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  1. Congrats on being less than 2000 words, I would offer you a Labatt, but I don't want to offend you. I don't disagree with you at all, but if Idzik feels this way, he better be drafting a QB pretty damn high this year IMO. You only get so long to put a good team on the field, and if his strategy is that he is not going to put a good team on the field until he can put it around a good QB, he better be doing everything in his power to get that guy. If he does not get that guy this year, either Geno or via the draft, he goes into year 3 without a good QB, and I don't think they will be drafting in the top 10 in 2015 so getting a top QB again will be tough, and year 1 of a QB is usually not overly successful. So does he go into year 4 with an unsettled QB position? Very dangerous. Personally I don't think his strategy of not signing say Mevi$ has anything to do at all with the QB position, and more to do with Woody and Mevi$ himself. Mevi$ was one of the few guys that was young enough, and talented enough that a 4-5 year deal would still be providing value whenever it is that Idzik plans on really competing, which I hope like hell is within the next 2-3 years. This team was one half away from the SB with Mark Sanchez, lets not lose site of that. I think Geno is much better, not that, that means anything at all, but if you built up a dominating D, and a dominating run offense, I think between his legs and what an easy offense it would be to run, Geno could make that work well enough to be a very good team. Of course we want more than that from our QB.
  2. This is funny, and I mean funny, like I just spit my coffee on my computer funny. The notion that one post here can nail me, or anyone else to the cross speaks volumes about how you and your funky bunch take yourselves so seriously, at least until you ignore, what a clown. But thanks for the good laugh.
  3. Wait, wait, does this mean I am on ignore yet? You did not make the big announcement, or are you even more of a little b*3ch than I thought? ignoring me then running around quoting others posts about me?
  4. Whatever you say sport, I still don't think pink looks good on you.
  5. Nope, but if you are I don't really care
  6. Honestly was not meant to be, I do not recognize his posts.
  7. I am not on ignore yet Jesus?
  8. LOL, yeah, you mean so much to me, clown. Keep on reaching around, you might find some chocolate soon enough.
  9. is this English? Even in America this must be illegible
  10. No no no, this was me coming after you again, remember the reach around you gave yourslef? the one where you claimed my sole purpose on the board was to troll you? LOL, talk about "butthurt".
  11. Not at all, I have not even noticed your posts to be honest.
  12. Tell him to get on the bean and some HGH and we will let him compete for a starting spot on an incentive based contract.
  13. Pace was one of our better players last year, I have zero problem with this move
  14. I'm pretty sure that is what they said to Jimmy Hoffa before ........
  15. Damn! I knew there was a catch.... There is always a catch!
  16. Im all for building through the draft. If you look at most of the skill positions on offense, it's virtually impossible these days to fill them all through FA. To be clear, my stance has not really been anti-Idzik other than the Mevi$ thing, in which case I was fired up and really drunk. I just find it impossible to give all this great praise to Idzik when he has not yet built a great team. Are we this beaten down as fanbase where not doing anything really bad yet is enough to get you lots of praise? I will wait until he builds a great team to give him praise, until then Im taking a wait and see approach. And to be clear, if people want to love or hate him at this point, hey, it's all good, I just find it incredibly hypocritical to bash someone for the opposing stance right now on Idzik when his grade cannot be anything higher or lower than an incomplete.
  17. Seriously, that was very impressive. I think if I tried to write that much I would get that Carping Tunnel crap, er something.
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