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  1. This is not him getting a disproportionate amount of blame. This is him getting treated like an adult in a results business instead of a tiger beat tween idol. Cry about it on myspace.
  2. The Bengals are a terrible team across the board. Had they lost, Dalton would have been 'not the problem.' If you want to gush about how Darnold supposedly shows flashes of being special, you can just shut up and take it when he fails to even show flashes of game manager.
  3. Quarterbacks are not supposed to overcome adversity. Noting that Darnold never does so is tantamount to genocide. Reported.
  4. Being the least of the Jets' problems is an astonishingly low bar to clear.
  5. In before the 2022 'Douglas didn't put Taylor bro #3 in a position to succeed' threads.
  6. It's the team's job to elevate him. It's not his job to elevate the team. This is totally how you win in the NFL, I promise.
  7. This loss is on: 1. The refs 2. The offensive line coach 3. Quinnen Williams 4. Whoever forgot to call the good plays 5. The offensive line 6. Schottenheimer 7. The vaunted Cincinnati Bengals 8. The receivers This loss is not on: 1. Sam Darnold 2. Prezzz 3. Anybody else we can't practicably get rid of before next year
  8. Entire team plays well: CONSUELA MI AMOR Literally anybody doesn't: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE
  9. We could very easily have found some other guy to not be the problem and spent those four picks on a new offensive line. Is it really too much to ask that a quarterback occasionally play well even when there are valid excuses for not doing so?
  10. Nobody feels bad for a franchise quarterback. A franchise quarterback is never 'not the problem.'
  11. Yeah, I definitely didn't hate it. It's basically Clue, and fine for what it is.
  12. But he wasn't lining up in gaps. Williams played nose tackle at Alabama. That's why his pass rush was so highly regarded. And again I was banging on the table for Oliver before the draft so nobody needs to sell me on him.
  13. He was the nose tackle, or effectively so, all three years at Houston. By effectively I'm mostly referring to stuff like when there are only two down linemen, which results in both of them getting double-teamed regardless of alignment.
  14. Why would I do that? You have already demonstrated that you have either a vision problem or an honesty problem. You are immune to video evidence that you're wrong. It would be a better use of my time to debate the merits of Todd Bowles with somebody who's got Bowles in his username. Somebody else posted a video on the last page of the Quinnen thread. Guess what.
  15. He also faced better competition. That argument always goes both ways unless you're talking about somebody who went to Vanderbilt or something. Oliver was basically the same player he is right now when he walked onto campus. Most people didn't know who Williams was a year ago. Upside vs known commodity is open to debate, but if you're going to have that debate after eleven games obviously it's going to tend to favor the latter.
  16. It's not like this is an apples to apples comparison. Williams is mostly playing nose tackle and Oliver is playing three-technique with the bulk of his snaps coming on passing downs. If the roles are reversed I'm more confident in Williams matching Oliver's performance than vice versa. I would have taken Oliver at the time and in hindsight I'd take Allen like everybody else but it's kind of curious that Williams doesn't get the same benefit of the doubt that the chosen ginger gets in terms of making allowances for situation.
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