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  1. I love how anyone who does not agree with you is a pea brain, or peanut gallery. Like you served on two SB staffs and are gracing us with your prescience, then ignoring us and bragging.
  2. When you come on as strong and confident as you did, a but of humility would serve you well when you are proved flat out wrong.
  3. Clever, very clever, right there with your ignore and brag trick that you have patented.
  4. Perhaps you should ignore my posts then brag about it? Dolty derp is derpy.
  5. I think that Wilk, Sheldon and Millner will be in plenty of pro-bowls. The offense has really been the problem, which is not Rex's fault, it is a combo of bad drafting and bad coaching on the offensive side of the ball. Hopefully we have a good coach over there now, and hopefully we can draft better over there, or even sign better FA's over there. I don't think Rex takes any blame at all for your cheap shot.
  6. If you don't draft and develop well the steelers method would produce crap teams. Building through the draft is great if you draft and develop well. We have never been able to draft or develop offensive skill players.
  7. Thank God we have Rex, thank God. Any other coach and we would likely be staring at 4-12 with this roster. Rex will get it in the playoffs
  8. Their defense and running game are better than the d and running games that we took to back to back afccg. They did get lucky with Wilson, but if we could have done that with Sancho, they could have had a lot of success even without Russell.
  9. The real impressive part of the offseason was keeping one of the top three HCs in the NFL and locking him up to a long term deal. Rex is the only real positive this franchise has going for it, despite some really, really, really dumb fans that wanted him gone
  10. I just emailed them to you, can you receive Canadian email?
  11. That's what I'm talkinz about!!! BFF Baby, BFF!!!
  12. Perhaps, but we have hotter chicks and better McDonalds.
  13. Im not arguing for Tannenbaum, and I am probably the biggest Rex fan alive, but I think Rex gets hit as much if not more for Sancho's immature childish behavior with no consequence than even Tannenbaum, but ultimately the Sanchez extension costs Tannenbaum his job, which it should have. All I am saying is that it is IMO, its about as bad to be praising Idzik as some savior and genius team builder as it is to be knocking him right now. I was fired up the other night after the Revis thing and a bunch of whiskey, but the rest of it is pure TBD, nothing more. Furthermore, Woody, and the Jets have given me zero reason to be optimistic over a 35+ year run, so I would rather not get my hopes up until they do something good. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I am all about that, I'm half Canadian, but it seems as though those with a negative spin on Idzik are getting bitch slapped, while the positive spinners are getting praised and patting each other on the back. I think both sides are silly right now. The only one really objective has been Slats.
  14. Look, at the end of the day it comes down to knowing what the heck you are doing, whether that is draft, or FA, plus player development and cap mgmt. I love the idea of building through the draft, but if your draft picks don't work out, you built through the draft but a crap team. I hope like hell that Idzik is the real deal, it is our best chance at having a long lasting run, but hope is not a strategy. I don't think he has done anything to show me he is or is not the guy at this point, and I find it nothing more than wishful thinking anyone who claims he is doing such a great job, and is the greatest. At the end of the day, he will probably either figure out the QB position or not. If Geno is the guy, he will be a successful GM, if not, he will have a hard time because he may not get 3 more years to find one. If Sanchez was worthy of the draft slot we took him in, Mr T would have probably been still employed despite other mistakes.
  15. I don't think Pettigrow one way or another is going to make or break our season, so I could care less about this. I do find it interesting how many Jet fans have this incredibly optimism over Idzik, like he is our proven savior. I am not criticizing him at all, as I really cannot find much fault in what he has done since getting here, but I also have zero reason to believe he is building us into this juggernaut that so many want to make it out to be. Bottom line for me is Woody hired him, and I have zero reason to trust Woody. I am not giving someone some blind faith that Woody hired. I understand wanting to be optimistic about the team we root for, but I have learned over a long time that being optimistic over anything the Jets do is asking for a kick in the wee wee. It's better to take a wait and see approach.
  16. I was simply saying there is no need to do it quietly, and act like it's some big secret. I am not saying we need to take out an ad in the paper asking if anyone is looking for a crappy QB coming off a shoulder injury..... I was really exaggerating based on the post about being a super secret spy mission.
  17. When Jets sign Pettigrow: Great signing, love it, Idz is the Shidz! When the lions actually sign him: thank God! He sucked and did not want, Idz be the Shidz!
  18. In most situations I agree with you, but I think that angle is futile with Sanchez. Everyone knows he is either getting traded or cut and there is zero chance of him coming back. The fanbase would act like they gave birth to a watermelon from their pooper if Sanchez was brought back, the rest of the free world knows this.
  19. Plus as far as we know Sancho has not killed any dogs with his bare hands, that is always a plus.
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