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  1. Josh Rosen on WFAN today

    That's kind of the way I took it also. I may be reading too much into it but he sounded more excited about the Giants then the Jets.
  2. Can we all bitch and fight about the QB we take tomorrow night and for the next 10 years?
  3. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    That sounds about right. It wouldn't suprise me at all.
  4. You have been dead set on Mayfield to the Jets.
  5. Trying not to let past biases towards USC quarterbacks with less than 2 years playing time and only one dominant year cloud my judgment. Darnold scares me as do the others.
  6. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    As long as we pick the better QB than the Bills or Fins. We will see what the Pats do. I think this is the most important pick to not get wrong giving the fact that there is a possibility that this QB draft could shape the AFCE QB situation for years. These QB's all scare me a bit. Please let us finally land our guy whoever it is.
  7. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    I will support whoever we draft. If we do draft Allen, like Pat Kirwan said he would sit him a year. I don't know about a sitting him for a full season. I think he would have to be brought along slowly like the Dolphins did with Tannehill. They started him off with short easy throws, slants screens, etc, with the occasional deep ball or a 25 yard out. Tannehill also had problems throwing to his left and is not the most accurate throwing deep, he is great throwing from 0-15 yards and letting his receivers do the rest. That scares me about Allen, taking a QB at 3 I would like to not have to worry about footwork, accuracy issues, and problems throwing the left side of the field. I have no idea how any of these guys will turn in the pros, I just hope we make the right pick.
  8. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    I know you don't like Mayfield but I don't want him in the AFCE, especially the Dolphins. I would be fine with Mayfield or Rosen. Darnold scares me as he has had one great year and a not so hot 2nd. I do believe he has a high ceiling but after his turnover prone season and some regression that has me concerned. I have been a jet fan for over 40 years and this draft could shape how the AFCE plays out for along time if we don't make the right choice at QB and the Bills and Dolphins do. I don't have faith in some of the prospects but you never know how they will turn out until the hit the field.
  9. This is when you know that this year's draft is affecting Jets fans mental health. You seem like a true fan Grandy.
  10. Please tell me how this is a done deal, this is not free agency. There are no guarantees. A source who has dealt with QB's says it's a done deal, ya and I told my wife I got crabs from the toilet seat.
  11. There is no guarantee we are getting Mayfield, until it happens then you can bitch.
  12. What if Cleveland takes him, or somebody trades with the Giants? Mayfield is not a sure thing until it happens. These Mock drafts and predictions are rarely correct, and that concerns me with us landing Mayfield.
  13. Unless somebody jumps us for Mayfield or Rosen. I am all for Mayfield and would be fine with Rosen. Never was high on Darnold or Allen. Darnold his first year in college no doubt, but his 2nd? I would have liked to see him play a full 3 years. I think the Jets were too obvious with their possible intentions with Mayfield, unless it was all smoke, or they were vetting him hard.
  14. Gil Brandt’s latest draft predictions

    With the Bills and Fins looking for a QB I don't see Rosen or Mayfield making it past 10, the Bills and Fins will try to move up. The Fins are in the QB market more than most think but don't have as much ammo as the Bills. Then there is Denver, all these teams that are staying quiet scare me the most.