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  1. This process is getting painful, I prefer Quinn or Bowles. Hopefully not Marrone.
  2. Whats wrong with you? I know you troll on this board and use to troll on JI and have been around for some time but dont you have anything better to do instead of bash someones beliefs, race, or sexual orientation.
  3. This is why Bowles is my top choice. I think he will get picked up by another team unfourtunately.
  4. Well it appears we prefer the same type of coach, I liked Marrone's choice for DC but his OC was not that great in my opinion. If Woody and team decides Marrrone is the right guy for the job then we can go from there. I will judge our next coach by the product he puts on the field including his full coaching staff. I also like Pep Hamilton and I have been hoping he woukld at least get an interview, but that dosent appear to be happening.
  5. Well hopefully he finds a QB he can work with. I don't think the Bills would have been much without their defense. I never said anything about Rex or am I saying we should have kept him. I just don't see all the hype with Marrone.
  6. Exactly hire this guy and the circus is back. Can you imagine the field day the media is going to have with him as our coach especially if we are not winning.
  7. Unless Marrone finds the next Tom Brady we will be in the same spot 2 to 3 years from now. If we do hire Doug hopefully him bring Schwartz with him.
  8. While I can't predict how he would be as a coach but I do know if he dosen't win right away the Circus atmosphere will be Back in town. I am sure it will start the second we hire him givin the parasite NY media.
  9. I am not huge fan of Marrone coming to Jets even though he is the exact opposite of Rex due to all the media parasites the circus will be back in town with his hiring.
  10. I was hoping we drafted Glennon in 2013 I liked him the best out of all the prospects. I would mind trying to pick him up, I think he has a lot of upside and didn't get a fair shot in Tampa.
  11. I really don't get all the Marrone love. I am not against hiring him at all. I know that there is not a great pool of candidates out there but I just hope we explore all options and don't jump the gun on any candidate without being 100% on him.
  12. I didn't know that, hopefully that is the case. I would feel a lot better about the process. I can't complain so far at least he hired football minds to help him with the search, hopefully he takes their advice.
  13. So you don't see Oalkang taking Cooper? If Cooper is there at 6 I hope we take him. I don't see him falling out of the top 10. Who would u like at 6?
  14. I felt the same way when I heard Wolf was hired, why not just have Wolf lead the Charge.I have never been that impressed with Casserly.
  15. I think being at #6 in this draft is a bad spot for us if we were at 4 we would at least have a shot at Cooper or the one of the top pass rushers. With the Redskins and Oakland ahead of us I think that limits us to an OL or the second or third best pass rusher. As of know as I see it this not really a strong draft class, even if we wanted to trade back who would want to move to 6 for someone we wouldn't take?
  16. Thanks I was reading RT wasn't sure though.
  17. Does he project as a LT or a RT in the NFL.
  18. I am with you KRL I would like us to hire Kirchner & Quinn. I am not that impressed with Marrone.
  19. If he brings Jim Schwartz with him ok. I am still skeptical about Marrone as I stated in my earlier post. Wasn't the strength of the Bills their defense?
  20. That's what I am afraid of is Woody jumping the gun and hiring Doug M without completing the GM search and thoroughly interviewing HC candidates. I just want to see things done right for once. I am not all that impressed with Marrone but I don't see any slam dunk candidates out there either. I think the next month will be interesting to see how Woody and team handles this situation .
  21. That's a suprise, wonder what thats about. Sorry dont have a link.
  22. We include you Pats trolls who spend more time on Jets boards then on your own teams board.
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