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  1. 1 minute ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    As great as this is to hear, it's also equally disturbing that our receivers coach didn't drill this into his head and it had to come to Marshall doing so. I mean the current coach, Dorrell; not Lal (who didn't get his hands on Amaro until the late spring). Dorrell was hired in January of last year -- well in advance of Amaro's 2nd camp, and he had more than enough time to look at film on his young pass catchers -- particularly a young, high draft pick with consistency issues with his hands. 

    Again, it's encouraging that he's gotten this guidance from Marshall and has put in this work now, but it should have started a year earlier. Makes me wonder what else is being ignored right under their noses.

    Sanjay Lal

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    Trent Richardson is that guy.

    Bush actually played some decent football. Just never the Walter Payton level of football that some media dopes expected from him.

    I doubt Trent will actually stay around for 11 years as Reggie has though, strictly because of his college days

    edit: Doubt Trent will even make the 53 this year and never get a tryout again.

  3. 21 hours ago, Shadetree said:

    The negative news on hacks throws that keep popping up have me concerned? 

    Who is he? Is he the bill-obrien guy that had success at penn state or the guy that couldn't be accurate in shorts on his pro day?

    very concerned hes another eh QB. I'm glad it isn't an issue for 2016, but he smells like a bad pick in August and EVERYONE looks good in August. 

    His pro day actually went very well. I read that his improved footwork from the combine to his pro day was a factor in drafting him/in the second round. Not that it really matters though, still has a long road ahead.


  4. Interesting how the Geno era went. Was supposed to sit and be our starter a year or two after we drafted him. We did the exact opposite. Lucky kid had the likes of Rex Ryan and Marty Morhingweig as his coaches. Shockingly, he failed while on the field. No denying that.


    If we don't trade Geno, I pray we at least bench fitz if he does poorly and not treat him as untouchable because of this contract fiasco. If this blows up, what a fcking hill to die on, Mac.


    Prove me wrong Fitzy, don't let Rob Ninkovich bully you anymore.

  5. 1 hour ago, Beerfish said:

    So we drafted a sub package 2 down player 20th overall?  Seems smart.  ;)

    This a fair statement on the surface, but when you look at Deone Buccannon's snap counts in Zona wehn Bowles was there, I think that's a better way of looking at it.


    I don't know his snap count %, but I'd be interested in seeing it, because that's likely the % Lee will see this season.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Think he has to clear waivers first. If the Jets don't want to pay Fitz $12M for 1 year I can't imagine they'd want to pay Foles $11M for 1 year.

    I saw one of the reporters say he doesn't need to clear waivers. He's a FA


    Edit: He's also dogsh*t

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  7. Lee a no-show today. Mac really has a knack for dragging out contract negotiations. Wilk, Fitz (if that even happens), and now our first round pick. Not saying it's a huge deal but we all know what happens in the first few weeks to a player who misses TC. Just get it done, set the precedent and move on. Who gives a flying fck about a player with a $1.8 (I think) cap charge in 4 years? $600k is not significant, being stingy about $600k is.

  8. 14 hours ago, AFJF said:

    Here's the AFC East...click the link for more teams






    Buffalo Bills: Rex Ryan's team ends Seattle's run as the NFL's stingiest scoring defense.

    Rex Ryan says the Bills won the offseason. I was under the impression that everyone gets a participation trophy (usually wood with a gold-colored foil plate that says "participant") for the offseason. I am OK with saying Buffalo won the draft, however. The Bills picked up two pass rushers and an inside linebacker in Reggie Ragland who is capable of starting Week 1. Throw in an under-the-radar corner in sixth-round pick Kevon Seymour -- as well as the departure of the disgruntled Mario Williams -- and voila: You have a retooled defense. The Seahawks have led the league in points allowed four consecutive years, a record in the modern era. It has to end some time. That Tom Bradywill be suspended for the Week 4 trip to New England certainly helps the cause.


    This wasn't a bold prediction until Rex got there

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  9. 20 hours ago, JiF said:

    It would be really interesting to see if Powell completely outshines Forte in camp.  The way Bowles handled Cro, you'd have to wonder if he would be willing to sit Forte in favor of Powell.  I doubt he would.  He seems to be a players coach who favors veterans.


    That's probably best case scenario, because I don't think Forte has really lost a step. Only reason his stats were down was because he got hurt last season. Played like typical Forte while healthy

  10. 58 minutes ago, Hackenberg said:

    I just explained that you learn what they want you to learn in the structure  they choose for you. No one learns to think critically  for themselves. No one is allowed to actually think.outside the box. You just learn to be a cattle and go along to get along. And go in debt which half the reason they want you  go to college, to pay govt more cash.

    They never taught you how to think critically or think outside the box? Wow. Sorry 2 hear.

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