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  1. Just now, Integrity28 said:

    I wanted a cheaper stopgap, at one point I think I suggested Chase Daniel. In hindsight, looking at how well young QBs are playing, I think baptism by fire for Petty would have been the better approach... however, Petty looked like dookie until that one day in camp he bottomed out and went 0-fer. After that, like I pointed out at the time, the light seemed to go on. So, given when he started to click, you have to expect the coaches wouldn't roll with him. 

    Unfortunately, this season is going to be defined by over-committing to veterans. You know, the sh*t the Pats never do, we've got old offensive players lobbying for an old QB to come back for the feel-goods, and an old Revis turning out to be a rusted lynchpin to the whole defense.

    Rebuild just took a huge step backward.

    Agreed all around.

  2. Just now, Integrity28 said:

    Yea, I get it. I've said from the beginning, neither is good, so go with the guy that brings the best out of his teammates. I've always believed chemistry is a fundamental part of a team taking the next step towards a playoff run. Last year, we saw the benefits of chemistry. This year, it's a mess.

    Most of the arguing, for me at least, is about the bad logic being perpetuated by the pro-Geno folks. Occasionally, you'll see a pro-Fitz argument hinging upon bad logic, but not usually. It's like the pro-Geno crowd also happens to be the blatantly dim crowd too, so the bad logic comes hand-in-hand with that... save for a few exceptions.

    It's a real sh*tshow, and the FO is to blame. We can sit here and talk about how limited Fitz is, but at the end of the day, the QB should be making your receivers better, not the other way around. The FO should know this better than their fans, they did not. They named him the starter 7 months before he joined the fcking team. The FO succumbed to the pressure, paid a journeyman who held out(!), and got duped by reality.

    "If you listen to the fans, you'll be sitting with them" (ironically) - Charley Casserly

    And yes, Geno "lovers" have short-term memory loss. I was in the boat to not pay Fitz, while believing Geno could potentially mimic some of the success Fitz had year last season because he's physically more capable, and had another year in the offense. The PS changed my mind, for both QBs. Still very much in the boat that not resigning Fitz would have been better value.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, Big Blocker said:

    It's all Smith Fans want to talk about.  Isn't that silly?  It's a team sport, and Fitzpatrick was not the reason the Jets lost yesterday.  Smith Fans in any event are irrelevant since he will not see the field barring injury.  TIme to think about something else, but people like the OP continue to pollute these boards with their narrow and wrong pov.

    I think it's pretty clear that Fitzpatrick wouldn't be seeing the field from here on either if we had a head coach that understood the QB position. But that's besides the point. They both suck. Also, the OP didn't mention Geno Smith.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:


    Mmmm hmmm...

    Not the point. The point is we all know Fitz sucks, but ... well, look at Tom's post again. It says it all. Having to have to listen to their day-in, day-out whining about a reality they've manufactured out of popsicle sticks, hypotheticals, and insecurity is the part that makes them insufferable. 


    I'm not a Geno Smith fan, and the OP had nothing to do with Geno Smith. I hate to bring up "haters" and "lovers" because if you use the word "hater" to shrug off criticism, you are a fool. That's slightly off topic, but there is middle ground, and I've been saying it since the offseason. Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick are both dogsh*t. I don't agree when someone says anything positive about either QB, because there is nothing good to say about either QB.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Reps against players another team is about to cut, with no serious gameplanning or desire to win in mind, is not more valuable than reps against one's own backups who aren't going to get cut. 

    If they were so hellbent on bringing back Fitz at this amount, it means he is the starter all year long because he gives them a chance no one else on the roster does. I think this massively overrates him, but this is (or was) their belief. Once this fantasy is over, though, an experienced HC who isn't in full self-preservation mode says the season is over without him so it's then time to focus on the future.

    It terrifies me that they truly believed that this team with Fitz had a realistic shot of going to the superbowl this year. Ultimately, this is the reason they kept Geno, on the off-chance Fitz got injured very early in the season. It doesn't make literally zero sense, but it's pretty close. If they had that much confidence in Geno's ability then why chase Fitz and Hackenberrg (not to mention Goff and Wentz)? If they had this little confidence in Geno, then why carry two QBs behind him?

