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  1. There's no subjectivity in FO numbers. The adjustments for situation and opposition all come from stats. They do keep track of things like dropped interceptions and do separate analysis on those but they don't factor in DVOA.
  2. First the argument was, that style doesn't win. Now not only is Jackson winning, quarterbacks run more as a whole. Now the thing is it wins but he won't last. You know, because if you call a guy who's built like a running back a quarterback it has an effect on his ability to take hits. After this it will be something else.
  3. Well, having correctly eliminated mobility as the basis for such a comparison, what would your next hypothesis be?
  4. USC gingers, man. Sometimes you get Carson Palmer, sometimes you get Marinovich.
  5. He's definitely sniffling like crazy in this video. Looks swollen too but that might just be because he's got a fat head.
  6. I've seen at least three of the four compared to JaMarcus Russell. Here. Guess what the fourth one's mom looks like.
  7. For me the 2-3 finish is both the most likely and the worst outcome. How much is it going to tell you about Darnold when they get two more wins against bottom 3 pass defenses and then lose to three in the top 5?
  8. Success in the NFL has a history of not being very sustainable.
  9. The order the points are scored in affects the narrative. It doesn't affect how much they're worth. All this bullsh*t about how the Bills game was effectively a win for Darnold and/or Gase and/or the offense is standard stupid Jets fan feelings-based reasoning. Keep accepting less. They'll keep giving it to you.
  10. And even that isn't a fix. Adjusting for situation works when the inputs are stats but not when it's charting data. If anything it only exacerbates the fact that the numbers are pseudo-quantitative in the first place.
  11. As has been pointed out already this is kind of a layup. Don't draft anything but CB/DE/OT/WR the first two days. If they finish 2-0 0-3 or worse, Tua and Herbert should (but won't) be given serious consideration.
  12. Maybe you don't understand. Prescott has the highest DYAR in the league and is an MVP candidate for a first-place team. The suggestion that they'd be better off with Darnold is contemptibly moronic.
  13. There's two more gimmes against bottom feeders before they close out the season against three top five pass defenses. By then everybody is gonna be boycrushing so hard he could literally drop back for a pass, sh*t himself, and burst into tears and nobody would care.
  14. I dunno. It seems like he's serious about the bans this time.
  15. Which one would you have posted the Coach Gase word salad Baltimore perfect situation Lamar Jackson thread in?
  16. It's a my thoughts thread. Just, you know, without the thoughts.
  17. They've beaten the 19, 23, 26, 28 ranked pass defenses. Losses were to 1, 1, 9, 11, 12, 13, 32. Congratulations. He's Pennington.
  18. Again with the weird fan fiction. This place has gone full trekkie.
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