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  1. Yeah, I definitely can see that. Hopefully things slow down for him he absolutely has to take reps, and keep the BS out of his head.
  2. I am sure especially when trying to get into a rhythm on offense dropped balls is not helping them get into a rhythm or Zachs confidence and vice versa.
  3. This. People have to understand we see the talent the kid has he throws a great ball with timing and anticipation. He is struggling with some things but nothing overly alarming, he doesn’t have the best supporting cast either. We need to have patience with this kid instead of running him out of town before the season is over. I understand people may have wanted the Jets to draft another QB and just want to point out his negatives. Watch some of the throws the kid makes it’s very impressive. Then some are not at all, but you see the potential. The kid is resilient, with the right support and as
  4. This board is being ruined by a bunch of douche bags. There is probably maybe 10 posters that post actual interesting and conversation worthy posts, the rest is trade for Watson, fire this guy, F that guy, we suck. Just kill yourselves already.
  5. Good go follow the Dolphins then since you have Watson as your avatar. ******* pathetic.
  6. So true, that was the plan for this kid as his family didn’t want him to go to NY and Young and the Jets made the move for Knapp and ML. Was the old death blow. Come on man, this was his guy on the sideline and ML would be in the booth. Knapp would be in ZW’s ear also drawing up plays to ZW’s strength. Say what you want but just look at a the QB’s he has worked with. Jets need to bring someone in not Matt C. They will make a hire for Wilson next year.
  7. Follow another team or take your troll sh*t elsewhere. Different usernames same agenda. Where is Facts (DWC) and Facts only (DWC’s other personality) or even better Sanchise, the list goes on.
  8. “Stern message to the haters”. Like a bunch of dramatic teenage girls.
  9. Everything will be ok Willy, head on back to Finheaven.com with your Dan Marino doll. We love you, here you go, take this pill with a glass of milk.
  10. Perhaps you missed Mac Jones moping on the sideline at the end of the game last week definitely not a good look. I watched that whole game. Jones does do well with balls thrown under 10 yard, he missed almost every pass down field to wide-open receivers, at the end of the game he throws a pic put his head down sits on the bench and keeps his head down, not a good look. Maybe you should go over to the Pats board to discuss. Your expectations are unrealistic with the talent Wilson has with the OLine, play calling, WR’s dropping the ball. He has made some bad decisions but if you put
  11. Well same goes for you taking the time out to tell me what to post and what not to. Take a look at OP’s history of threads started and tell me what you think. It’s a message board for discussions about our wonderful NYJ. If a poster only starts inflammatory threads that trolls fans over and over I will state my opinion as you have yours. There is a way to ignore my posts so you have that going for you, which is nice.
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