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  1. D Harris LB 53 100%
    D Revis CB 53 100%
    M Gilchrist FS 53 100%
    B Skrine CB 52 98%
    C Pryor SS 52 98%
    M Wilkerson DE 51 96%
    L Williams DE 45 85%
    D Lee LB 41 77%
    S Richardson DT 40 75%
    M Williams CB 38 72%
    S McLendon NT 38 72%
    L Mauldin LB 22 42%
    M Catapano LB 14 26%
    E Henderson LB 11 21%
    J Jenkins DE 8 15%
    J Stanford LB 7 13%
    L Thomas DE 3 6%
    R Miles SS 1 2%
    B Carter LB 1 2%


    And the defense

  2. Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer 


    Checking on the Jets' offensive snaps (based on 75): RB --

    Matt Forte 61

    Bilal Powell 17

    Julian Howsare 2; WR 

    Eric Decker 73

    Brandon Marshall 69 (only 6 missed snaps) Incredible how tough this guy is. Played all last year with a high ankle sprain.

    Quincy Enunwa 46

    Jalin Marshall 26

    Robby Anderson 6

    Kellen Davis 50

    Brandon Bostick 24

    LG Wes Johnson replaced the injured James Carpenter (calf) and played 47 snaps.

    The right-tackle split: Brent Qvale 36, Ben Ijalana 36.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Glad to see everyone at least acknowledge he got killed on his 1st really big important play in the league by a no name TE that helped turn the tide in the game.  He's just a rookie.....shrug.

    Equally important that Marcus Williams was in a good position to either tackle the TE and/or even break it up, and did neither. So, it is what it is. Not the best hill to die on when his first game ever wasn't bad.

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    17 minutes ago, JiF said:

    That's what I was saying in my post.  The coaches got the subs in late and the entire D was looking around for the call.  Williams included.  The Bengals snapped the ball quick when they noticed the subs issue and Williams was late to get set hence letting the WR behind him.


    Darron Lee let the receiver get behind him, Williams was the one who went for the ball and whiffed, fwiw

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  5. I vividly remember Marcus' first game  against the Chiefs in 2014. The Idzik year, he was signed off the street pretty much, came in (started that day?), and played really well considering what we had that season. He had at least two PDs that game and played strictly man. I think he was better that day than he has shown thus far in the PS and this past Sunday. The fact that he can't tackle makes it even worse. Luckily for us, he seems to be at the right place at the right time a lot.


    Leonard is a grown fcking man at 21. Double digit sacks for the next 13 years??? Yes please.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    he's a very fast 1st round pick, he's going to play.  i'm more referring to the offense.  the offense is where most of the vets are.  fitz/marshall/decker/mangold/clady.  the team needs to use jalin marshall in the passing game.  why can't they throw him the same screens the bengals used?  he can play.

    While he certainly has the ability to get open, he did drop a lot of passes in the preseason. It's not dumb to let him get more reps in practice before relying on him in games. Other than that, what other positions do we have young guys ready to take the field? There's no OL, young RB, CB, S, TE, or LB really flashing. All we have are the vets as of now. Only young guys that are flashing are the DL. Surprise surprise, it's the only other position we're deep at.

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