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  1. Great, another I can pick the next franchise QB guy. We know, many of us wanted Pat M, and many were not Mayfield fans, we get it. Redundant.
  2. Why? Miami will have the first two picks, their own and the Steelers we will win just enough to knock us down a few slots. Have you not seen the pattern over the years? With Brady leaving the division whenever he decides to retire it will be a battle of the young QB's in the AFCE just what the NFL wants after Brady is gone. Miami will draft a QB, Darnold , Allen, and whatever the Pats do.
  3. No matter what you say no one is going to be happy. It's the same sh*t every year, we are going to make the playoffs!!! Oh wait, fire everyone we suck!! Wash rinse repeat.
  4. But I thought we were going to win 31 -3.
  5. Last game I went to before joining the Military, thanks for posting. I now know why I can be a bitter Jets fan at times.
  6. Damn Woody, you really have no common sense. Fired.
  7. Being a Jets fan needs to come with a health warning label: will definitely cause agita, may cause anxiety, loose stool, Constipation, insomnia, depression. You get the idea.
  8. As a long time Jet fan we all know nothing is a sure thing until it's announced by the team or a credible source like Shefter. The tweet by Silvia is encouraging, hope that is the case.
  9. LaConfora is a parasite, BS like he spews only F's things up for people. What a dick way to write an article.

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