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  1. A better question is why people are still wondering why he's not getting looks for head coaching jobs. He's an average defensive coordinator and every offensive player in the league hates his guts. ******* figure it out.
  2. I don't think making it worth the effort would be such a great idea.
  3. Well, duh. I wanted to see if you know anything about RFID specifically wrt the two hands where the reader ostensibly had his hand wrong, particularly where he probably folded 88 for the underfull. The Patriots have won 6 super bowls in the last 20 years. This would be like winning 21.
  4. You're an a$$hole. Have you been following the Mike Postle thing at all?
  5. Do butthurt whiners usually admit that the whining is caused by butthurt?
  6. And next season ended the second they fired him and everybody declared mission accomplished. Sam is great! Gase is great! We don't even know who the GM is gonna be yet but he's great! Why should the team do anything any differently?

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