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  1. This is what I am talking about! Rex Ryan baby! Best thing we have going for us. This team will win 11-12 games this year.
  2. If you look at the rest of the Packers team, its really not very good. Take him off the team and they are probably a bottom half of the league team. I believe he is that good.
  3. Rodgers also fell so far because it was a weird year where after the first few pics in the draft, many teams did not need a QB. I remember one of the announcers actually predicting he could fall that far for that reason. I also think Rodgers has benefited tremendously from sitting for as long as he did given his college offense and his perceived mechanical issues. I thought Smith should have sat all of last year personally. I like Smith, but knowing what Rodgers is now, there is virtually zero chance IMO that Smith is ever anywhere near Rodgers as a player. Mostly because Rodgers is just that good.
  4. Agree, very surprising. I would have been very happy with the Jets trading a 6th for him, good player.
  5. Please tell me why if u r not the Jets u r Jets Nation? Is America Nation not America? Or Canada Nation not Canada. This thread makes my brain hurt and I smell smoke .
  6. I find it interesting that he was released, rather than traded. Could be because of his contract, or because of his reputation. Going to be interestjng, I think we desperately could use a player like him, yet he would be a terrible signing at this point.
  7. I would not be so sure of that, at a minimum teams are going to want to do their due diligence on this situation. The Hernandez issue is going to weigh on every teams mind about this.
  8. This is an excellent point! 2 more of those and you may be welcome in Canada.
  9. Every time Rex talks like that I have to walk with a limp.
  10. The fact that Parcells would not commit to Mannjng completely ruins Parcells to me. That and recommending Badway who brought in Herm, screw Parcells.
  11. Any team with Mark Sanchez as the QB is not a pretty good team IMO. I don't believe in luck. What most call luck is what happens when someone is prepared when opportunity arises. Ie Rex
  12. I most certainly am , can you name five that have done anything near as much as Rex with the dog poo he has had to work with? I am always open to adjusting my position
  13. I don't know how much he was a part of building the roster with Tanny because the Jets never really make that clear. I don't really factor it in anyway because he is the HC and not the GM. I really cannot think of a HC who has done anything close to what Rex has done with the garbage Rex has had to work with. He has some flaws, but who does not, and he learns from his mistakes. The guy is a great coach and we are lucky to have him.
  14. Vick is horrible, Geno beating him out does not mean Geno is good. If Geno is the guy, great, but he needs to do a lot more than win the job over a terrible QB.
  15. Boycotting is not all that realistic. That said, I usually go to a few games per year, I won't go this year because of this. I won't spend one dollar on Jets merchandise this year. I will still root for them passionately as long as Vick is not playing. If he starts, I won't watch. With my luck the jets would win the SB with Vick starting, it would be so fitting. That said, he sucks and won't win the SB, but he may start.
  16. Shrugs. When I make a list of HCs in the NFL, and look at what they have done with their respective rosters, I have Rex in the top 3. And I am hard pressed to not have him 1. Look at the dog crap he has had since taking over this team. To me it's very impressive and think if he got some real talent to work with he would win multiple SBs
  17. The fact that there is even a remote possibility that this is true makes me cry.
  18. The conference call was idiotic, but I'm quite certain this was the PR guys who called t, not Rex.
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