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  1. 14 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    If we didn't fall on our faces vs. the Bills in week 17, I think this Jets team could have beaten any of those AFC teams and made it last year. The field was pretty weak... it was a good year to get in and go on a run. 

    It's scary to imagine Von Miller and Dware going against the shell of Brick and Breno. We wouldn't be able to move the ball against Denver imo. Though, they probably couldn't either with the shell of Peyton against us. I don't think we could have beaten KC in KC either.

    I wouldn't be a Jets fan if I thought that Houston could have beaten us twice last year, and obviously we could have beaten the pats. Cincy would have been tough too, but, they had AJ McCarron playing.

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  2. 4 hours ago, SenorGato said:

    Those people would be wrong. Hit me with a quote from one NFL exec on who is better between Richardson and Wilkerson, let alone with them picking Richardson.

    Wilkerson outclasses Richardson all around and Williams' career goals including matching, let alone passing, what Wilkerson is.

    That would be tampering, no?

  3. Just now, brian101193 said:

    It all comes down to what "significantly less" means in terms of picks. I DON'T want to give up what LA did, but if it was in the neighborhood of Mo and 2 1st rounders Macc would have to consider it. I agree with you on Macc being the right guy to make these types of decisions, if he really likes Wentz and the Ram's take Goff he's got to go get him. 

    I agree, it also really helps that we have Mo on the block as well, it could save us a first rounder in 2018 or something along those lines. One year without a first rounder is not exactly a mortgaged future. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, brian101193 said:


    Maybe, but depending on what it takes to go up to #2 I'd take the chance. I'm tired of wallowing in mediocrity.

    Makes two of us. But I'm under the impression that a LOT of our horrid history comes from a lack of people in our front office who are certified to make personnel decisions. I think Maccagnan is finally that guy who can make something out of those "meaningless" (cc: Tanny) late round picks, and I'm willing to be patient, again. I think Cook is the pick at 20.

  5. Just now, Beerfish said:

    I actually would be fine with a trade up for either one of those top two guys.  I like them both.

    I think it goes 1-2 with Goff being the former, but trading up for Wentz just kind of smells like an all-time bust. Has nothing to do with his ability, just the level of play he's coming from. 

    But I trust Maccagnan and Bowles. It seems certain they're willing to do whatever it takes to get a franchise QB next Thursday, and I'm praying that the gamble pays off. 

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  6. 2 minutes ago, PatsFanTX said:

    If you think this guy has millions of dollars invested at Morgan Stanley, you must be smoking some of the crap he is.

    The dumbass will probably be completely broke in a year or two.

    Right on.

    But you're forgetting he had a job at a car dealership that one summer the first time he got suspended

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  7. Quote

    Posted Tuesday at 5:23 PM · Report post

    Went back and watched most of Cook's games. There's no doubt in my mind he can play at the next level. I think he needs a year to settle down and make smarter throws, because a lot of his passes are forced short throws in traffic. IMO a lot of those throws have to do with the offense they run at MS, they run a lot of crossing routes and are not a vertical offense. If you watch the games, a very high % of his forced throws are on target and even caught.  Some are just bad, which is where I believe he needs to settle down and be smarter. 

    He has high velocity (though, not the best deep ball), sometimes amazing accuracy (overall good accuracy), good footwork, delivers accurately under pressure, comes from a pro-style offense, athletic (can run, but it's not his first instinct), goes through progressions (would like to see improvement here as well), very good awareness, and he'll play tough through injury. I'm not going to put too much emphasis on how much he's won in his career, but there's a lot of smart people who have said "you've never seen a loser in college win in the NFL". He's only been blown out once in college and that was his final game against Bama in the playoffs (which he played decently despite being injured). He gets the ball out really quick, there's no denying this. I haven't seen anyone keep count of how quick he gets the ball out, but he does it better than most I've seen at the college level (not saying I've watched many in depth). That said, I would still like to see improved anticipation. I don't have the all-22 access (if there's a free site that anyone knows about, please let me know), but I've seen throws with perfect anticipation from him, and I've seen some that were late.

    Another knock against him is his completion percentage. Throughout the day, I watched 5 games from 2015, and I wouldn't be shocked if his receivers as a whole dropped 35-40 balls on the season. So, I'm not putting too much stock into that. Some of his incompletions are solely on him, and are dangerous. This is also where he needs to settle down. I think he's used to getting the ball out so quickly that he's found a niche when it comes to trying to fit the ball in tight windows. This is also a real concern.

    He does a lot of things well, there were a few plays I watched today that Cook read perfectly presnap, knew his guy would be open, purposely looked off the LB/DB and came back to a wide open receiver for the 1st down. 

    I understand that people don't like him, but I really believe the only legitimate knock against him is his forced throws translating to the NFL. It's a real concern, one that I'm willing to take because after watching all these games today, I'm convinced that Michigan State only has about 15 plays in their playbook. 


    Criticize this if you want, but I'm very convinced he'll be taken in the first round. 

    This is my take on him, for those who may possibly give a rat's *ss. 

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