    Again, it can be narrowly rationalized if such reasoning is really drawn out, but it's still stupid unless just a narrow "what if" injury scenario occurred. The way Fitz is playing it's an insignificant improvement over him being injured outright, if it's any improvement at all, where Geno isn't even getting garbage time snaps under the guise of protecting the starter. So it makes little to no sense keeping him as the #2 in the first place.

    Ultimately, I think we agree. Geno is likely the replacement, and I think it's a bad move. I'm sure you've maybe seen what I've posted about Fitz here, and know my opinions about him, and I think that the entire situation is terrifying as well.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    I'm sympathetic to what you say, but I think you're very wrong. Petty got injured because the CS had more confidence in Geno than Petty. They'd already determined Geno would be 2nd string and Petty 3rd string. That's the reason he got injured, because that's the reason he was in that last PS game in the first place.

    Difficult as it is for you to accept, and despite how reluctant the CS is to let him see the field even in mop up duty, if they did finally pull Fitz before the season is basically over, they're putting Geno in.

    The HC's decision is based upon who gives the team the best chance to win on Sunday because in the end he will be judged by his own record as a HC. Once superbowl goal is removed from the realm of reality, his goal is not the same as that of the fans. His goal is self preservation by racking up as many wins as possible, development of a future QB and better future draft picks be damned. In his eyes, while Geno is a bad QB, he is a real backup QB where Petty is just a kid trying out at the expense of the HC and all the players.

    Based on his stubborn reluctance to pull Fitz, even to protect him in garbage time, I'd be shocked if we saw Petty on the field before week 10, preseason injury or not. He simply views Petty as 3rd string to only be used in case of injury/benching of the two guys ahead of him.

    They probably also viewed Petty's reps as more valuable than Geno's, while accepting Geno is probably still slightly better than Petty.

    You're probably right, even though I would disagree with the move. Bowles will always lean towards senority, which is not a bad thing. Geno is also a real backup that is gone come March, and you'd think it'd be logical if you're coaching for your job (if things continue down this road) to put in the QB that could possibly save your job - yet I could easily see the scenario you're talking about happen. It is frustrating because it's all too predictable. Yet, this entire offseason he was putting all of his eggs in the fitzbasket, so who can really blame him at this point?

  7. 10 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:


    Here you go. Read it and weep. 

    BTW for an amount that large, billboard companies prolly won't take a personal check. Just telling you in advance.

    No balls. Though, I'm sure if Petty had not gotten hurt, things would be slightly different right now.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    As Brandon Marshall said they have had help up top so CB's can now jump the back shoulder throw and its happened about 5 times in the last 2 games SOOOO its time to make a change. That's not so much on Fitz as it is the OC. No way anyone on this planet would have predicted Fitz would throw 9 ints after the Buffalo game there's just no way so its time for this team to change things up and not keep going to the same well because obviously that's how you get burned. Don't give me the crap Fitz can't throw because in the Buffalo game he obviously proved he can throw and throw well. These last two games are a fluke and its on everyone, Fitz, WR's and Gailey .IMHO what the Jets should do is go to a faster tempo offense and try to keep teams off balance and avoid substitutions for the defense maybe even mix in a little no huddle

    Also on watching the QB's head...that's all well and good but if you have a 1 on 1 situation the QB has the luxury to stare down a receiver since the corner is staring at the WR as well. In the case of throwing to the middle of the field and looking off safeties that's an entirely different scenario. This sh*t that people make up that seems to go viral is stupid. In your pre snap reads you scan the field and if you are in a one on one situation on either side with Decker or Brandon you keep your eye on that play until it breaks down. If the call in that situation is for a back shoulder throw you throw the back shoulder throw every single time its a timing play you can't have it back if the CB has help or reads the play it can backfire its that simple.

    Its really easy for everyone including the Fitz haters to put the entire blame on Fitz ..why wouldn't they ? Ths is on the entire offense and changes better be coming is all I have to say.

