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  1. He's truly a playmaker, can create separation and can make the great catches. There is incredible FA WR talent and WRs coming up in the draft this offseason. We need tight ends just as much as WRs and I think if we could possibly resign Cumberland and go to town on #2 FA WRs plus drafting at least one WR in the 2nd or even later rounds I do think our offense would improve greatly. 


    A better passing game makes for a better running game and our running game is already great. We get Ebron, I don't believe we can go wrong. 


    In Idzik I trust.

  2. The time is NOW!! 45 years is a long time for him to be worrying about compensatory picks. Brady's fading, Miami went backwards 4 steps and Buffalo is, well.... Buffalo.


    We've got a Beastly DLine & a pretty decent running game. Those are the pluses.

    We also have DBrick and Mangold starting to show their age, a suspect secondary, ZERO offensive weapons, and a QB who either takes a step forward, or, we're screwed.


    This is the 4 year window where we draft game changing talent in the first 3 rounds and depth with the remaining 8 picks. We take our $35 mil and go get a solid #2 WR(Maclin/Tate/James Jones etc.) a playmaker at Safety(Byrd #1, Ward if avail. Delmas - good value) a solid TE(Pita, Garret Graham, Pettigrew) and a quality QB to compete with Geno( Michael Vick, Josh McCown, Shaun Hill or Chad Henne) and a Pass Rusher like Jason Worilds. If Idzik can pull these type of moves off w/o jeopardizing our cap flexibility in the future, I will be a happy man. At least I know they are going for the "GOLD". AFC East crown before Brady retires is the first part of my dream followed equally by a SB Championship.


  3. I did forget Jones. One of the best out there. Also, Stephen hill has done little to nothing. I don't see him improving all that much. And with Riley Cooper, Foles was the only one to utilize his abilities, Vick used DeSean more. I think if if he's utilized, he's a real game changer.

  4. Step 1. Give Geno some help. He's a versatile guy with an arm and has the capability to pick apart defenses if he has help. Help that has size.

    -Draft a TE, mainly Eric Ebron or Jace Amaro. Both of these guys have their specialties. 

    Step 2. Resign Cumberland. With a drafted TE and Cumberland as a number 2, that could really help us out.

    Step 3. Free agent WR. There's a bunch of number 2 WRs on the free agent board this offseason. As much as I'd love a dominate number 1 in the draft like Benjamin, Evans or Lee (Unrealistic Waktins will be available at pick no. 18), 2 number 2 Wideouts with a hopefully dominate TE like Ebron or Amaro our passing game would really, really step up.

    Possible signings

    -Emmanuel Sanders

    -Edelman (as much as I hate to say it. he's a playmaker)

    -Decker (if we get him, we will probably overpay. Not a bad option though)

    -Riley Cooper (could cause some controversy, great player though)

    -Golden Tate (last resort hopefully)

    -Jacoby Jones

    -Robert Meachem (also last resort)


    -Also maybe take a RB in the 4th. A lot of talent this year in the position. I do like Ivory as the starter.


    I'll be upset if:

    -Stephen Hill is given another chance

    -We resign Kellen instead of Cumberland

    -We don't release Sanchez 

    -We don't release Holmes

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