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  1. 1 minute ago, dbatesman said:

    We're going to build through the draft, except for when we don't, but someday we totally will.

    Hitting on draft picks is important in this equation. But yes, agreed. I just think it will stop once we actually get results from the draft. I would also say it's premature to assume we have Tanny 2.0

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  2. I understand what MLH and Dbatesman are saying and I agree. Although, I believe these types of trades will not continue to happen once we finally have players on rookie contracts worth resigning. For right now, it doesn't exactly hurt us, because it's a stopgap solution. I wouldn't be shocked if we still take a guy like Decker if he's there. Clady may only be here for a year, which is fine. I also would have been OK with us going into the draft without a solution at LT. "what's the point?" is a valid question. May be an important stopgap solution if we have to field our rookie QB this season. We'll see. Too soon to judge a trade. 

    IMO, I think we'll try again to trade back.

  3. 4 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    The context that's always left out of the "Idzik sucks" conclusion is that the job was so undesirable and the situation so toxic that literally nobody wanted the job. Removing Idzik from the equation, consider that the job of Jets GM included 1. A halfwit owner with zero credibility around the league; 2. An expensive, trash roster put together by one of the biggest buffoons to ever man a GM post in Mike Tannenbaum--a guy who had the same fiscal philosophy as Lehman Brothers and compromised sustainable success in exchange for tomorrow's headlines regularly; 3. A comically inept scouting staff that had been around since the early 90's, supplemented only by Rod Graves; 4. An emotionally stunted head coach who was such a ******* pariah that he got passed over in Baltimore for a special teams coordinator and treated talent development as a boring inconvenience; and 5. most importantly, that head coach had that halfwit owner tucked away in his back pocket like he was his prison bitch.


    Idzik was doomed from Day One, as would be any potential GM, which was why the Jets couldn't even hire a GM in the first place. Idzik took the pragmatic approach: ferreted away money, attempted to move on from Sanchez and the Good Ol' Boy network of Rex's old, slow, obsolete roster full of embarrassing punk jerkoffs, and attempted to keep Woody at arm's length. But, alas, Manish Mehta, in his desperate search for Internet relevance, decided to exonerate the jackasses who ran the organization into the ground over the prior decade and instead pinned it all on the guy who was on the job for 18 months. And as much as the Jets fanbase allegedly hates Mehta and Cimini and Cannizaro, the great bulk of them end up aping every troll-imbued, fact-free, idiotic talking point those hacks put out there because 97% of our fanbase is functionally illiterate and are the types of people who couldn't tell you what continent Benghazi is on, but are damn sure that a President Clint Eastwood would have irradiated it by now if it wasn't for silly hippies like Colin Powell getting in the way.


    in sum, John Idzik is a martyr who deserves our respect. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ******* clownshoes.


    Now let's eat.

  4. 11 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Don't bother.

    And don't even guess how many more pressures that would have been if Fitz was the type of QB to hold the ball for a while (or if Gailey's offense called for him to do so). Nor how many more he'd have tallied on top of that if the Jets had a decent tackle on the other side. Where the play ended earlier due to a sack/throwaway/checkdown-dumpoff because of Breno's many pressures allowed, so Ferguson therefore got credit for not allowing pressure on those plays. Giacomini's sh*tty blocking technically helped Ferguson's stats in 2015 (and in 2014 before that). Oh, and (as you brought up) this was his strength. His run blocking was certainly no asset.

    I'm glad he retired. I got no pleasure out of finding fault with someone who was so good - and at times, great - for so many years for the Jets. I'd much rather cheer on a good/great player instead, like he used to be. Or if Brick's replacement is no better, I'd rather piss on about some nobody I don't care about and never liked. 

    Couldn't agree more.

  5. 53 minutes ago, GimmeShelter said:

    Yep Correa will soon be right up their with Harper and Trout as the best young players in the game IMO. Reminds me of a young ARod...hopefully he's clean and stays that way. Has all the tools. 

    Agreed all around. I was actually talking to someone about this recently, and they brought up that at Correa's age, ARod was coming off a year of 36 HRs and 123 RBIs. That's still amazing to me that he was able to do it at such a young age. 

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  6. 20 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    We are losing 1 of the best LTs in the game to sign a journeyman QB bum,way to go Macc!!!!!!!!!!!  DAMMIT 

    You'll believe the one report about asking Brick for a paycut to pay for fitz, but you won't believe the report directly contradicting it. Be better than this, please, for the love of god

  7. 57 minutes ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

    I could see the Jets trying to get into the top ten if Ronnie Stanley slips a little. Some experts expect him to be better than Tunsil in the long run. He's a plug and play LT. Could be worth it to move up and grab him.

    I've seen many people go against the consensus and say Decker will be the second tackle taken, maybe we'll get lucky and not have to trade up for Stanley.

  8. 15 hours ago, bitonti said:

    Sperm you are just wrong about his level of play. You're entire opinion is based on the fundamentally wrong belief that Brick is a worthless player.

    You saw one stat from PFF (who can't grade OL worth a damn, they said Weston Richberg had a better 2015 than Nick mangold) and that translates to Brent Qvale would be a better LT.  Or literally, anyone. It's just not true. 

