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  1. I don't see CB. If we don't bring Cromartie back we'll sign somebody else. We need a cover corner period and we aren't going to risk yet another guy just not being ready.
  2. Statistics are kind of dumb. Don't really see what they're telling you that the standard targets, C%, Y/A, TD don't. Charts are good though.
  3. Know who really lost his sh*t at the Richardson pick? This guy.
  4. It's kind of difficult to compare the 2009 Jets to other great defenses. That was essentially the greatest one-trick pony of all time. The DPR was the product of 1) Revis having basically the best season any player has ever had and 2) Rex et al. getting him an insane number of chances (without digging up FOA, something like 120, about the second-most in the league). That's also where the variance comes from -- it's a relatively simple matter to avoid him and the numbers were way different when they did.
  5. Howard was a no-brainer because he played on a tender. If we actually give him a contract then it's a problem. Winters was a dumb pick. Unless somebody like Warford falls in your lap, you really don't need to be goofing around with offensive linemen in the middle rounds.
  6. Offensive line early and often. Ferguson and Mangold have been cornerstones for a decade but if we don't make a significant long-term investment in the line very soon we are courting disaster.
  7. Do not call the police. You cannot trace us. You cannot find us.
  8. I think these examples demonstrate one team's ineptitude at drafting generally and at the position specifically rather than inherent risk. Lack of systemic fails doesn't preclude individual stupid decisions. It's not that the consensus got it wrong as between Andre and Rogers or Crabtree and Heyward-Bey, it's that the team that screwed up went against the consensus.
  9. I don't really care about timed speed for Evans because of his quarterback. I do like Manziel but the dude is basically Sanchez in terms of being totally reliant on his receivers getting separation.
  10. Receiver is just a weird position to handicap. The top guys are basically the safest picks there are. Megatron, Crabtree, Dez, Julio and Green, etc. These guys basically don't bust at all, and then after that it's a total crapshoot. You're always walking the line between production and projection. If there's a big difference between Jarrett's college tape and Alshon Jeffrey's I certainly never saw it.
  11. You can't be that high on Lee if you're concerned that removing the artificial limitation of comparing him to only one other guy ever might make you reconsider your opinion.
  12. Also, while I love me some metrics, there really isn't anything good for receivers.
  13. It's as though everybody just woke up one morning and remembered Lee went to USC.
  14. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/04/my-draft-day-memory-warren-sapp/
  15. Again, not Bradway's department, and frankly getting a first-rounder for Coles instead of keeping him for an extra year at 1.5M then losing him for nothing was probably one of Tannenbaum's better moves anyway. Dawn Aponte wrote Chad Morton's contract.
  16. Fortunately, the person actually responsible for negotiating those contracts works for the Dolphins now.
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