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  1. Oh here we go, another one.
  2. With all the Resources available to him at the facility, I do blame the player.
  3. Very impressive. Smart kid, handled that well.
  4. Cocky but humble at the same time ( “because I haven’t done anything yet), good job kid.
  5. I have to disagree with you on this, the Fins are set up perfectly for Watson. They don’t give a sh*t about Tua . Especially after several players have made negative comments about him and their new draft pick Waddle said he would rather catch passes from Jones than Tua. Flores is the perfect coach for Watson and he will be able to avoid a lot of negative press especially in Miami were all the beat writers are former players and Unbearable dolphin homers. Plenty of draft capital as well. Hopefully he ends up elsewhere.
  6. Thought it was very telling Waddle was asked who he would rather catch balls from Tua or Mac Jones and he said Jones. Ross wanted Tua let’s see how long he sticks around if things don’t go well, for some reason they were ready to dump him early. Teammates speaking out against him talk of being traded just after his first year can’t be good for a young QBs confidence. They did draft well to put pieces around him but it’s my opinion that they are ready to plug a proper quarterback in Tua spot.
  7. It’s a recorded phone call for TV, how many people are truly comfortable with that. When Saleh got on you can here ZW demeanor change, Saleh was very down to earth and supportive of the kid. Best part of the call.
  8. I think he knew for a while, definitely seemed somewhat scripted, he definitely isn’t used to big crowds but handled it well. He will do good with RS that will be key.
  9. I get that but let’s get this guy playing successfully not getting distracted by Fans making fun of his mother ,you know how it is out there.
  10. Who cares about his Mom, maybe she is out there so she should fit right in. Let her out there yelling with the best of them as long as she is on our side.
  11. Might have to start sooner than expected
  12. Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family my friend.
  13. Hey Joe, I have a Tacoma 4x4 Off Road and the gas mileage isn’t that bad at all unless you are towing obviously. I may be biased but this has been the best vehicle I have ever owned and I am creeping up on 50. It gets me to some hard to reach fishing spots and other remote camping spots. The Tacoma is a very capable smaller pickup, the OR model drives nice and has served me well. I would recommend.
  14. 75% I am firmly an I will believe it when I see it Jet fan (lessons learned). I still have my doubts. I do have confidence in our staff and JD to make the right pick at QB and develop him properly, whoever it is, still I will believe it when I see it on the field.
  15. The real man figures out how to bang the behemoth( necessary requirement ) by being rude and being smart enough to then set up a long term plan with the supermodel. Never turn away the behemoth, sometimes you have to embrace the supportive beast.
  16. Thank you for your insight Flipper. 661A7515-28D6-4EE6-A8F4-676A5C324DFC.webp
  17. Thank you for your valuable insight
  18. It’s a process. Joking aside we are trending up, let’s see how we put it together. Can I be optimistic without being transformed back to SOJ fan status?
  19. Exactly, he just got lucky on that throw the CB was a step late, the next throw will be a pick 6...and the cycle continues for the tortured fan.
  20. Can you imagine you are trying your best and trying to learn, win a game and then some jackass fan yells down to him he sucks and goes on some crazy rant. The kid has to be mentally strong to deal with that, as all do. I understand the frustration of some fans but bashing the young QB of your team doesn’t help him or your team in any way.
  21. The more I listen to this kid the more I like him as a prospect. He is obviously nervous about coming to NY which is understandable. I like the fact Steve Young is helping him out and talking with our staff. The Jets FO and owner need to do their job to do all they can to help this kid be successful. If the staff feels he needs to sit fine, limited playbook at the beginning fine, long term success is the goal not a quick flash and fade away. The rest is up to ZW.
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