    Dbrick would get a job in literally 5 minutes if released. He'd start for the Steelers, Giants, Ravens, Chargers and a bunch of other teams, no problem. He'd have multiple suitors, instantly. 

    Also you neglect the fact that every 1st round LT pick since 2012 has been an adventure/disaster.

    Is he worth his current salary? No. Is he declining? Yes. But there's a huge gap between what you believe this player is worth and what he's actually worth.

    And the proof is in the fact that he hasn't been released yet. Worthless players don't get negotiations. They get cut.  You believe he is dead weight but the Jets clearly do not. 


    His one strength as a player was pass blocking, no?


    After several years of being a solid pass blocker, D'Brickashaw Ferguson allowed 59 pressures last year; 2nd most among tackles


    This is a stat, not a rating. Not good.

  9. 9 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Didn't Pineda get busted for pine tar last spring?  I don't think he gets a good grip in the cold.

    Kay brought that up, but I think his inconsistency outlasts the cold weather, unfortunately. 

  10. Great ABs all around tonight. Great production from the bottom of the order, Castro with 4 hits, Didi with 3, Torreyes and Hicks both with pinch-hits. Pineada still incredibly inconsistent.


    On another note, this Correa kid is the real effin deal. I really enjoy watching him and Altuve play.

  11. Went back and watched most of Cook's games. There's no doubt in my mind he can play at the next level. I think he needs a year to settle down and make smarter throws, because a lot of his passes are forced short throws in traffic. IMO a lot of those throws have to do with the offense they run at MS, they run a lot of crossing routes and are not a vertical offense. If you watch the games, a very high % of his forced throws are on target and even caught.  Some are just bad, which is where I believe he needs to settle down and be smarter. 

    He has high velocity (though, not the best deep ball), sometimes amazing accuracy (overall good accuracy), good footwork, delivers accurately under pressure, comes from a pro-style offense, athletic (can run, but it's not his first instinct), goes through progressions (would like to see improvement here as well), very good awareness, and he'll play tough through injury. I'm not going to put too much emphasis on how much he's won in his career, but there's a lot of smart people who have said "you've never seen a loser in college win in the NFL". He's only been blown out once in college and that was his final game against Bama in the playoffs (which he played decently despite being injured). He gets the ball out really quick, there's no denying this. I haven't seen anyone keep count of how quick he gets the ball out, but he does it better than most I've seen at the college level (not saying I've watched many in depth). That said, I would still like to see improved anticipation. I don't have the all-22 access (if there's a free site that anyone knows about, please let me know), but I've seen throws with perfect anticipation from him, and I've seen some that were late.

    Another knock against him is his completion percentage. Throughout the day, I watched 5 games from 2015, and I wouldn't be shocked if his receivers as a whole dropped 35-40 balls on the season. So, I'm not putting too much stock into that. Some of his incompletions are solely on him, and are dangerous. This is also where he needs to settle down. I think he's used to getting the ball out so quickly that he's found a niche when it comes to trying to fit the ball in tight windows. This is also a real concern.

    He does a lot of things well, there were a few plays I watched today that Cook read perfectly presnap, knew his guy would be open, purposely looked off the LB/DB and came back to a wide open receiver for the 1st down. 

    I understand that people don't like him, but I really believe the only legitimate knock against him is his forced throws translating to the NFL. It's a real concern, one that I'm willing to take because after watching all these games today, I'm convinced that Michigan State only has about 15 plays in their playbook. 


    Criticize this if you want, but I'm very convinced he'll be taken in the first round. 

  12. Just now, Spoot-Face said:

    You're right, I imagine the base 34 backers could look like this:

    Mauldin -- Harris -- Hendy -- Catapano

    Wherever he lines up, I'm excited to see. I was really disappointed when he was injured.

    Same here, he's a local guy. It was a shame. Happy to see that he'll likely recover. 

    I also completely forgot about that guy Bishop. That would be tremendous if one of them could turn into an every down player.

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  13. Just now, Spoot-Face said:

    Let's look at it this way; if we run a 4-3, without Mo I imagine the base would look like this:

    Sheldon -- Leo -- McKlendon -- Jenkins

    You're right. I should've outlined this first. I guess they see Jenkins as an instant starter and an upgrade over Catapano. That would fill the hole (not necessarily the production).


    In that scenario, correct. In a 43, which they will run from time to time on 3rd down, they'll likely have Jenkins in for McLendon on the inside, with a lot of different combos of our guys including Catapano on the edge. 

    They see him as a 3-4 OLB rather than a 4-3 DE according to this report, he's not going to be a LB in a 43.

  14. 1 minute ago, Spoot-Face said:

    Hmmm... I just had a thought. Does moving Catapano to LB indicate that they aren't trading Mo? If Mo is gone, wouldn't that create a hole on the D-line that Catapano could fill? Or do you suppose that they already have plans for who might replace Mo, and they are more worried about the void at OLB?

    We literally just signed Jarvis Jenkins, and used our 6th pick to draft Leonard Williams

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