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  1. I am not dismissing anything. All I am saying is Idzik has not built a great team yet like so many are trying to give him credit for. I like his approach, but if he does not deliver in the draft we are not going to build a great team. He has made nice little additions in FA, but at the end of the day if he does not draft well, he will not build a great team. This does not make me dislike Idzik, in fact I like him and have hopes for him. But until we have a great team on the field, he has not built a great team.
  2. Not sure how I can go on with my life knowing I am hated by you. It will be rough , but I'll just have to try to manage.
  3. Not sure how I can go on with my life knowing I am hated by you. It will be rough , but I'll just have to try to manage.
  4. He upgraded WR, and by that replaced Holmes with Decker, wooohoooo, huge upgrade. SB time! Vick sucks, Johnson is no better than what we had, and RT is a wash. You need to learn to read. I never ever said the roster was worse than last year, I simply said that "ignorants" like you are making him out to be something he has not proven to be, nor anything close. And the roster sucked last year, sucked balls. It took our all world HC to turn that garbage roster into an 8-8 team, so a slight improvement at WR does not make a world of difference.
  5. Sanchez is horrible, and I think Geno may be decent. That said, comparing Sanchez last month to Geno last season is silly. Lets compare them 4 years out. Sanchez' last month was about as bad of a situation you could have as a QB, and that is coming from someone who hates Sanchez. But lets try to be at least a bit objective. Marty compared to Sporano is like comparing a Ruth's Chris steak to the crap they mince up and put in dog food. The entire offense was God awful, the receivers literally did not know where they were supposed to go. I think its time everyone moves on from Sanchez, the Jets have.
  6. Who said there is a problem? Certainly not me. This is the kind of crap I am talking about, it's like if your not giving Idzik a reach around you are claiming there is a problem. All I am saying is can we wait before we order his Canton induction? He may turn out to be a genius, he may turn out to be the greatest GM of all time. But as of now he really has not done anything at all, certainly not enough for all the reach arounds he's getting. His draft from last year looks OK, considering he had a lot of high picks, that is not saying much. I am not criticizing him, really just criticizing all the reach arounds the guy has gotten for not spending on a team that was 6-10 last offseason and no cap space, and a team that no matter what he does this offseason is not contending seriously. Huge difference from saying there is a problem
  7. Early on Tanny had a very similar approach. The only way any approach works is if you bring in talent, either via the draft, via FA or both. If his drafts are not very good, the Jets will suck
  8. I am being sarcastic. I get a kick out of how much love Idzik is getting. It's as though he is a lock to win a few SB's here because he has this unbreakable formula for building a juggernaut. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-Idzik, I just think its comical how much love the guy is getting for doing pretty much nuttin.
  9. If that is the plan, they better be drafting QB's every season. No QB worth a damn is getting into FA ever again. I think Jay Cutler proved that pretty clear. He sucks, and got a ridiculous contract so that he would not be a FA. I don't think this would be a wise strategy at all. Like not working with the hopes of winning the lottery.
  10. I know Tanny is everyones favorite whipping boy, but he was not a wild and crazy spender until Woody pushed him to be that way. Woody wanted to make a splash and get Favre, Woody pushed the franchise to trade up and try to draft a franchise QB. Woody pushed for Tebow. The Jets whole org thought they were a championship caliber team, and Tanny acted like Denver is now. In the early days of his GM tenure he was much more like Idzik the great than the way people portray him now. And I don't even like Tanny, I just refuse to give that total asshat Woody a pass when the mess was much more his fault than anyone else's. Generally speaking, people listen to their boss.
  11. Rex is a defensive minded HC, putting any blame on him for offensive shortfalls are silly. Sean Peyton does not get knocked when the defense sucks on the Saints. If the offense does not hold up their end of the bargain this year Rex has zero responsibility, that will be on Idzik the Greatest GM in the history of great GM's, and Marty M (cant spell his name)
  12. Id fn Zik! This guy has setup so much cap money for us, How can anyone not love this guy, the best. Lock for Canton. 2 SB's in the next 5 years, take it to da bank!
  13. I agree, and I think it is a fine signing. I am just reading a lot of people who think they are getting the old Johnson, and those are the ones that are going to be disappointed.
  14. I think Jet fans will end up very disappointed with Johnson.
  15. I think we should draft him in the second round if he falls to us. He is worth a chance on a second rounder.
  16. Woody Johnson is the man who hired Idzik. You cannot call the man who hired Idzik an idiot.
  17. Chill Brahs....... . Idzik will be in Canton when all is said and done, you will see. The man is among the best football men in the history of football men. And that includes the football that those Europeans play which is really just soccer. Those PSL's will be worth 4 x what everyone paid when Idzik is done with his masterpiece.
  18. Idzik should be in Canton for drafting Wilk and getting him to want to be a Jet for life!
  19. Rex is the best coach in the history of the franchise, he will be here as long as he wants, and he has earned that.
  20. Guys, relax. Idzik is going to Canton, read it in another thread. Whatever he does will be right, just chill brahs. He has the golden touch!
  21. They really better improve a lot on offense. I am sick of this organization sticking Rex with garbage offense every year. We have one of the greatest defensive minds in the history of the NFL and we keep sticking him with crap offenses. Get it done Idzik and Rex will reward us with the SB trophy we so badly desire!
  22. Yeah, like that time they drafted that guy Revised after a trade, So dumb. Should have known he was a greedy prick.
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