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  1. You are failing to consider the Idzik factor. His mere presence is worth 10 spots in the power rankings. Have you ever heard those Dos equis commericals for the most interesting man in the world? There will be soon radio commercials like that for Idzik..... His players run 30% faster than they would with another GM Referees are so afraid of him they ignore most holding calls agains his team Other GM's will not draft his players out of respect He is the most amazing GM in all of sports! Idzik: "I don't always GM the Jets, but when I do I am the greatest of all time"
  2. I cannot imagine, we would be looking at the season as a 4-12 season hoping for the first overall draft pick. We are actually hoping for a playoff spot and to compete for the division. That is all thanks to Rex.
  3. Yeah, it is really mind boggling. I have never seen so much blind loyalty for a guy who has really done very little if anything at all. Jet fans are treating him like Parcells was treated when he was here, and at least he had the proven track record, Idzik has proven zilch. The only really good thing he has done was keep Rex, and that might not have even been his doing, might have been Woody's.
  4. you so silly, you love you some Idzik. 7-9 to 9-7 FO EVAH!
  5. I agree, hopefully he knows what the hell he is doing
  6. This draft is a c, nothing more nothing else. With so many picks in such a deep draft they came out of it with a ton of quantity and Meh quality.
  7. This is such nonsense. Steelers, Ravens and Packers all have top QBs. Jets do not. Ravens tool a huge risk on their QB who many people questioned. Packers grabbed their QB while they already had an all time great QB on their roster. Sometimes you need to take calculated risks. Idzik seems to be building a team destined for 7-9 to 9-7 every year, which is mostly due to how good Rex is on D This team is completely void of playmakers, and sometimes you need to make things happen to get them.
  8. The one you liked best of Mattenberg, Savage,Mcaruns, Murray, that group.
  9. As is the completely unfounded slobbering over Idzik that 3/4s of the Jets fans seem to engage in when the guy has done literally nothing
  10. Who cares, I mean really. Neither will ever amount to anything in the NFL.
  11. For Pryor to justify his slot, he needs to be a monster. Safety has been completely de-emphasized in the modern NFL, and taking one as early as they did means you need to hit a slam dunk. I like the player, hate the pick. Amaro will hopefully be a good addition, but I don't think he's fast enough to be a difference maker. This draft overall is very meh. Nothing to get excited about. More of a need than ever for Geno to pan out, or we are looking at eternal mediocrity and celebrating 8-8 as Rex pulling off more miracles. Idzik better be damn sure about Geno because if he is not good we are going to waste a ton of defensive talent
  12. C- that will turn into an F if Manziel turns into what I think he will turn into. Pryor and Amaro are nice additions, but completely ignoring the QB position and bypassing many good prospects when you have Geno and Vick is just not understanding the NFL. Don't like Manziel, fine, but there were plenty of decent prospects that they should have taken one much earlier. The NFL is a QB league, until you have one proven, you need to do everything in your power to get one. I am now down on Idzik as I thought he knew this but clearly does not.
  13. There have been many gay men in the NFL before. He is the first openly gay man, but definitely not the first
  14. Such a horrible comparison. Tebow could not throw the football, Manziel can.
  15. This isn't whining, this is just surprise. I thought Geno was far from showing he is the answer, and to not take a decent prospect over ILB depth is shocking, not whining
  16. I am shocked at the lack of a QB being drafted. I really wanted Manziel, we will really regret it. I am shocked that we did not draft another QB in the mid rounds, there were some good ones taken. I think Boyd sucks, and I think Geno may be ok, but they should have taken one and hope to get lucky. Drafting for depth at ILB <<<<<<< QB
  17. BSPA Best secondary player available. All secondary all the time!
  18. In 3 years he will. E top 5 in the league
  19. Yup, and we just passed up a great one with Smith and Vick as ours
  20. When was the last team that was really good with a good safety and no QB?
  21. Yeah, we need more defense, big hits, light sh*t up, no QB ....... Priorities
  22. Cool, and when our offense still sucks balls and we are mediocre I'll be so thrilled that we are lighting sh*t up instead of winning our division
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