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  1. FTL Jet Fan

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    Greg Williams and rookie QB's, having bad flashbacks of Sanchez, sorry!
  2. After losing to the the Dolphins with Tannehill running on us with two bum knees, giving up a 3rd and 19, penalties, o-line play and turnovers. That's a lot to fix in a few days. If they don't bottle up Tyrod he will do the same. Our o-line and defense needs to show up. Cleveland will come out hungry to get that win.
  3. Thanks for posting OP great read. Screw NE, we can't even beat the Fins. The way I see it let them fall apart, the last thing I'm worried about is NE, when we lose to the Dolphins. We are obviously not ready to take over the division.
  4. FTL Jet Fan

    3rd and 19 Coverage revealed?

    But we are going to sweep the Dolphins who will only win 2-4 games. @Philc1
  5. Can we stop saying we are going to sweep teams before we play them like the Bills and Dolphins. We see how that turned out so far.
  6. FTL Jet Fan


    I liked PM just as much as anybody, but he is not our QB.
  7. FTL Jet Fan

    What did we learn this weekend?

    He did, late in the 2nd.
  8. FTL Jet Fan

    What did we learn this weekend?

    The Fins played better than expected. Tannehill played decent, they have a run game and played good on special teams.
  9. FTL Jet Fan

    After Watching the QB play today

    Tannehill played better than expected and the Dolphins have a decent run game and special teams.
  10. Titans underestimated the Fins. If Tannehill stays healthy they won't be an easy out
  11. I like the move hopefully He can get up to speed quickly and over take one of our JAG WR's. It can't hurt having a WR SD has played with in the past that he has chemistry with.
  12. I hate these kind of predictions, especially when we haven't even seen him play one regular season game. I hope he does win it and has continued success. I like when we stay under the radar.
  13. Agreed. Rodgers and Bowles scare me more.
  14. Seems about right, maybe 6-10.
  15. If Tannehill stays healthy I think they will be better than advertised. I know they lost some key players but I wouldn't consider them an easy out.

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