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  1. Im telling you guys, this team is going to win 12-13 games this year.


    That said, take Rex away as HC, and this team may be a 3-5 win team. That is how valuable Rex is. It is absolutely mind boggling that there is a real Jet fan alive that does anything other than worship the ground that Rex walks on.

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  2. I'm expecting nothing. Bringing in Decker, Ford, showing interest in DeSean Jackson, and then drafting 3 more WRs in the draft says the Jets were expecting nothing from him as well.  


    It would be pretty awesome if he was able to put it together.  He was drafted to be a #1 WR that needed to be double-teamed, with size/speed that can't be taught.  Also he was a willing and capable blocker (in contrast to Holmes).  He was also drafted as a project (Tannenbaum leaving the team with no other credible options pushed him into a role he was clearly unready for), and was therefore over-drafted.  Ideally he'd have been subbed in & out with a limited list of plays that he was able to digest. Also ideally he'd have been healthy.


    We'll see.  Most of what I've seen from him is a function of his speed (not even his height).  But there are lots of fast guys.  Jacoby Ford is one of them.


    So I'm expecting nothing but like anyone would be thrilled if the light has gone on.  This would, of course, presume he possessed a light to be turned on in the first place.  But year 3 isn't far-fetched for a guy to start to get it.  Especially when, despite a couple of easy drops on him, he's had so little help at QB in years 1-2.


    Expecting nothing as a Jet fan is the only way to go!


    That said, everyone wants to hoover Idizk for his BPA approach and not mortgaging the future on a pic that cant help right away, and bash Tannenbaum for this pick? It is really hyporitical. Hill may end up being a complete bust, but everyone in the organization acknolwedged that Hill was a project and not ready to contribute right away. If Tanny was really looking out for himself, he does not make this pick, he picks someone who can come in and help save his job the next season.


    Hill was forced to start  because the whole braintrust was more interested in building the 85 bears than a 2012-2018 football team. They all believed Sanchez was 10x more than what he was capable of, and let the entire offense go to complete crap, and Hill was probably sadly the best option despite being 2 years from being ready.


    Bringing in Sporano probably set everyone around him back several years, I think just watching the offense under Sporano set people back at least 2 years. WR's literally did not know what they were supposed to do base don defensive changes under him. It was the worst possible hire they could have made.


    Hill looks fragile for sure, but that said if he can stay healthy and develop around a decent offensive sytstem with some talent around him, I think it is fair to expect him to be a solid player, maybe not great, but solid.


    The hatred for Hill by Jets fans is typical dopey Jet fans, which is really more of a typical dopey NY fan in general. The Giants fans were ready to run Eli out of town in year 4 before he was able to win 2 SB's.

  3. If I was starting out again, I'd be looking to leave the country. Plenty of warm places with their own water and food supplies outside our borders. I'd much rather live in the south of France than the American south. I encourage my kids to go. I'd much rather my grandkids be born someplace where the law gives mothers six or twelve months of paid maternity leave, as opposed to a place where the hospital has to kick you out in two days and you have to return to work when your vacation time runs out. And that would be most of the industrialized world.

    I'm starting my retirement tour next winter. I'm gonna find a new country to live in. Can't wait!


    Good thing no politics are allowed on these forums :)

  4. Again, you gloss over it as a minor point that Belichick had Brady and Carroll had WIlson.  Matt Simms is the equal to neither of them.  There was no "without hesitation" move to make with Smith or Sanchez because they were the only maybe-starter ("well we hope this guy develops") QBs on the roster.  

    Who was Ryan supposed to "decisively" make a switch to? Kellen Clemens? Brady Quinn? Matt Simms? Mark Brunell?  There were no Russell Wilsons nor any Tom Bradys backing up Smith, or Sanchez before him.


    He stinks.  Smith stunk last year.  But the team - probably most notably Mornhinweg & Lee - felt he was more worthy of the team's effort and playing time than Simms.  Blame that on Ryan all you want, but you are de facto blaming everyone associated with the team, who sees them all daily, compared with what you think you've seen from a couple of pre-season games and some practice notes. If Simms moves on and becomes a good QB someday - which still doesn't mean he would have been in '13 either - then you can tell me you told me so.  But he's not going to be anything.  Hell, the year before no one even wanted him on any roster as a #3 QB even while QBs got injured mid-season.


    Matt Simms is not Russell Wilson.

    Matt Simms is not Tom Brady.


    I love Rex, I mean love him. I agree with all you say here. That said, if I have one criticism for Rex, it is that I don't know if he really values the QB position for what it is in the NFL today. I saw how he pushed for guys he valued over the years. I don't think he has much say anymore, but he did for a while, at least it seemed like that in the media and also in Hard Knocks. If he wanted a better backup, he could have had it, and he could have pushed to draft one as well.


    If he really valued the QB position, he would have been screaming for a real one at every opportunity he has gotten. If he had ever once done this, we would have heard about it being that everything slips out of Jetville through the media. The only thing we have ever really heard him say about the QB position was how much he loved Sanchez and how great he thought he was. Never once did I hear about him push for a real alternative. His actions with Sanchez also back this up.


    That said, every HC will have flaws, and Rex's pro's so greatly exceed his con's it's not even funny.

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  5. I love it.  Rex is the closest thing I've ever seen to an NFL coach that actually cares about the team he's coaching.  He's not a cookie cutter robot, and his success shows that he has a pretty damn good idea what he's doing.  For all the Rex bashers, show me how many "greats" won a SB right away.  How long did it take Bilichik and Cowher, who most people would say are better than Rex?  Tomlin got one pretty quick but he did that with the SB roster he inherited, and same for Gruden who got one with TB in his first season having inherited arguably the best defense in the NFL.  


    Rex bashers? Are there really any Jet fans alive that don't love Rex? As far as Im concerned the only redeeming quality Woody has is that he loves Rex.

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  6. Here's the problem with looking at the last 4 games. We beat teams that were a combines 16-32. We lost to the only good team ! And we got killed in it I think geno had 120 yards passing until the last drive! So you have to look at everything who u plays matters

    While true, every QB faces bad teams and good teams and overall stats are comparable. Geno is going to be good, not great this year.

    The running game is improved, as are the receivers.

    Defense is going to be flat out nasty.

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