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  1. 8 hours ago, SAR I said:

    I am going to lead the chorus of BOOOS from the mezzanine as I go try to find a Bryce Petty bobble head  for my cleaning woman.

    I have no intention of sitting there and watching him suck.

    SAR I

    So you're one of the people that boo your own team. Good for you.

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  2. 17 hours ago, David Harris said:

    It's remarkable how Mehta and Cimini troll these message boards for their articles. I mean I guess I'd do it too. It's basically a free think tank for content. 

    I've been assuming GasNo99 is Connor Hughes while Cimini is Kelly. Cimini's a weirdo

  3. 1 minute ago, RoadFan said:


    If you go back and read my posts about Harvin,  you would see that being a grossly overrated gimic and a rarely healthy piece of chipped china was also part of my contempt for him.  Even if it was second to choking coaches at Florida, throwing a dumbbell at Leslie Frazier in Minny, and attempts to start a mutiny in Seattle over Wilson.


    And that time he skipped band class.

  4. 3 minutes ago, RoadFan said:


    Feel free to acknowledge I was right about not wanting Harvin and being ecstatic about letting him walk.


    He's not on a team because of his lingering hip issues (think he may have even retired), not because he served detention in high school. I will acknowledge you were the most content to see him go, though.

  5. 7 minutes ago, RoadFan said:

    No rule bending,  line stepping, grey area shenanigans, unethical stunts, or blatant cheating.

    Not for this franchise.







    In all seriousness I'm fairly positive they did this last season with Amaro. Not a big deal.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Raideraholic said:

    a couple of Raider rookies to keep an eye on as the season progresses.1.   Ss Karl Joseph - they say he's the real deal , but it's  going to take a couple of real games to get comfortable in the defense( shake the rust off) .2. De/DT  Jihad Ward been the talk of training camp from Day one.   The Raiders think  he's bigger version of last year Stud rookie de/ DT Mario Edwards. ( Edwards emergence was a big reason K Mack had his breakout season.).  Ward like Edwards last year , will really start to come on with little more experience.  Ward will be a day one starter.    Rb Deandre Washington - will have a big role on offense, and wouldn't be surprising if he replaces Latavius Murray at some point as the lead Rb.

    acouple of undrafted free agents . De/DT Darius Latham . Biggest surprise in camp as he has chance to play major minutes this year.  Could be the guy that benefits the most from Mario Edwards missing first couple of games( hip injury).

    De/ Olb / Ilb James Cowser - has no chance of starting ( not with K Mack, Bruce Irvin, and eventually Aldon Smith when his suspension up.) but he does a lot of things well , and has versatility to play a lot of places.   Raiders coaches like him, and will play him early in their defensive rotations.

    Your best rookie is Connor Cook

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  7. Bowles likes veterans. Thompkins did pretty well for us last year and caught pretty much everything (people on here clearly only remember the Buffalo game, and probably forgot the Dallas game). He filled in for Brandon Marshall today with the 1's, which is telling IMO. It's possible that Thompkins, Peake AND Marshall all make the team with Smith on IR (which I believe is the most likely scenario). All 3 of them are cheap. I've said on another thread that if Marshall and Peake continue to thrive, he'll be the one cut if Smith is eligible to come back.

  8. 2 minutes ago, chirorob said:

    What is wrong with Severino?   Pitched well in that long relief game, got bombed again yesterday.

    I'm not watching, but is his stuff off, bad control, like what is it?

    Hangs out with Pinaeda too much

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  9. Would like to see Petty play the 2nd quarter of a game if he keeps this up, see how it translates to slightly tough competition. He lit it up last night. I LOVED how he was escaping the pocket, getting the ball out quickly, and firing an accurate laser.

    Burris looks pretty good, needs to get his head around quicker though.

    Watching Lee last night reminded me of his film from OSU, same guy. Can't wait until he fills out a little more and gets comfortable.

    That one sack that Clady "gave up" was on Fitz IMO, I'm not worried about Clady. Buttle or Eagle made it seem like he was beat.

    Mauldin playing every down continues to worry me.

    Peake looks like an NFL WR

    Jmarsh needs to calm down when catching balls over the middle, 2 drops, but he looked solid on the outside.

    Awesome effort on STs. Rontez continues to be an animal. No doubt he'll make the team. How about Marshall with that return? Was awesome to watch competency at the KR position. From the looks of last night we still need work at PR and PR coverage.

    I don't think Milliner did bad considering his situation. Hasn't played, and where was the safety help on the jump ball? A Rob is one of the better WRs in the game, that could happen to anyone else, but he's gotta knock that down. Have to expect he steps it up these next few games though, he got a lot of reps to prove himself, and I think we'll see him improve.



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  10. I want to see the young DBs (Milliner, Middleton and Burris) thrive, Amaro's blocking, and see if Enunwa's routes have actually improved. I think we'll get a good glimpse of Lee's role, and I'd like to see his coverage skills in action while wearing GREEN & WHITE. I'm not too optimistic about Mauldin's development into an every down guy, so I hope to slowly be proved wrong (that'll take more than tonight).

    Arguably the most important piece of this roster puzzle is the OL. I'm really hoping to see mainly at least Winters and Qvale impress. I'm hoping we don't have to rely on Breno this season. If they can improve, our running game should compliment our passing game even better than it did last year.



  11. 9 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Such a shame we passed on trading for Aaron Rodgers!

    Jets were the best place for Fitz, Fitz was the best QB the Jets could get.  Chan is the OC he works best with.  Pretty simple.

    Haven't disputed that. You know what I'm saying here 80. Max says move on so we're moving on

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