    What's that? Teams are adjusting to the one thing that gets Fitz out of trouble? Hm. Fitz maybe hasn't seen that teams are bringing help to BMarsh's side? Fitz hasn't adjusted mid-game or, GOD FORBID, mid-play to, ya know, maybe not throw a ball when he sees someone is not open? That seems odd. Oh right, but he had a great passing game against that disciplined Rex/Rob Ryan defense one time. One would look through his entire career and call it an anomaly.

    I understand you work to your players talents, and he throws backshoulders because he can't hit them downfield. Luckily, our WRs are good enough to make it successful. Even with how good our WRs are, he's still under 60% as a Jet, and his career. He is not the guy you make him up to be. Don't try to prove to me that I'm just a Fitz hater, and that's the sole reason I hate him. I hate him because he is incredibly inaccurate downfield, makes damn near ALL of his decisions prior to the snap, has a terrible throwing motion, pretty average footwork, and last, but certainly not least: CAN'T go through his reads. I assume his whole career is a fluke except for last season, right?

    Yes, and when you watch other QBs heads, amazingly, you'll see them pan to other sections of the field when they see someones not open. Not Fitzpatrick. Nope. He went to Harvard though, so, god forbid he catches some flak about how sh*tty his mental game is. It's really easy to blame Fitz because it is so fcking obvious he is the root of the problem. I can't believe I'm sitting here having to defend myself for hating Fitzpatrick. Fcking bizarre.

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  9. 22 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    not having a play book or the philosophy Gailey and Fitz discuss week to week, how do you know what option is first, second or third ? How do you know how much is decided by pre snap reads and one on one coverage ? RB's can be the first option on many plays not just as a check down.


    You watch the QBs head. Fitz' will turn maybe twice. And if the RB is his second option every time he dumps it off to them, it's a fcking limitation because he has 3 other options on the field he's not looking at.

    22 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    Batted passes at the line are not the QB's fault contrary to what you believe when a Defensive lineman commits to batting down a pass he's not engaged with a O-lineman there is NO WAY for a QB to be looking down field and recognize this. If your mad at Fitz play and the play calls in general there is no need to make sh*t up to prove the point.

    They are when you're 6'1 and throw it side arm.

    22 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    This offense in general has played bad. Fitz has plainly stated as has anyone who follows this team with big receivers you take your chances in one on one situations problem right now is players are not falling for the back shoulder pass and they are out fighting our WR's for the football... so what that should tell you ? is it's time to make an adjustment ? maybe up the tempo of the offense maybe attack the middle of the field more maybe use the RB's more, no matter how you slice it its not always Fitz fault hes just the easy way out to complain and bitch.

    And when they don't fall for the one way you get it into the end zone, we lose. Not fitz' fault his crutch to his limitations aren't working anymore, right? Of course it's not his fault he throws 10 picks in 4 games. Yes, when the one thing that has gotten Fitz to where he is (backshoulders to the outside WR) isn't working anymore, you fcking abandon the fitz ship, because that's all he fcking has. What fcking games are you watching? How many times did we see the backshoulder work, just because it's Decker and Marshall going against sh*t CBs last season? He tries it against good CBs this season, and it backfires, horrendously. Shocking.


    22 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    Our head Coach SUCKS has no fire and has not changed anything and its becoming a virus throughout this entire team. At times this team looks like its giving up and its only the 4th week into the season. They have taken on the persona of our head coach like I said in another thread its like Perry Como is out there coaching and everyone is falling asleep.


    22 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    Right now I see a poorly coached football team in every single phase of the game and until that changes we will not win games. While this team seems aggressive on paper due to blitz percentages this is NOT an aggressive football team. Our Defense does not create turnovers and they give up huge big plays that break our backs and they have in all 3 losses. If were not giving away big plays we are giving away fumbles and throwing Ints. If you can tell me ONE adjustment this team has made to remedy any of our current play I'll listen but the fact is this is the same football team week in and week out and it has carried over from last year. This team comes out flat plays like its just not ready to deal with what offense are showing them or defenses for that matter and they play totally uninspired football. Looking at the Hawks in what is an elite defense we were supposed to be are we anywhere close to that ? Hell we still can't even tackle guys in the secondary.

