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  1. For the record, I am extremely happy with how Mac has done thus far. Standing strong on the Fitz deal, signing Forte to a very nice deal at $4 per. If we can trade Mo one of these days, i'll be ecstatic. But I don't think other teams would budge before the draft. Bonus points if we turn Mo's money into OL help. 

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  2. I really don't think they have one yet. Teams are unpredictable but who would make that trade now before the draft? It could save a team $17 per to draft a DE with the 2nd rounder they'd trade to us. I think in the 2nd round there may be a team that's upset they missed out on their guy and make the trade, but I really don't see it happening around this time. And I could definitely see it not happening at all. 

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