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  1. If we pass on Manziel we will regret it for 20 years
  2. If they pass on Manziel for a corner he better be Deion
  3. If Manziel is there at 18 you absolutely positively have to take him.
  4. Yeah let's pass on a potential great QB for yet another corner
  5. Isn't that when Idzik selects the BPA on his board?
  6. LOL, the Jet fan mentality is mind boggling.
  7. I think Geno is going to be pretty good. That said, until you have a QB that you KNOW is good, you would be crazy to pass on a QB prospect that you also think can be good. Having a good QB can mask several other weaknesses. Our WR core would look much better with a good QB, and we really would not be so bent out of shape with our lack of a corner if we had a good QB and a good offense with what will still be a very good defense.
  8. Exactly! That said, I do like him a lot and think he is going to be legit.
  9. I know many disagree, but I do not want a corner in the first. I have enough confidence in Rex that he can make Millner and whoever work at CB. If we go defense I want a pass rushing stud, and/or someone who can cover a damn TE for once. That said, I really, really want us to go offense. I am not suggesting reaching, but lets not act like its such a science that BPA is the be all and end all. You do have to trust your grades to an extent, but if it is even close I would strongly prefer offense. I like Decker, but lets not act like our offense is fixed all the sudden. The defensive talent is still light years ahead of the offensive talent overall.
  10. I actually meant to reply to the XXedge guy's post, i agree with the post.
  11. Pettine is nothing. Rex was and is the defense. Pettine will be fired after one season like his predessecor.
  12. Vinny in 98 was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Favre in 08, not even close.
  13. Idzik is a genius, the guy owns the whole league. Now teams are trying to trade up to get ahead of him. But he is a ninja, you cannot outsmart Idzik. He reminds me of the guy they say all those really great things about on those Dose Equis radio commercials.
  14. Yeah, I'm sure one of the best HCs in the NFL is dumb. You can't make this stuff up. I wish I was so dumb to be one of the top 32 people on Earth at what I did and make millions of dollars per year for it.
  15. W L W W W L L W W W W W W W W W 13-3 Division Champs, 2 seed.
  16. Thats all great and everything, and I don't disagree, but that still does not change the fact that Idzik has not yet built a great team. Great teams have been built in the past through both the draft, and through a combo of FA and the draft. That does not mean that Idzik is building a great team. I have said it before and I will say it again, I like his approach, but its way too early to put him in Canton. If he has a crappy draft this year, and Millner and Geno don't pan out, he will be a lot closer to being fired than being in Canton regardless of how good his approach may have been. All I have been saying is lets hold off on sending out the Canton invites until we see greatness on the field, than we can fill out the invites and send them out.
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