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  1. I hope he wins a Superbowl. I will root for him.
  2. What a joke! I hope they lose every game and I will see you in 2015 with no Geno no Vick and no Rex.
  3. If Vick comes here and Geno gives up #7 it will show just how weak Geno is. It will be a bad sign.
  4. This is that piece of crap Marty Mornhinwegs fault. Both Vick and the Geno Smith debacle of a pick. He endorsed both. That OK, the entire coaching staff will be gone after next season.
  5. Neither, 6-10 2015 new coach and new QB. Mark it! It will be another wasted season.
  6. This guy is completely unprofessional and should be fired immediately. This guy likes to stir the pot with negativity all the time.
  7. You are one of the few that get it on this board. Good posts!
  8. I like what Idzik is doing so far. He is spending money wisely and getting quality players at a decent price. The two players he just added both have Superbowl experience too which nobody has mentioned. That shows the type of players he is looking for. Coming in, Idzik had a 3-4 year plan and he is sticking to it. I did not think Rex is part of the plan though and after this season Geno will also not be part of his plan. Lets see what he does in the draft with his own scouts. I would rather have a team built through the draft with young players for the long haul rather than a quick fix with overpaid free agents. I want to be good for the next ten years. Not two years and start all over again.
  9. Why don't you give some examples of things they posted that you find so offensive? Just curious!
  10. You are right. Learn how to play the game and get under their skin.
  11. Hey Benjamin, go back to sleep. We will wake you up when the draft starts.
  12. Yeah, and he is going to have a Black QB throwing to him. We are doomed! You Jackass!
  13. Don't worry guys, we have Geno Smith!
  14. I hope they lose every game if Vick or Geno starts.
  15. OK so what happens when the other team has 8 in the box and stops the run? Which is what every team will do next season. If you do not trust your QB to throw more than 20 times then you need a new QB. I guess we are looking at the Mark Sanchez experiment all over again. I think we are looking at 6-10 and a new coach for 2015.
  16. Draft him and teach him how to play Safety.
  17. Another Rocket Scientist here. The guy has quit on the team numerous times and can't get open. Do you really want him back? Some of you guys must be content with mediocrity.
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