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  1. I remember someone on here posted that they met Maccagnan at some event and Mac said something along the lines of them taking Duke had they not traded back in the third round that year. Real thankful we lucked into taking Mauldin instead.
  2. The OL is the only area we addressed in FA
  3. Even if we went need at every pick we would have still finished this draft with about 6 needs. It was to be expected we'd leave this draft still a bad team
  4. Was a serious question. I assume not, for both
  5. Like missing mini camp in protest for a dogsh!t QB
  6. Jay Z FDR Tony Dungy Reggie Bush Nick Folk
  7. My thoughts on this subject, and like any other incident like this, is that when the courts are not putting these scums behind bars, the only people to blame are the courts. It's not up to the NFL to be the judges of criminal actions, as much as the fans/twitter want them to be. The court system is not about to end the special treatment for famous people that has gone on forever. So be it, unless they're a constant distraction. If he can play, and stay out of trouble/negative media coverage, draft him if he's available later on. The kid is unbelievable and may end up being the best RB in this draft.
  8. Hackenberg last year apparently killed his pro day in the eyes on Maccagnan. How'd Trubisky do at his pro day? Therein (probably) lies the answer...
  9. Would be nice if Cam Robinson fell to the 2nd. I think he has an arrest, which is why he's not considered the consensus best OT. I could be wrong about him being the best but I think he's a beast
  10. He declared Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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