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  1. If you're going to do anything I'd sign a FA, no point in giving up draft capital.. Olivier Vernon is still a FA and Everson Griffen as well. Could sign them to a cheap 1 year deal to plug the hole until next season. Also noticed Quinton Dunbar is available after being waived by Detroit could be another good 1 year deal at CB in case our young corners don't step up this season.
  2. I just realized I actually took 3 of my picks at exactly the same spot they were drafted, although one was Trevor Lawrence, so he doesn't really count. Other two were Andre Cisco (65), and Ben Skowronek (249). Thanks pick matches lol
  3. WOOHOO McPherson went in the 5th round. I win.
  4. Actually pretty surprised how close the draft has fallen for jags aside from a couple picks with how the mock went. Called the Cisco pick on the dot actually.
  5. Hmm, it's an interesting challenge.. You could turn a few mid/late picks into 10 6th and 7th rounders. haha. No I actually take this seriously and it goes along with how I would actually approach a draft since I believe it's largely a crap shoot, even with how much research and analytics are done. If I was actually a GM I would definitely be someone who likes to stockpile picks unless there's a guy I can't pass on, hence why I traded up for St.Brown.
  6. Simulated rest of the offseason with ultimate GM on fanspeak.. here's what I came away with: Edit: Doesn't include UDFAs Fanspeak Ultimate GM Mock Offseason Depth Chart 4-21-21.odt Fanspeak Ultimate GM Mock Offseason 4-21-21.odt
  7. I mean that does sound like a ton of work, but also like the ultimate fantasy league.. Sounds interesting. lol
  8. ^ This, I had to sneak in my personal laptop and spend way more time than I should have checking in on the draft. Woohoooo back to back trade down champ. @King P gave me a run.. I did trade up once this time for Amon-Ra St.Brown. That's why I like rolling with the Jags back to back years, they always have a lot of draft ammo to make moves.
  9. Lotssss of work. We do have four people on as mods to try it out. Fanspeak.com does something similar with their Ultimate GM tool where you can simulate the entire offseason for one or more teams including FA, trades, and draft. That's only with one person though, would be interesting to see how it would work with 32. Maybe have a spreadsheet for FAs and make bids daily with mods managing the signings at the end of each day? Idk but it is a fun idea.
  10. I have dibbs on Nate Hobbs as a UDFA
  11. With their last pick of the draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select: Brenden Jaimes, OT, Nebraska @Lith OTC, @BroadwayBen on deck
  12. I looked it was actually 18 picks, not 16. Pretty lofty goal..
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