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  1. In most cases I think the football guys know more than us fans, even the not so good football guys. In cases like this, and Tebow, I think the fans know more. This move makes zero football sense, and less human sense. The nonsense about Vick being reformed is ludicrous. The sickness that he engaged in is not reformable.
  2. To be top five in the NFL at what he does. Woody is a horrible owner, Idzik is an unproven GM, smith is unproven as a QB. Along with HC, those are the most important parts of a team by far.
  3. This should be such a happy joyous day , but the Jets tainted it.
  4. He's as bad on the field as Sanchez, and a horrible human. Horrible move by the jets, no football or business or human reason to do this ...
  5. I just vomited in my mouth, and a lot too, it was gross. But not as bad as the thought of having to watch Vick. Terrible, very disappoint.
  6. Of course, but you really want Vick?
  7. If this means Vick, this is a sad, sad day for Jets football. I would hate to see such a joyous occasion such as the end of the Sanchez era be tainted so badly with a Vick signing.
  8. Being less idiotic may be an improvement but thought we were done with this nonsense
  9. Good question, let me go check and I will get back to you
  10. Well, they still have jobs, Manish has threads about him on every message board. If his antics were not working, he would be replaced instantly by someone whose approach was working. For the media, attention is attention, negative attention is still attention.
  11. Here is the reality, the media is smarter than we give them credit for. Everything they do is for ratings and attention. I listen to Mike Francessa on the internet all the time, and he is so anti-Jet and anti-Met, and very pro Yankees and Giants. Most of the Jets beat writers are very anti-Jets. What does that tell you? That the media has figured out that being negative towards the Mets and Jets gets you better ratings than being positive. Why? Who knows, maybe because most Jets and Mets fans are negative towards their teams and more likely to listen/read negative stuff about their teams than positive stuff coming off as spin. Either way, this is not by accident. All these guys care about one thing, and one thing only, ratings!
  12. I think these are good points, and I agree. That said, I still think it will come down to whether or not he can put a player personal dept in place that can be successful. He is not a scout, so he is going to have to get better scouts in here than we have had in like, forever. Last year was really leftover scouts, so I think it will take us a few drafts and FA periods to be able to evaluate this side of things. To me, without getting in good scouts, not much else matters, which is why I just cannot grade him one way or another right now.
  13. These are great points. Along these lines, its hard to imagine the Jets give him that bonus unless they don't think they can re-negotiate and want to keep him (very unlikely), or they already have a deal worked out contingent upon the Jets giving him that money, also unlikely, or they are going to cut him, or they are going to try to re-negotiate
  14. Wow, maybe Darwin was wrong after all JK, congrats. Greatest thing in the world , nothing comes close.
  15. What gives you such a high level of confidence in Idzik? I am asking because I don't really see a reason for either a high level of confidence, or a low level of confidence in him. I lean towards less just because Woody hired him under the pre-tense that he keeps the HC which generally is not the best way to get the best candidate, but I am willing to give him time before making a decision. Just curious.
  16. I know this will never happen, but imagine if Sanchez got all terry Bradshaw all the sudden? My pops told me stories if how he was thought of in his first several years, and in a lot of ways , it's similar. I know it won't happen , but if it did, I'd rather it be for the Jets
  17. I don't think Sanchez is coming back either, but lets be honest, if Sanchez looked better than we need a new QB the next year anyway, and not having Sanchez does not make Geno any better. If Geno is handed the starting job, but would have lost it to Sanchez we are looking for a new QB in 15. I don't think he's coming back, and I don't think he would beat Geno, so it is moot. I would much rather have Sanchez for all the reasons Integrity mentioned, he hit the nail on the head.
  18. Fair enough. Maybe it's just my time of the month.
  19. LOL, you mean this is not the board for Jets fans where Jets fans emotionally support each other? Crap, I really am on the wrong board, that is exactly what I was looking for. Anyone have a link for that site? Ball placed on Tee.
  20. Troof, especially when someone is just sooo busy with such a great life that they have no time, but use that tiny bit of free time finding those cool gif's.
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