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  1. With their last pick of the draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select: Brenden Jaimes, OT, Nebraska @Lith OTC, @BroadwayBen on deck
  2. I looked it was actually 18 picks, not 16. Pretty lofty goal..
  3. With the 249th overall pick the Jacksonville Jaguars select: Ben Skowronek, WR/TE, Notre Dame @Paradis OTC, @IndianaJet on deck
  4. @choon328 and Washington Football Team miss their last pick, and select: William Sherman, OT, Colorado @Matt39 OTC, @Integrity28 on deck
  5. @Paradis sent in his pick, Steelers select: Calvin Ashley, OG, Florida A&M @choon328 back OTC, will get 30 min to make pick before another mod pick since missing previous selection. @Matt39 on deck.
  6. Clock runs out on @choon328 and Washington Football Team, they select: Tuf Borland, ILB, Ohio State @Paradis OTC, @choon328 on deck again
  7. With the first pick of the 7th round, 229 overall, the Jacksonville Jaguars get the kicker party started and select: Evan McPherson, K, Florida @GREENBEAN OTC, @Beerfish on deck
  8. With the 226th overall pick the Jacksonville Jaguars select: Pooka Williams, RB, Kansas @Dcat OTC, @HawkeyeJet on deck
  9. Just in case , mynext pick is : Ian Book , QB , Notre Dame

    or Dez Fitzpatrick , WR , Louisville

    or Stewart Reese , OG , Florida


  10. With the 218th overall pick the Jacksonville Jaguars select: Landon Young, OT, Kentucky @Jetlife33 OTC, @Lith on deck
  11. If i screw up again , just give me the highest rated DE on the board . Thanks dude .

  12. Clock runs out on @sec101row23 and Texans, they select: Jimmy Morrissey, C, Pitt @T0mShane OTC, @Paradis on deck
  13. Damn it.. Was hoping Powell would last another 10 picks. Wanted to reunite him with Trevor. Good last pick for KC.
  14. Clock runs out on @SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN Titans select: Noah Gray, TE, Duke @Integrity28 OTC, @Jdub03 on deck
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