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  1. Sam Loses confidence when the game is in the line, concerning.
  2. Seriously, please jump off a bridge! We have enough negative BS here SD played fine yesterday. He is only 22, give the kid time he has been in a sh*t situation since he got here.
  3. DT will only help SD hopefully he sticks at least for another year it’s not like we have a solid WR group.
  4. Good point, that’s exactly why our reporters are parasites. They are just trying to make the situation worse by asking questions that obviously were upsetting JA. I am sure they want to see him demand a trade in the off season and bash the Jets.
  5. How can anybody who has a brain think it's a good idea to Mic up your 22 year old QB on MNF against the Pats. This is exactly what happens, hopefully Sam is strong enough mentally to not give a **** about this and get past it. The Jets ruining one QB at a time for decades.
  6. Even it was true it doesn't change the fact that we are still a mess as a franchise. It's not like we are neck and neck with the Pats. When Tom retires it will be a division of young QB's hopefully it's Sam who steps up and not the Fins, Bills or the Pats again.
  7. Great, another I can pick the next franchise QB guy. We know, many of us wanted Pat M, and many were not Mayfield fans, we get it. Redundant.
  8. Why? Miami will have the first two picks, their own and the Steelers we will win just enough to knock us down a few slots. Have you not seen the pattern over the years? With Brady leaving the division whenever he decides to retire it will be a battle of the young QB's in the AFCE just what the NFL wants after Brady is gone. Miami will draft a QB, Darnold , Allen, and whatever the Pats do.
  9. No matter what you say no one is going to be happy. It's the same sh*t every year, we are going to make the playoffs!!! Oh wait, fire everyone we suck!! Wash rinse repeat.
  10. But I thought we were going to win 31 -3.

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