    Yeah, him getting riled up in press conferences will make up for all the times they have to go back onto the field on short notice due to a 3 and out - and turnovers. Give me a break. I'm not giving anyone credit here. The secondary has been god awful with tackling and coverage. They gave up 10 points last week, and they couldn't beat the Seahawks yesterday. Pryor is not good in coverage. Gilchrist is average. Surprisingly, Gilchrist seems to be more reliable when it comes to open field tackles. Marcus Williams is soft, and Revis is the only good tackler. Wilson was lights out, and outside of that long TD, it was not the worst game they've played this season. Darron Lee was actually in good spots while covering most of the game, but sometimes even perfect coverage can't do anything against a perfect pass and Jimmy Graham.

    Bowles hasn't been impressive, and the challenge followed by the timeout was by far his biggest blunder yesterday.  Our secondary is just not good. Revis had a good game yesterday, and aside from that, nobody is good.


    Also, to address the bold - We came out flat plenty last season, too. If you look at our scoring and defense from the first half of games last year and compare it to the second halves, you'll see you'd be wrong to say that. We blew out teams in the second half of games last season. I'll agree we haven't seen enough of that this season, but at the same time, what, 9(?) of Fitz' 10 picks have been in the second half. Name a fcking coach that could remedy 9 second half picks through 4 games.

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  10. I think we've ran it once in the redzone the last two weeks. Getting to the redzone is a big part of being efficient in it. Forte's been great, especially since he's still able to get yards when the teams are daring Fitz to throw the ball and focusing on just stopping the run.

    Also, Ivory was good from like 5 yards out of the endzone. He was never good in a one yard situation, especially last season.

  11. 14 minutes ago, Snell41 said:


    If he signed elsewhere, it would be as a backup. He would never have played a down with another team to this point and if we started out this badly with Geno or Bryce, we'd have to airlift McCaggs out of Flohram Park for his safety. Like I said then and now, not signing Fitz was the right move overall, but it would've been a career killer for Mac.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Which is why you don't listen to fans. This is also the reason Woody is a bad owner. That "career killer move" for Mac would have been the best possible scenario for us, unless we drafted a qb that didn't require a year of sitting, which would have made it an even better scenario. Now, we have $3m less in salary cap for the next 3 years, on top of what of the $5m or so we owe him next year (I may be somewhat off on exact #s). Still no qb in sight. The one qb that deserves to be the starter right now is Petty, and that is judging solely on his PS - and he's hurt.

    The only way this season was going to be successful was by Hackenberg or Petty becoming good QBs. That has been the case since April, and it hasn't changed.

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  12. 17 minutes ago, Snell41 said:


    Look I get why we signed him. I didn't want to all along, but it would have been one hell of a bold statement to go 1-6 and face the questions of the "mistake" of not signing him. We were going 1-6 with or without him, but revisionist history would've made it like we didn't sign Joe Montana over a few extra bucks.

    People are going on about secondary, running game, coaching, management..... when your QB is throwing picks left and right mixed in with a 50% completion rate, nothing looks good. Absolutely nothing. You can't even begin to fairly evaluate the run game until you see a semblance of consistency from the QB. Defenses are teeing off on Forte because Fitz can't hurt them. The secondary is definitely a concern, but they're also always on the field in bad positions. You can make some general assumptions of issues we have elsewhere, but good QB play makes everyone better.

    There's zero point to playing Fitz. Even if we turned around and won all the second half of the season cupcake games and miraculously made the playoffs, we're a 1st round exit at best.

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    I don't agree that revisionist history means anything. Fitz would have inevitably signed elsewhere for a third of the price, and we would have watched him fail, yet again.

    It's a fcking embarrassment that he hasn't been benched yet. Geno or Petty would not have had this long of a leash - not that I'm asking for the former to start. It is so fcking obvious when you watch the games, just how much we are held back by Fitz. This "chemistry" we heard so much about this offseason, is fcking nothing except the WR beating a corner 1v1. That's it. As soon as he sees a 1v1 matchup, that's where he's going. It's only worked because our fcking WRs are good. Surprise surprise, we face a difficult schedule, and that all falls apart. Shocking. Fcking shocking.

    Our defense's problems won't be solved when they stay on the field because our offense can't do a fcking thing.


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