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  1. Unless we trade up we are not getting Mariota, there is no way we are getting the first or second pick.
  2. I hope you are right, I wouldnt mind Quinn either, not so hot on Gruden.
  3. So when Woody keeps Idzik and lets him hire his own coach what's the plan then? I want Idzik fired today but I dont see Woody letting him go and we will wind up with a sencond tier candidate as our next head coach. I wouldnt be suprised if Idzik hires either Dan Quinn or Darrell Bevell, hopefully not Bevell.
  4. If Woody could pull this off I would be very optimistic about our future.
  5. Would be great if we could pull it off and have 2 first rounders, and would be great to have Suh.
  6. Should of hired Gamble and showed the rest the door.
  7. Unfourtunately I don't think Idzik is going anywhere. He might attempt to trade up but he won't give up too much. What if the raiders wanted a player and a pick. Like Mo and our 2nd.
  8. I would love to see Woody go after Harbaugh, but I dont think there is any chance he is coming to NY. I think Idzik will be retained and will be able to hire his coach. I think Harbaugh is exactly what the Jets need, but I dont see it happening.
  9. I would rather have Quinn instead of Bevell even though i prefer an offensive minded coach. I would love to draft Cook if he comes out this year.
  10. I still would hate to see the fins make the playoffs especially living in south FL and having to listen to all of the delusional dolphins fans talking about them making it to the superbowl. I want us to have the best draft spot possible but there was nothing like knocking them out of the playoffs last year which probably cost us O Beckham.
  11. Dont think we will have a shot at Mariota we will win 1-2 more games so I am hoping we take Cooper. What Idzik thinks well thats another story.
  12. Good news for the dolphins, cant believe the fins will make the playoffs. So tired of all the fins homers here in SOFLA
  13. Jets fans could only hope that we trade for Ben, i think it would be a great move with or without Rex.
  14.     That is not going to get Idzik fired, he stays.
  15.     I am not saying he shouldnt be fired, i am saying he wont be fired. So take it easy!
  16. Ok op I get you want Idzik gone, but it wont happen. There is no way Woody is firing Idzik after 2 years especially after hiring an agency and taking forever to pick his guy. I was not happy with Idzik pick, but i supported it. The guy i wanted was Tom Gamble.
  17.     Didnt know us former JI folks were not well liked.
  18.     Now that i would be all for. If Rex is gone I wouldnt mind Harbaugh, even though I think he is an arrogant pri*k.
  19.     Hey Harrier Glad to see a fellow JI poster at JN.
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