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  1. Herm gets a bad rap. He was a very good coach. Jet fans are so ungrateful, Herm and Rex gave us out best years as Jet fans and they get slandered at every opportunity.
  2. I agree with your opinion on average coaches. Rex ain't average. He is an all time great coach.
  3. What nonsense, pure BS. Rex is top 3 and any list that doesn't have him there should be used for toilet paper.
  4. Seriously? Rex is horrendous? This is really even being entertained?
  5. Im sorry but I have no idea what in the hell you are talking about. I assume it is some type of a dig at Canada, but I am struggling here, help a a brother out.
  6. Im telling you guys, this team is going to win 12-13 games this year. That said, take Rex away as HC, and this team may be a 3-5 win team. That is how valuable Rex is. It is absolutely mind boggling that there is a real Jet fan alive that does anything other than worship the ground that Rex walks on.
  7. Expecting nothing as a Jet fan is the only way to go! That said, everyone wants to hoover Idizk for his BPA approach and not mortgaging the future on a pic that cant help right away, and bash Tannenbaum for this pick? It is really hyporitical. Hill may end up being a complete bust, but everyone in the organization acknolwedged that Hill was a project and not ready to contribute right away. If Tanny was really looking out for himself, he does not make this pick, he picks someone who can come in and help save his job the next season. Hill was forced to start because the whole braintrust
  8. Good thing no politics are allowed on these forums
  9. I liked fat Rex even better than skinny Rex. I'd like to see him eat some more snacks
  10. I love Rex, I mean love him. I agree with all you say here. That said, if I have one criticism for Rex, it is that I don't know if he really values the QB position for what it is in the NFL today. I saw how he pushed for guys he valued over the years. I don't think he has much say anymore, but he did for a while, at least it seemed like that in the media and also in Hard Knocks. If he wanted a better backup, he could have had it, and he could have pushed to draft one as well. If he really valued the QB position, he would have been screaming for a real one at every opportunity he has gotten
  11. Am I really reading this thread correctly?? Are there really Jet fans so distorted that they don't like Rex Ryan? Seriously? This is insane. The man is top 3 coach in the NFL, and you guys are so ungrateful.
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