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  1. Was curious what the opinions of the JN's finest were about the Fins new hires? Granted they are NE cast offs and we see how that played out throughout the the league. The two hires that I think that are of some significance are Reggie McKenzie ( Senior personal executive) and Jim Caldwell as the Assistant HC/QB coach. Do we see Derek Carr in Miami? The best move I think they made was McKenzie. I still see dysfunction in the front office as they kept Tannenbaum and Grier as the GM, plus many other moving parts in that front office.
  2. I can see the Fins trading up for him, it would seem like a Ross/Dolphins kind of move.
  3. I could definitely see the Fins move up to get him, just a gut feeling. Definitely a type of move they would make.
  4. Good stay out of the spotlight!
  5. I have no problem trading with anyone outside our division. I can care less about the Giants. I only care about improving the Jets which need all the help they can get. I would be more concerned with Odell and Gase's relationship if Mac forced Odell on Gase. Who knows how it would turn out with Sam and the rest of the offense.
  6. Who cares! What's the point.
  7. He wants the money and wants to live and play in South Fl, then retire at 31.
  8. Gase had to deal with RT's limited style of play, especially since he was a converted WR who only played QB for about a year. Since Tannehill's arrival in miami coaches were limited to his style of play especially with Sherman. Gase had to adapt to RT style of play and many times as seen in other posts RT would not execute properly. I am not making excuses for Gase but what I do like is that he said he's going to taylor his offense to Sam's strengths and style of play. Time will tell.
  9. It was almost like Tannehill or nothing for the Fins. Tanny paid him too much money and Gase was saddled with Tannehill. I think what frustrated Gase was that he knew there was some talent in RT but he was so inconsistent, had problems with the deep ball, and had a hard time reading the defense.
  10. FTL Jet Fan

    Some Eagle teammates: Carson Wentz is selfish

    I know they sent Dan Marino to the EWS game to look at QB's this year. He is scouting QB's for Miami. Ross will move up this year if Marino and Company like a guy. I heard the tanking talk as well. Foles to Jax makes the most sense for both teams.
  11. FTL Jet Fan

    Some Eagle teammates: Carson Wentz is selfish

    I can see the Fins making a run at Foles, that's all they are talking about down here. Dolphins fans are ******g annoying.
  12. I think it's more a mental health issue than drugs, seen plenty of those kind of nervous habits. Watch when he is in a less of a stressful environment he is not that bad but when he is an extremely stressful environment you see his eyes get worse. Seems to me he is obsessed with football and would be happy just dealing with his people and the game. He is not the best with outsiders and is not very patient, doesn't seeem to like the media whatsoever so that doesn't help.
  13. The guy obviously has some ticks and is obviously not comfortable in front of people. Yes he looks crazy but that's his anxiety or whatever issue is going on there. If he develops Sam and can coach this team, that's all I care about.
  14. FTL Jet Fan

    DC options remaining

    Miami's D was horrible, my choice is Williams. If we miss out on him hopefully we find someone competent enough to run the entire D. Let the chips fall where they may.

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