowney & #23 spent on a OT, C, or WR.
  20. I proposed a mock trade in my post, trade back from #3 to #23. The value is the picks it would take to move up into the top 5, it's the equivalent of 3 second round picks, maybe you could squeeze something else out of Houston in a deal. We'd essentially have our pass rusher of the future and a 1st round pick to play with.
  21. I'd love this, maybe it's enough. It'd have to be more than the Dee Ford compensation.
  22. our 1st round pick for Clowney and their 1st, the capital is the value of moving up into the top 5 from 23
  23. He's injury prone but he wont miss more than a couple of games, only has missed 3 in the past 3 seasons.
  24. I don't think Jets are signing Houston, they've had a lot of time to sign Houston, before FA started, after Barr spurned us and after the Bell signing. I think Houston is going elsewhere and Jets are done making big FA moves.
  25. He's 26, far from old. Perfect for this 4-5 year window with Bell and Darnold on his rookie deal.
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