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  1. FTL Jet Fan

    Some Eagle teammates: Carson Wentz is selfish

    I know they sent Dan Marino to the EWS game to look at QB's this year. He is scouting QB's for Miami. Ross will move up this year if Marino and Company like a guy. I heard the tanking talk as well. Foles to Jax makes the most sense for both teams.
  2. FTL Jet Fan

    Some Eagle teammates: Carson Wentz is selfish

    I can see the Fins making a run at Foles, that's all they are talking about down here. Dolphins fans are ******g annoying.
  3. I think it's more a mental health issue than drugs, seen plenty of those kind of nervous habits. Watch when he is in a less of a stressful environment he is not that bad but when he is an extremely stressful environment you see his eyes get worse. Seems to me he is obsessed with football and would be happy just dealing with his people and the game. He is not the best with outsiders and is not very patient, doesn't seeem to like the media whatsoever so that doesn't help.
  4. The guy obviously has some ticks and is obviously not comfortable in front of people. Yes he looks crazy but that's his anxiety or whatever issue is going on there. If he develops Sam and can coach this team, that's all I care about.
  5. FTL Jet Fan

    DC options remaining

    Miami's D was horrible, my choice is Williams. If we miss out on him hopefully we find someone competent enough to run the entire D. Let the chips fall where they may.
  6. FTL Jet Fan

    Dave DeGuglielmo- Colts OLine Coach fired

    Would love this hire, if the Jets want him they need to move fast as he will be picked up quick.
  7. FTL Jet Fan

    DC options remaining

    For me it's not about being a screaming maniac, its the fact that he was a HC before and I feel he is one of the best choices for our DC position. Who would you like to see as our DC who can basically run the whole defense. I am all for the best man for the job, maybe I am wrong , maybe their is somebody better out there, if there is they better make the right choice.
  8. FTL Jet Fan

    DC options remaining

    In my opinion he would be the most qualified especially after Gase said he wants someone to run the D while he concentrates on developing Sam. It's strange that they hired two defensive assistances already so who the hell knows what's going on, this sh*t is making me crazy.
  9. As long as he can develop Sam and gets him where he needs to be than it's a win for us. I like the fact that he wants to work directly with Sam as long as he can keep the rest of the offense on the same page. Gase did well with Tannehill when he was healthy, he was limited by Tannehill deep ball accuracy issues and other Flaws. It's all about Sam, if he can become a FQB and Gase designs plays to his strengths, that's a step in the right direction, which we have all been waiting for. That's why I am anxious to see who are D coordinator will be because that's an extremely important hire when the head coach says he wants some who can focus on the D so he can work with Sam.
  10. He is referring to Tannehill, he is talking about basically padding his stats having to sell Tannehill to the fan base since Trader Mike spent all that money. It was mentioned before down here. There was more detail than that. I think Gase is content working with a QB and calling plays. He is by no means a people person.
  11. FTL Jet Fan

    DC options remaining

    No because he is the best option for the Jets
  12. FTL Jet Fan

    DC options remaining

    They can't lock up Williams, unbelievable.

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