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  1. 11 hours ago, Larz said:

    he would learn more, he's just not the focus.  even if disaster strikes, the jets would go sign a veteran off the street before they would play hack.  They are going to get fitz and geno ready, petty and hack won't play this year no matter what, so they get the scraps

    I think there's some middle ground here. On one hand he is the 4th QB on the roster, that's fine. On the other hand, he's probably the starter next year. I'm not concerned about the regular season for Hack, under no circumstances should he play this year. But I do think he needs to be getting his reps in TC, if not the preseason. One or the other, I think practicing and actually trying out what he's learning in a no-stress environment is the best for him. TC isn't over, and his reps could increase, and all this talk can be for nothing and I'm overreacting. I just hope that we don't fck this up, and because he is Mac's guy, he is the focus of the future IMO.

  2. 1 minute ago, Larz said:

    hack is the 4th qb, 4th priority.  Not enough reps to go around

    Can't disagree with that mentality, though when Fitz only sees two series' a game (until the 3rd game), there will be reps for him at the end of games IMO. Fitz was leaving games with 5 minutes to go int he 1st quarter last preseason. Whatever, agree to disagree, as I said to slats just now, I do believe there's some value in seeing more than one live action, that way a week goes by, and you try to improve little by little, do things better against competition slightly better than the ones he was facing a year ago. 

  3. 14 minutes ago, slats said:

    I think this year will be a lot of classroom work, and a lot of him sitting at Fitzpatrick's feet studying the gameplan. If the team only carries three QBs he'll be the third, and will probably QB the scout team during the season. So those will be his reps, and hopefully the QB coach will be working on his mechanics at that time. I just think that he got hit so much in college that they'll be careful not to throw him out there behind the third or fourth string OL. At least too much. 

    Then they'll recommend some QB guru camp to attend during the offseason, and work heavily with him in OTAs next year, with him moving to the #2 QB, or potentially even the starter. 

    Fair enough, and I agree. I do believe though that it would help if he had some real experience to carry over. JMO

  4. 2 hours ago, Shadetree said:

    Hack can't hit the side of a barn right now. 

    Id like to see him thrown to the wolves, too. Heck, why not? It's the first week of preseason. 

    But to be livid if he doesn't get in is silly. It just means they want an extended look at petty.


    2 hours ago, Larz said:

    I disagree.  I would play the top 3 until the 4th game, then you give hack the 4th quarter.  Hack is red-shirting this year

    I don't consider the fourth quarter of a preseason game to be "throwing him into the wolves". He's pretty advanced mentally, so we're told, he needs reps to build on the other side of the game. I don't believe 2 reps a day in TC and 1 quarter of fourth quarter preseason football will have him ready to go for next season - which is apparently the plan. 


    1 hour ago, slats said:

    Prepare for disappointment, because I suspect it's pretty likely he doesn't play. 

    He got hit enough in college, and learned a lot of bad habits he needs to unlearn. This will be a year of healing and education for him. We may not see him until a cameo in game four. If then. 

    I can't argue with the bold, but then where are the reps in practice? He's not going to touch the ball during the season practices, and he's on pace for what, 40 throws until then? I'd just do it a little different. 

    1 hour ago, jetscrazey said:

    This is a redshirt year for Hack.  I expect plenty of 4th quarter action for him.  But they also want a long, hard look at Petty to see if he's worth keeping on the active roster.

    Fourth quarter action is all he'd see either way, and it would be fine. 

  5. Am I the only one who thinks the Ravens will finish similarly to how they did last year? They're getting all those injured players back, but they're all old. Suggs is old, Smith is old (both coming off achilles injuries), they lost      Oseleme, Perriman is anything but a sure thing. He also had awful hands at school. They brought in Mike Wallace but he couldn't even pass a physical. They'll still have a good front7, and probably have a good OL, but that's just about it. I guess signing Weddle helps, but they're still fairly weak at CB. I'm intrigued by their rookie RB Dixon, but I have them finishing in the 5-6 win category. They were pretty terrible before Flacco got hurt. They really shouldn't be any match for us...


