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  1. This is great. Stars make hard things look easy. Melo makes easy things look hard.
  2. At this point McDermott for Melo would have been a steal. Right now the trade is looking like a lowkey Kyrie deal where we pocket a productive player and a pick on top of getting the better end of a swap. Also Melo is the retard antichrist.
  3. Well, it's like the OKC coach said last year. Can't play Kanter. Can play Porzingis tho. Because when you have the guy who turns everybody he guards into LeBron actually guarding LeBron, there's gonna be no shortage of dudes lining up to lick the LeBron babies off his face when the inevitable go-ahead three happens.
  4. We paid Hardaway millions, we're going to pay Porzingis billions, and the two of them are going to take trillions of shots and not do a whole lot else. This is a really difficult way to try to build a team. You would think that the Knicks would know that by now considering this is the way they've been doing things for almost twenty years. When you overpay for volume scoring you have to get everything else cheap and Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler are not walking through that door.
  5. Why it is Hard to Take PFF Seriously

    Ever seen National Treasure?
  6. Why it is Hard to Take PFF Seriously

    The sentence/paragraph starting 'Effectively...' is the best/worst thing I have ever seen expressed in words about numbers that aren't numbers.
  7. Combined 5-25 for KP6 and TH2 alriiight. Meet the new Melos, same as the old Melo.
  8. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    I dunno. FCS adjustment needs work? One example isn't important. I mean we never talk about an individual player somebody's gut missed on. But hey. Russell Wilson. Numbers got that one. Everybody else missed. The point again is that it's always a crapshoot and we're looking to maximize our odds. I'm not saying by any means don't take Wentz (or Rosen, or whoever) because of the analytics, I'm saying that anybody that's going to be in a position to make that call for us had better be a much smarter person than Mike Maccagnan. As far as the numbers that go into quarterbacks, I think it's hard to argue. Start count as huge effing deal goes back past Lewin forecast to the Parcells rules. More starts means: 1) won and kept the gig, 2) experience, 3) feelsy tape grades are based on a bigger sample and thus more likely to be right. Completion percentage means he can throw the ball to the guy. This is key. So the underlying numbers are fine. And we're not morons so we understand what model outputs are and are not purporting to tell us. I forget the question now.
  9. Watson 0-7 Petty 6-1 Hackenberg 7-0 Geno 0-8
  10. Jets enter top 10

    Does he get credit for speaking in grammatical sentences and never having been arrested?
  11. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Mayfield is the opposite of Sanchez. The whole problem with Sanchez was that he was basically a mystery box after starting so few games. If he had stayed in school it would have been the usual double-edged sword. His Lewin/QBASE projection would have been better due to the increased start count but the additional film would likely have disclosed some of his issues. Mayfield's track record is immaculate. He's going to enter the draft coming off three straight seasons as the starting quarterback of a top ten passing offense (per FO S&P+). Even if the Personnel Guys think he's got an ugly girlfriend he might be Russell Wilson but I think he just goes high. None of the presumptive top guys is clean as far as the analytics. He might be Sanchez now but I don't think he's Leinart in a year. This notion that he's been so terrible this year is kind of ridiculous.