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  1. No thanks. I like Pryor, but QB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>S
  2. Not sure how that will make it any better when he is a top 5 QB in a few years for someone else
  3. I am bookmarking this for two years from now so you can admit you are a really dumb know nothing mofo
  4. Nor a QB that can play, just passed a great one
  5. Oooooh, a number 2 WR and a backup RB, 29 to 27, I can feel it
  6. You have the greatest defensive mind in football, give the man an offense. Please, disgustinf
  7. Horrible, horrible disgusting ass hat move
  8. Then we wonder why our offense sucks donkey cock
  9. Yeah, just what we needed, more first round defense
  10. If we pass on Johnny for a corner we deserve our suckassednessing forever
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