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  1. Honest answer (not quite sure), I can respect that. Is it because you really hate the Jets and love seeing the misery we fans go through? I know way to many of my friends who are Fins fans love to see the Jets fail miserably. Seriously some of the Dolphins fans down hear are unbearable. I will plead the 5th as to the behavior of some of my fellow Jets fans in SOFLA. If that is you in the pic you should cover that badge better if you don’t want to be stalked by JN. Congrats on the new addition to the family.
  2. Honest question DWC why do you spend so much time on a Jets board. It really is interesting in SOFLA how many Fins fans are just obsessed with the Jets, it’s annoying.
  3. It’s a sad situation and hopefully he makes a full recovery. It is concerning that this unfortunate incident could have an affect on Wilson. I was very happy when we hired Knapp and thought he was key to Wilson’s development and success.
  4. Done. Thoughts and prayers for your wife and family.
  5. Positive thoughts and prayers to your wife and family. God bless.
  6. Well at least you are a Cane’s fan. They love Jet fans down here.
  7. More confident than I have been in a long time. I am in the I will believe it when I see it camp. I am optimistic as I see the franchise moving in the right direction.
  8. Oh here we go, another one.
  9. With all the Resources available to him at the facility, I do blame the player.
  10. Very impressive. Smart kid, handled that well.
  11. Cocky but humble at the same time ( “because I haven’t done anything yet), good job kid.
  12. I have to disagree with you on this, the Fins are set up perfectly for Watson. They don’t give a sh*t about Tua . Especially after several players have made negative comments about him and their new draft pick Waddle said he would rather catch passes from Jones than Tua. Flores is the perfect coach for Watson and he will be able to avoid a lot of negative press especially in Miami were all the beat writers are former players and Unbearable dolphin homers. Plenty of draft capital as well. Hopefully he ends up elsewhere.
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