    Then again, this is the Jets.

  6. 4 minutes ago, jetfan39 said:

    i guess as jet fans we can never enjoy what little success we have without waiting for the bottom to drop out and our successes turn into failures. ahh, the life of a jet fan

    Jets fans can accept reality from time to time believe it or not. I'd rather get overly optimistic about a quarterback

  7. 31 minutes ago, dbatesman said:

    Mauldin's a below-average athlete who racked up a whopping 4 sacks as a DPR. He certainly looks like he'll be a useful player, but anyone expecting him to turn into Justin Houston just because he's playing double the snaps this year is probably going to be disappointed.


    Good reason he went in the third round. I'd be shocked if he can actually succeed in coverage. He's fast and awkward to block, which is pretty much a great compliment to our DL's pass rush.

  8. 15 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    Forte was interviewed yesterday & said he loves Chans offense. Said it gives him a chance to slip out into the slot & create mismatches all over the field. It's gonna be very difficult to just rush Fitz when he spreads you out & your looking at Brandon, Decker, Quincy, Amaro inside (who could block or run a pattern) and Forte! Whens the last time the Jets had an opposing defense on their heels in a fire drill running around & pointing? 

    If Clady stays healthy, Fitz will have more time than he did last year as well.

    Need our right side of the OL to have an epiphany as well.

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  9. If Amaro can learn to block, that could really bring this offense to another level.

    I can sort of imagine us emulating the Pats offense with all of the shifts, just to get mismatches. Having a two WR set with Amaro and Forte somewhere on the field automatically means we'll have four very capable receivers. I like the idea of Amaro initially having a LB covering him and have him branching out past Decker or Marshall, leaving a LB in limbo. Kind of what used to happen to Coples when Rex was our coach. What a buffoon.


    Almost makes me reconsider some of what I said about Fitz. I wasn't anticipating the plethora of pass catchers that we have impressing in camp right now.

    Wouldn't be shocked to see his comp% to go up. We can just create so many mismatches.

  10. Michael Bennett vs whoever our RT will be could and probably will get ugly. Luckily we're home that game. But I thin we lose that one.

    Not scared of the Bengals, and I don't think we'll be swept by the Bills again, so whichever one we win, I think there will be one.

    The Chiefs game, if we win that, I think that'll arguably be tougher than beating NE at home. Our last six games have been within one score of the Pats, we'll continue to matchup well with them IMO, though, splitting.

    The fins, are the phins. They haven't exactly gotten better, so I think we'll sweep them.

    Steelers are beatable, but they are tough. If Le'Veon ends up missing time, and that's his first game back, I think we'll have a nice advantage on defense. And as someone else said earlier, their defense is pretty bad once you ignore their front 7. It's no gimme whatsoever. I think we lose that game.

    Colts are the same team we played last year, and to use the same words as I used last year when I predicted our victory against them, I think we'll "smack" them again. But I think it'll be a closer game this time. That's a win.

    Browns is a win

    Cards are a loss. They really upgraded their pass rush, and I think we'll really match up terribly and lose.

    Ravens will still probably suck, but this sticks out to me as a trap game. All those old guys on their team that got hurt are a year older and coming off injuries. I think it's still a win.

    Rams pass rush has the ability to change the game, but I don't think Bowles will allow Goff an easy game. We win this game.

    That leaves the 9ers, which I think is an easy W.


    I think we'll finish 9-7, though I just described a 10-6 season. We'll lose one we're probably not suppsoed to


  11. Just now, Sperm Edwards said:

    Read my post. This is far more of a reflection of Dorrell than Lal. Dorrell should have been in communication with Amaro by the end of January or beginning of February. Lal - who I'm no fan of - didn't get to work with Amaro until late spring/early summer. Not exactly enough time for his 10,000-pitch jugs machine offseason.

    LOL can't lie I read the first sentence and thought Sanjay Lal. Apologies.

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