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  1. On 3/15/2016 at 4:18 PM, BroadwayJets said:

    Tanny is about to Tanny and sign Arian Foster and/or Chris Johnson


    On 3/16/2016 at 11:36 AM, BroadwayJets said:

    After missing out on CJ Anderson, Dolphins moving in on another CJ: former Cards' RB Chris Johnson, who's visiting Miami today, per source.



    So the Houston Texans got former Dolphins RB Lamar Miller and now the former Texans RB Arian Foster is set to visit Dolphins.

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  2. Just now, JiF said:

    Any reason why? 

    I think Gilcrhist quietly had one of the best years of all our D players and was a crucial FA pick up.

    Plus, I like Miles and Bailey as depth who can start in a pinch.

    Sure.  I just dont see a playmaker in Kearse.  Plus, he's long.  For as much as he does good, he's lazy and gets burned easily.  He was a flat out disaster in the National Championship game. 

    I totally agree, and I just looked up his contract and I take that back. Thought he was making a lot more money and would be a cap casualty. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, SenorGato said:

    Nice, always a big fan of those jumbo safeties in the mold of Adrian Wilson. Not as sure of Kearse as I was of Kam Chancellor or Iloka, but he's obviously a candidate. 

    Haven't watched any of the safeties in this class yet, would be nice to have a playmaker teamed up with Pryor.

  4. The New York Jets have made an addition to help their secondary.

    According to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, the Jets have signed former Texans cornerback Darryl Morris.

    Morris was a restricted free agent that wasn’t tendered a contract by the Texans, allowing him to hit unrestricted free agency.

    Morris appeared in 23 games over the last two seasons for Houston with one start. He recorded 46 tackles combined over the last two years and six passes defended and an interception coming in 2014. Morris also appeared in 13 games with the San Francisco 49ers in 2013.

  5. Just now, Integrity28 said:

    My wife is a Colts fan, and I like to root for them (when they aren't playing the Jets). It would be cool if Wilk landed there, so I can continue to root for him.

    Grigson is HORRIBLE at his job. Last year, he should have drafted OL to protect Luck in R1, or DL to stop teams from running all over them in the playoffs... instead, he drafts his 5th WR in R1. Stupid. 

    I would love it if we got a 2nd this year, and a 1st next year from a team that could get us into the top 10 next year.

    Colts are just wasting Luck by keeping Grigson employed. Couldn't agree more, the ONLY position aside from QB that the colts were deep in was WR, and they chose a slot WR. Unbelievable.


    Also, that seems like way too steep of a price, if that guy's report I posted above is true/remotely true, we're not touching anything close to that. Although that would be awesome. 

  6. had very real interest in Wilkerson & were very disappointed when he got tagged. Rumor only RD2 to trade him



    Didn't want to make a new thread for this.


    I guess this may be what the Jets are asking for Mo. Sounds about right.

  7. He really does play like Wilson... I remember going back and looking at Wilson's college days a few months ago and thinking, I would not have guessed he would be the player he is today going strictly off his college games, and I'm saying the same thing about this kid for the same reasons. Less experienced, but after watching some more of him today, would be pleased if he's the QB we choose.

  8. 3 minutes ago, KRL said:

    Don't forget McCown's best play came for CHI in 2013 when Cutler went out.  On that team he had

    Marshall & Forte:





    Good call. Both Forte and Marshall had a better 8 games than with Cutler the first 8 games.

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