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  1. Yeah, I don't think so, but it's all good in da hood my friend, all good in da hood. And go Jets!
  2. Yeah, I don't think anyone would waste their time on a Jets message board if they were not passionate. My kid laughs all the time and tells his friends if you cut my daddy's arm that green drips out instead of red.
  3. BWAHAHA, this is funny! Respect!
  4. Your not really one of the cool girls, you are more of the principal. And I still cannot figure out why everyone thinks I am Canadian, and keeps calling me bad names like Canuck. I don't think most Canadians even know what the Jets are, they probably think of the Winnipeg Jets
  5. What happens if you go barefoot?
  6. I hope it is diet soda, regular soda is bad for your teeth. Then again, diet soda will give you cancer so your kind of f'd either way with soda.
  7. It most definitely is, this is why so many here have led the Jets to such great success. Congrats to all those great contributors.
  8. Thats all cool, and I completely respect that most of the posters have been here a while and know each other. And as much as people want to make this thread about me claiming posters are mean, it's really just an observation that many of the regulars here come off as their opinions are fact, and anyone who does not agree with them is wrong and dumb, and they are quite aggressive about it as well. I could give two sh%ts about it, as it's no skin off my back, but I do think its hysterical. You have clowns talking about how busy they are, yet have time to find a damn .gif file for every phrase known to man, and then give themselves a reach around for it. Also, there is a huge difference in the way the mocking goes with the cool kids vs. the "newbies". I am all about busting balls, that is my way about 95% of my life, but there is a difference in busting balls and attacking others, and I am quite sure I can identify one vs. the other. Ironically other than a few a$$ hats, most of the opinions I have formed are not even based on individuals going after me, because other than the Revis thing, I have been pretty much switzerland, but rather the attacks towards others. I am new here, and am not long for this place (don't everyone cry at once), I will check out some other Jets boards and see if they are any better, maybe not.
  9. Yeah, I am over simplifying, and honestly, I have no desire to be "in" The reality is that there are some really cool posters here, and there are a lot of complete a$$ hats here as well. It's probably not for me, and I sense that everyone would be happier if I were gone, as I don't just go along with the cool kids in class.
  10. For the record, I'm not mad at anyone. Just out of curiosity though, when was the last time a "new" poster was allowed "in"?
  11. Whose angry? Not me , I'm having fun, how I roll
  12. Lol, I will say some of u are funny
  13. Actually, this place is pretty much shot anyway. The "cool girls" who won't let anyone else in have this place pretty bad. It's OK for the cool girls to attack anyone and everyone that they disagree with, or states an opinion that differs from theirs. Then the sentiment is, hey, the new guy put his opinion in too many places..... Meanwhile, it was OK to have 9 out of 10 threads being how bad Sanchez sux, because the cool girls said that was OK. The threat to ban is not really surprising, it seems as though that is what this place wants to be.
  14. yeah, not following you here, once again. This was not an everybody's mean thread, it's more like a high school girl click. Anyone new who comes in is an outcast and not accepted unless they basically kiss everyones ass and agree with everything the "cool girls" say. Im not sure what that has to do with what I said to Joe Pesci in return of him telling me to go get my shine box, but then again, you are one of the "cool girls", I am clearly not.
  15. Man, this is some grade A whining, need some cheese to go with it ?
  16. Fair enough, but I still think building a good foundation around him, either through the draft and/or FA can only improve the team short term and long term, and improve his chances. Even if he is not the guy, a solid cast around him will make it easier/better for the next guy to step in.
  17. I don't disagree that we had plenty of luck, but those were still quality teams that could hide a bad QB. I don't think Geno will be bad, he may not be great, but I don't think he will be bad. I think with a middle tier QB you can win big with that type of team. I think everyone wants to build through the draft, it's the best way by far, but we don't really have a great track record with drafting, and especially not on offense. And once again, I am not complaining about Idzik, I am just not anointing him yet either. He has played things very safe so far, which makes sense for all the reasons you say. At some point it is going to take more than being safe however, and when he does that we will get a truer sense for what he his.
  18. What are you Joe Pesci now? Fitting, you strike me as a little 5'1" punk with a big mouth.... The internet is the perfect place for tough guys like you. What's next, you gonna tell me how lucky I am that we don't meet in person? LOL. For someone who likes to cry like a little b&$ch about all the nonsense on the board, you sure like to contribute to it. You and integrity are like two little trained dogs, you come calling every time I tell you to. Then you both go and lick your ass and your balls when shoved away.
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