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  1. Last game I went to before joining the Military, thanks for posting. I now know why I can be a bitter Jets fan at times.
  2. Damn Woody, you really have no common sense. Fired.
  3. Being a Jets fan needs to come with a health warning label: will definitely cause agita, may cause anxiety, loose stool, Constipation, insomnia, depression. You get the idea.
  4. As a long time Jet fan we all know nothing is a sure thing until it's announced by the team or a credible source like Shefter. The tweet by Silvia is encouraging, hope that is the case.
  5. LaConfora is a parasite, BS like he spews only F's things up for people. What a dick way to write an article.
  6. The NFL has turned into such a Fuc*ing soap opera, its unbearable.
  7. My pleasure man, hope you have a great day!
  8. We all want a perfect scenario to recoup picks and trade down, but it has to happen first. How many trade scenarios can we all make up

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