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  1. I agree. Declaring that having the coach and GM on the same page is revolutionary and groundbreaking and celebrating about it is way better than actually winning games.
  2. I don't care what anybody who doesn't understand the difference thinks about basically anything. It's not about Johnson's business. He got what he wanted. That's the business. Now he wants gone too. So...bye. Not that any of that stuff matters because this thread is about butt feelings.
  3. Appeal to the authority of Jarvis Landry, this is what we're going with now?
  4. He got a 3 year extension with 8 guaranteed. I don't understand a thing you're trying to say except the first sentence which is just dumb. So everybody should just hold out all the time. Get paid like six times over for every season. Because teams can cut them. Again Johnson already got guaranteed money for what is going to be only this season beyond his rookie deal exactly as he demanded before last year. You don't get to keep ******* around once your demands have already been met.
  5. I think this was the longest I had gone without accidentally remembering the old iso miss one by eight feet and laugh hysterically offense. So eff you for that, pal. I don't give a **** what anybody says, the triangle was a massive improvement.
  6. The business was already taken care of. He wanted assurances past last year before the season started and he got 7.7M guaranteed for what is almost definitely going to be one additional season of minimal injury risk followed by his freedom and another contract. And now he doesn't want to give even the year. If we're talking about Revis or Antonio Brown or something, sure, that's business. We're not. If there were any chance he could hold up Haslam for more money, fine. I'm certainly all for that. But there isn't. He's refusing to perform the first year of an extension and he's Duke effing Johnson. If he thinks he's good enough not to be made a tragicomic example of for this ridiculous imitation of this thing he saw work on TV once he is out of his ******* mind.
  7. This has been going on for A YEAR. As soon as they signed Hyde and drafted Chubb, Johnson started bitching. They extended him and he kept bitching. I'm not sure when I first heard about an actual trade request but it was way before Hunt.
  8. I have to say I wasn't really expecting the idea that newspaper stories have a meaningful effect on results to get such a run for its money in the crazy department but you guys really made me proud on this one. Bedtime stories, more allusions to the notion that we're gonna be great now that Maccagnan is gone bc (stuff Maccagnan did), etc. The life imitates sports media product thing remains the thorazine-soaked cherry on the sh*t sundae, but this was a strong field.
  9. He won six games for the ******* Browns. If Darnold had won six games last year there are forum members numbering at least in the dozens who literally would have paid money to blow him.
  10. So much pointless butthurt. You get that how good Mayfield is and how good Darnold is are not zero sum, right? Based solely on his ability to make Jets fans threatened and irrational and bitchy and delusional Mayfield projects as the next Brady. As compared to Darnold's being hopefully probably pretty good.
  11. Seven pages of the same wrong take. And if the story is about the Jets it's twice that long and blames nobody but the reporter for obviously pushing an insidious agenda by accurately publishing direct quotes and stuff. This is not hard. It would be one thing if Mayfield was siding against a teammate in a contract dispute. That almost never actually happens because it is so universally understood that it simply isn't done and anybody who forgets it long enough to open his mouth gets swiftly and righteously annihilated for it. This situation is a completely different story. Johnson isn't holding out for a contract. He already got one, last year, when he would have been a free agent this year, and as soon as he got paid he immediately turned around and started pushing for a trade. Duke Johnson is not Antonio Brown. He's a third string running back making 5 per and saving tread for a third contract. He was very nearly a cap cut as it is. This is only about making his money to play against the team rather than for the team. And you goofballs are seriously suggesting that Mayfield is obligated to support him in this endeavor. Real quick, we're still for winning and against losing, right? I'm roughly an 11 on a scale from 0 to commie as far as company men and management deals and crossing picket lines. Drew Brees and Gene Upshaw and Ozzie Newsome can all get boned by the devil in hell forever. Mayfield telling Johnson to eat turds has nothing to do with that stuff.
  12. Change the names to Darnold and Bell and everybody says non-issue. Sure, it sounds company man af if Johnson were angling for something besides just plain off the team, but since he isn't, what do you want Mayfield to say? The same thing, but in the more diplomatic language of bland cliche? That's not the kind of guy he is and not the kind of quarterback anybody really wants. It would be a whole other thing if he was involving himself in a teammate's contract dispute.
  13. It's not like he smokes weed or something.
  14. I'm just tired of hearing about how the hurry up and celebrate before it turns out there's no reason to supermajority must not have its revelry disturbed. It's all politics now. Authorized takes only.
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