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  1. 1. Screenshot of breakyourownnews.com 2. Local eccentric plagiarizes silly app 3. Cites diminished ad revenue
  2. Facts are stubborn things but they got nothing on Jets fans.
  3. Wanting Sam Darnold in your mouth doesn't make him food.
  4. People who are too invested in their feelings to look stuff up for themselves aren't generally going to be open to persuasion if you do it for them. I'd say lose the friend.
  5. Imagine how angry these people are gonna be when they close out the season with three games in weather against top pass defenses and we actually start trolling Darnold.
  6. Gonna be a tough road having to get past both Baltimore and Kansas City. Kind of disappointing that Roethlisberger is out because this AFC bracket looks like one for the ages.
  7. Pros: doesn't drive drunk, probably Cons: bad at football TAKE MY MONEY
  8. Lay wood. Jack. Knock poop loose. Sausage. This is entrapment.
  9. rEaLlY oNlY aS gOoD aS hIs SiTuAtIon is code for bad. Why didn't we take those four high picks and go get a better situation instead? Was Teddy Bridgewater going to be Significantly Less Good Than His Situation?
  10. I'm starting to feel like this isn't really about ad revenue.
  11. Jets fans: everything is terrible except Sammy Also Jets fans: we need to establish the run
  12. Other than that it's their job to make the quarterback play well. Not asking a lot.
  13. Hence the everybody else is bad therefore Darnold is good fallacy. Everybody knows the next best thing to actually winning games is having a Franchise Quarterback (tm).
  14. Pretending that the debate on Darnold is whether or not the number is 100% rather than whether or not it's 0% is the biggest strawman yet.
  15. The alternative was Teddy Bridgewater and six draft picks instead of Darnold and Edoga. And the jury will be out on that until the homers all develop amnesia and never really liked Darnold anyway. We've done this before.
  16. You forgot to alter the quote to protect the innocent.
  17. So even the stuff that usually gets starred out is no good now? Okay. Now I know.
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