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  1. If they draft a center at 10 I am gonna freak the **** out.
  2. I don't understand why this means we can't talk about how Darnold's floor is Philip Rivers. Seven pages didn't feel like nearly enough.
  3. Overall the numbers look better because it's Philip Rivers.
  4. Maybe we can trade them the next Philip Rivers for the Lawrence pick.
  5. You look at the worst starting quarterback in the league and see, at worst, a hall of famer. I don't need you rooting for my team.
  6. If you think suggesting that Darnold's floor is Philip Rivers constitutes being levelheaded and having rational discussion, you are totally out of your mind and deserve to get bashed.
  7. The how soon is too soon game isn't nearly as much fun when somebody else gets to be the four-year old, is it?
  8. The purpose of a message board is fan fiction about what goes on on the Patriots sideline? You're a ******* weirdo.
  9. The offense got better after Jacksonville because we played the 30th, 28th, and 25th ranked pass defenses. Not because Sammy did a meeting.
  10. A brief history: Jackson was the fifth quarterback off the board. Watson and Mahomes went behind Mitchell Trubisky. Prescott and Brissett went behind Christian Hackenberg. Bridgewater went behind Blake Bortles and Johnny Football. Russell Wilson was a third round pick. If I had to bet i would think that it will be a while before black quarterbacks cease to be systemically undervalued in the draft.
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