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  1. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    I don't see the Fins letting him go.
  2. I think you're right Miami will be in the QB market. Tannehill had two ACL tears in less than a year and is do a ton of money and Gase will get the QB he wants. They also still have Trader Mike running the show.

    Would prefer DeFillipo, don't want anything to do with Haley. I try to stay optimistic that they have a plan but I know how the story ends.
  4. Like a little kid. What a fool.
  5. Whatever role Arians has with the Jets, I think it will have a positive impact. I wanted us the to hire him as the HC when the Pittsburgh fired him when he was the OC. Hope it happens.
  6. We don't need to trade up

    If the QB you want is there at 6 you take him. In my opinion why risk losing him to another team that can make the jump, especially if we are trading down. Free agency will clear things up a little better.
  7. If we don't target the QB we want at 6 or move up we take a huge risk in settling for a later round pick. There are too many teams that want a QB, if we trade back and try to be slick and get the guy we want someone will easily jump ahead of us. If the front office loves a QB and he is there at 6 take him no matter what anyone thinks. I am all for picking up extra picks but this year is about getting the right QB. Hopefully. This is obviously a moot point until FA is over.
  8. Sign Cousins, trade up for a QB, stay put at 6 get a QB, I don't care just pick the right guy.
  9. Agreed. I have also heard from some of the local talking head radio hosts in Miami that they are going to be cutting dead weight on defense and might move on from Tannehill. I don't know if I believe that but they emphasized his two ACL tears in less than a year and his salary. They seem to think Cousins would be a good fit for Gase. My bet would be Denver, but who knows, there is always an unexpected turn in FA.
  10. It also has a lot to do with Cousins, and there will be plenty of teams bidding for his service. I think there will be some unexpected teams in the mix. Cousins already has a problem with his GM, and I think that will be a major factor in his decision. I think it's a positive that Mac already tried to trade for Cousins so he knows Mac has faith in him. If that counts for anything.
  11. Does anyone truly have faith that Mac can pull off signing Cousins or moving up in the draft without getting raped in the process and choosing the right QB. He can't F this up.
  12. I never believed all the BS about Brady playing another 5 years, I know many here figured he would play one or two more years. I wouldn't be suprised if Tom retires after this year, especially if they win the super bowl. The Pats will be back in no man's land if Belli leaves which I think he will. We better get a QB.
  13. A Probable Scenario

    I don't know how Darnold will turn out he can be an all pro or a complete bust. It's just a tad concerning we are all in for a second year USC QB who didn't play as well his second year. I know many will disagree and I am not against taking Darnold but for me there is that level of concern.
  14. I don't have the faith in Mac to execute a proper trade up or picking the right QB. I am happy to hear there will be more QB's to chose from and don't think we should let one get pass us at 6, again. Wake me up for FA and the day of the draft as the speculation and mock drafts will be all over the place, love FA and the draft but damn does it make a desperate Jet fan crazy.
  15. How do you sell this to the fanbase?

    How would you propose they do that? Who did they bring in? Harbaugh. I'm not disagreeing with you but that's a tall order.