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  1. Likewise. I didn't know the filter doesn't catch that one. Can I reasonably assume the other stuff is still safe?
  2. Why would anybody need to watch the games to know that Darnold isn't responsible for losses?
  3. Bowles was the coach for the Browns though. Therefore Darnold is good. Am I doing this right?
  4. Counterpoint: the question 'Is Sam Darnold good?' requires way too long an answer.
  5. They both have mostly crappy offensive lines, receivers, and pass defenses. The Jets have a much better run defense. Process of elimination here, where would you say that matchup is going to be won and lost, and how did that work out?
  6. Yes, expecting him to affect the outcome of a game against a winless team with a terrible pass defense is exactly the same as saying he's always exclusively at fault if they don't win every single week. Totally unreasonable, really.
  7. Yeah, using the letter of the rules to enforce viewpoint restrictions is what I'm about. For sure.
  8. And even if it isn't he's proven all he needs to at this point.
  9. Yes, because I just want to be right on the internet.
  10. Yes, let's argue about what everybody agrees on because that makes any kind of sense.
  11. Unless that stat is sacks allowed. Or drops. Or Quinnen Williams's tackle numbers.
  12. See, I know he wasn't actually saying that Darnold is better than Johnny Unitas. But he's up in his feelings and can't rn with the word stuff. Get it?
  13. I love how football is a team sport when defending the quarterback but defensive tackles play in a vacuum.
  14. Of course this is funny. I don't understand why so many of you still don't get that a lot of the fun in rooting for the Jets comes from laughing at the Jets. Try it. It can't be worse than this mass dissociation thing that always happens after foreseeable catastrophes.
  15. Reported for clearly non-homophobic gay sex reference. Or is that only against the rules for me?
  16. Don't start none won't be none. The blame was in direct response to the 'not the problem' buttsniffing.
  17. I was thinking we all throw in on the 2021 financial apology instead.
  18. We lose to an 0-11 team and your takeaway from this is that Sam Darnold is six points better than Johnny Unitas. Sounds about right.
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