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  1. So our base defense is a 4-2-5 now? I guess that's what happens when you only have 2 starting ILBs..
  2. I had Jags taking Muma at #70 and.. they took him at #70. Did same exact thing last year with Andre Cisco in the third round. You can pretty much say I'm a scout for the Jags at this point. A third round scout.
  3. With the 242nd pick the Panthers select: Keegan Cryder, C, Wyoming @Hal N of Provo OTC @Greenseed4 on deck
  4. With their last pick, 235 overall, the Jacksonville Jaguars select: Eyioma Uwazurike, NT, Iowa State @King P OTC @Greenseed4 on deck
  5. With the 222nd overall pick the Jacksonville Jaguars select: Cade York, K, LSU @section314 OTC @Lith on deck
  6. With pick # 221 the 49ers select: Jaquarii Roberson, WR, Wake Forest @me OTC @section314 on deck
  7. With pick # 220 the 49ers select: Luke Wattenberg, C, Washington @Jetlife33 OTC again, pick will be made shortly Then I'm on deck..
  8. That is a very high number, I got my Cowboy (Muma) at a pretty good spot, early 3rd.
  9. Hope the Jets take a late round flyer on Empey.. he was Zach's center for multiple seasons.
  10. With the 198th overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select: James Empey, C, BYU @32EBoozer OTC @Integrity28 on deck
  11. With the 197th overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select: Zach Tom, C/OT, Wake Forest @me OTC @32EBoozer on deck
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