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  1. The Giants signed Plaxico, McKenzie and the MLB (cannot remember his name) all to pretty big deals to fill 3 major weaknesses, and the trade for Eli was a huge trade. I agree that no 2 or 3 moves make us an instant contender, but the right guys could give something to build on, and for the record, I have not complained about anything other than not going after Mevi$, which as much as I am annoyed by, I can understand. Yeah, I know I am an idiot, This board has given me feelings of inadequacy that I am having a hard time dealing with.
  2. I feel like I hit the lottery in this thread, I made a friend, and my password still works!
  3. I don't know if there is one proven method for building a perennial contender. Yes, that has been the Steelers way, and they have been highly successful, but they also have been incredible in the draft. If they were not, there method would not yield crap. I don't know why it has to be either all in, or do nothing either. The Giants seemed to do a bit of both, they made a few high profile signings, and big trades, and also built through the draft, and have two championships to show for it, same number as the Steelers in recent times. I have said this before and I will say it again, building through free agency or the draft only works if you can recognize and develop talent. Plenty of teams have built crap through the draft, and plenty of teams have built crap through FA.
  4. It is probably comparable to Canadian lumber.
  5. Wow, you lost me with the rest of your post, but I am just so happy I made a friend here!
  6. Come on, get your mediocre Canadian beer correct, it wasn't Molson, it was Labatt To keep things in perspective, sports are entertainment, sports boards are a means to chat with others about one of my chosen forms of entertainment, so getting to me is a bit strong. That said there are d*#ks in all walks of life, sports fans are no different. I don't really care about the sky is falling or not falling mentality, just this notion that many seem to have that their OPINION is actually fact, and if you disagree with their opinion, you are flat out wrong and a moron. I think it's comical that the same people who are bashing the sky is falling people are giving themselves reach arounds for their Idzik is God stance, when he has yet to really do anything. As if their opinion is somehow more credible then the opposite point of view. The funny thing is the sky is falling crowd seems to me to be less attacking to the opposing view, where the Idzik is God crew seems to go on the offense anytime anyone complains about anything. My only real complaint is the Revis situation. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. I think we would have gotten more value out of signing Mevi$ for $12-$13m for say 4 years than to give say $9-10 for a DRC type guy. I recognize it's all posture because who knows what we could have gotten Mevi$ for anyway, but that is just my opinion. Other than that, I will wait to see what is put on the field before praising or criticizing Idzik. And even at that, I want to see what he does over a few year period.
  7. That's why I started it, silly billy
  8. Hey, at least I got that going for me right?
  9. If you can't figure that out, I can't really help you
  10. Maybe you should think about not throwing around your opinions as indisputable facts then?
  11. I am not positive, but I think I can live with anything that can come at me on a Jets message board. Even being ignored then told about being ignored by Christ himself
  12. You threw in that nice little dig about having a life.
  13. Who said I don't like it? And why is everyone so obsessed with telling me to go watch hockey?
  14. What if C A T actually spells dog?
  15. I don't know who the hell the ape is, and I have no hard on for any dude, that much I can tell you. Maybe you can ignore me like your buddy, and then tell me about it?
  16. I get that I am new here and don't know all the personalities, but there are many posters who are just flat out d!@ks, and that is unmistakeable. Im sure that will be the case anywhere, but there seem to be more of a percentage like that here. What is comical is how sure of themselves they are, and how right they all are and how they pat each other on the back for their intelligence and their Jet knowledge.
  17. Your right, there are about 10 or so of you. You guys have your own little bonfire going singing Kum Ba Yah to each other and patting each other on the back for all the great things you have done to make the Jets great.
  18. It's amazing how there are about 10 or so people on this board who are convinced that they are God's gift to knowing football. They spew their opinions as undeniable facts and bash, ignore and brag, mock, everyone who does not agree with them. When proven wrong, or questioned they turn hostile, or go on the attack. Are all Jets boards like this?
  19. Because Idzik has won six SBs prior to coming to the Jets, so his moves, and moves he does not make, must be brilliant. Keep up.
  20. Not everyone has had the good fortune of serving on two SB staffs and being football Know it alls like you, I think you should ignore everyone of us and brag about it. Then you and your 5 know it all, always correct buds can sit around and pat each other on the back for the four SBs you are about to win for the Jets. Go you guys!
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