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  1. Better have a plan for our O-line. Miami coming off 10 days of rest, I am not that confident in this team yet. Teddy is no slouch for a backup. Hopefully I am wrong.
  2. Unless Teddy plays like sh*t this is going to be a tough out.
  3. So if you are the Head Coach and you see a player obviously visibly shaken and stumbling your putting your guy in so you can win the game. It is absolutely the HC’s responsibility. Granted the DR’s cleared him but sometimes you have to live to fight another day. He is the leader of that team his responsibility is also player safety, and being around the NFL as much as McDaniel has you really think he thought Tua was ok. Was listening to some ex coaches and NFL executives and they all said the coach sometimes even if a player is cleared they have to protect them from themselves as the player will most likely want to get back in. If this was a Jets coach would you feel the same, Most wouldn’t.
  4. Can you imagine if it was our coach that decided to put in any QB after that hit against Buffalo. He would be ran out of NY the next day. I always liked Tua, good kid but there is no way you can convince me, even if the DR said he was cleared,anyone who has seen a concussion would put him back in that game. McDaniel should be held accountable just as much as anyone else. He is the leader of the team and it falls on him also.
  5. Thrown in there for a possible excuse. Who the F knows anymore.
  6. Unfortunately this is what I have to listen to in Delusional Dolphin land. It’s not even funny.
  7. I don’t give a **** who succeeds or fails just want any QB to be a success on this team. I root for whoever is playing. Never understood the whole wanting someone on your team to fail. Been a fan way to long for that narrative. I understand if its a player you didn’t want drafted. I preferred Fields but Wilson is our QB so I hope for him to succeed and not be ruined by the NYJ or himself.
  8. It’s not about that. No one is making any excuses it’s just a possible disaster waiting to happen.
  9. In a way yes but in reality your putting an Indecisive young quarterback coming off a knee injury with possibly the worst LT in the NFL.
  10. No, maybe for the Dolphins playing against the Bills Second string D.
  11. Replying from a friend all three are Necessary
  12. To be a fan of this team with the media, the fans and all the BS that comes with it you need to be either mentally strong, drink plenty of booze, or take some numbing narcotics. I will power through until I’m in the grave.
  13. Until these rookies grow up under the tutelage of said vets. It’s a process TS.
  14. Looks like the Fish might move up look at this injury report, never have I seen a team catch so many breaks when it comes to the opponents injuries.
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