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  1. How could a Harvard grad not realize in 10+ years in the NFL he needs to be able to make more than one f*cking read? A dump off to a RB is supposed to be last fcking option, yet this idiot makes it his second. The second he turns his head from his pre-snap decision, he runs. Isn't that what we call all of the college quarterbacks, incapable of adapting? One read? Spare me a fcking C+. He's been an F since he's been here, only difference is Marshall is starting to look his age and can't bail him out as often. He's so fcking limited, our OC won't even attempt to get a first down on 3rd and 10s.

    Then he pouts in the fcking press conference "I've been hearing that about a quarterback change my whole career". What a fcking idiot. Any fcking college qb that is capable of changing his release point so 10% of his passes aren't batted at the line, and capable of turning his head is a better fcking quarterback than Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    What a goddamn mistake paying him was. Fcking embarrassing.

  2. 2 hours ago, LIJetsFan said:

    Has anyone done the math?  Has this team had more early round busts than most other teams or does it just feel that way?  

    Gholston, Keller, Sanchez, Wilson, Coples, and now Milliner since 2008. Pryor had a pretty good year last year, but I'm starting to get tired of him getting hurt for a series once a game. 

    Second round picks since 08: Ducasse, Hill, Geno, Amaro, Devin Smith. (excluding hack)

    This team is built from free agency, old guys and no quarterback. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, munchmemory said:

    Sorry, not that guy.  Over the years, we've seen plenty of players like him who never learn the lesson. Just look at Greg Hardy.  Busted again.  IMO, we don't need that kind of distraction.

    I know he had off the field issues prior, but for anyone that's not familiar with Tampa, it's easier to come across a strip club there than a supermarket. Having lived there for about 7 years, I've seen and known many people who've gotten DUIs. Not saying it's right, and/or defending him, but it's just easier for a feeble mind to fall apart down there than it is in Jersey.

    For any baseball fans out there, little story. Josh Hamilton never had so much as a beer prior to being drafted by the Rays. He met Carl Crawford, and started going to strip clubs every night, and, we all know the rest. Many athletes go crazy in that city.

    As for us claiming him, I agree that him being claimed doesn't necessarily "teach him a lesson" - but if he messes up again, he's gone instantly. The Jets clearly see him as worth the risk of having an incredibly talented 24 year old, at a position of need, for cheap. People do change, saying otherwise is nonsense. 

    To mirror LIJF's post above, he's a Jet, and an incredibly talented one. We should hope he changes.

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  4. 1 minute ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

    I don't think Anderson and Marshall play the same position in the offensive scheme. Marshall is supposed to be playing the slot so they can get Decker on the outside more. I don't know why but Decker wanted to play there even though he dominated the slot. If I had my druthers, Marshall and Anderson would be on the outside and Decker in the slot. Gailey and the staff are going away from what works it seems, and Decker's production is down.

    Did Decker really request that? Not doubting you, I'm just not sure. Either way, get his *ss back in the slot! He needs targets

  5. 39 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    There is a point that almost all Jets fans get to eventually, and it is this:

    When the 2015 schedule came out, they looked at it and said, we are going to be playing Rex for a playoff spot the last game of the season and they are going to blow it. 100% inevitable.

    Last week, when Folk missed that extra point, they sat there and said, we are losing this game by one point and then the Bengals are going to beat us by one game for the Wild Card. And that is exactly what is going to happen. You know it. I know it. And Vegetable Lasagna here knows it.

    Such is the life of being stuck with this godforsaken black hole of a team.


  6. On 9/18/2016 at 1:43 AM, win4ever said:

    In the process of writing up the offensive film review for tomorrow morning, but I did read this, so here you go, lol.  

    There is another one that I thought was more impressive, but he doesn't get credit for because I believe Wilkerson made the tackle.  The one where he shot the gap and made the tackle, the Bills didn't really prepare for him, as they were running away from him, so he showed some impressive closing speed.  That kind of tackle is pretty impressive, and he has a penchant of doing that somewhat often.   


    This is an earlier weapons check on him from the preseason, and Play 4 is a very similar play. 

    The second play shown here is more impressive to me, because the Bills have a lineman account for Lee.  Infact, from what I could tell, Lee occupies the cutback lane for McCoy to run forward, but Lee blows it up with his speed, breaking down the entire play.  McCoy is forced to go outside, where there is a crowd waiting for him, and he loses yardage.  I thought this was more impressive because the Bills already have someone there to take care of Lee, and he just flat out beats him with speed.  

    Darron Lee 2.gif

    Darron Lee 1.gif

    The all-white is actually a good look IMO

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  7. We travel to the west coast for the Chiefs, Cardinals, and 9ers. Traveling is not fun and has an effect. Conversely, I remember statistics coming out after the Panthers beat the Seahawks in the playoffs last year about the Seahawks being really bad (specifically how bad, I don't recall), when they travel to the east coast for a 1pm est game. So, who knows. Luckily we have that extra day against the Cardinals for MNF.

  8. On 8/19/2016 at 3:11 PM, PFSIKH said:

    In the year Joe D hit in 56 straight, Ted Williams' average for the whole season was the same as Joe D's during the streak (.406).  And Joe D won the MVP.

    That was the same year? WOW. What a year that must have been to be a spectator.

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