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  1. Lets revisit this thread when TUA embarrasses us on MNF. We can play the highlight reels! Then fire Gase!
  2. Predictions before the season starts are always entertaining.
  3. I don’t want another question mark that we give up way too much for. Pass.
  4. These PFF goofs needs to get out of their holes, too much social distancing.
  5. His command presence would elevate the team no matter the circumstances. My opinion.
  6. Mike M should never have a job in the NFL for passing on Patrick M
  7. Well at least RT didn’t lose these games for TN. No I am not a RT fan boy, happy to see when players leave Miami they have success.
  8. Same sh*t every year trade up or trade down. We have no idea what these guys will do, however some poster would have drafted better than past GM’s.
  9. Why waste so much time and energy worrying about the f***ing Giants!
  10. This is just painful. RT never had a good OL until he got to TN. He played great, let’s see if he Can do it consistently over the next few years.

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