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  1. Well it is ESPN so they should be fired already.
  2. If our CB picked the pass off and we won the game, have at it, but until then we haven’t done sh*t except getting swept by them.
  3. An old cane is is not on the agenda for my viewing pleasure., it supports a limp. I already have enough problems
  4. If we go into the season relatively healthy I am very optimistic. I appreciate your take on our opponents and the schedule head. Your take is spot on and can’t argue, excellent points. I need to see it gel from this team, which if healthy, I feel it’s a realistic possibility. I just need to see it from the CS staff on down before I can talk competitiveness.
  5. Ok how is that exaggerating? Before the Bye we have the Dolphins who swept us the past several years, then on the road at GB, Denver, then home against NE and Buffalo. Then after the Bye at NE. Every year teams have injuries you can’t predict strength or weakness from the unknown.
  6. Nothing like having a Dolphins fan as our beat reporter showing joy over how happy he is to see our brutal schedule. It’s like he can’t wait to write how we got slaughtered, while his team as always has a cake schedule. F this clown.
  7. Throws up a under thrown duck and they post it on social media. Damn
  8. Some yes. DJ is a known Dolphins fan, and interacts with Dolphins players and staff. He is well know down here in the community.
  9. I am not doubting his credibility he is more engaged and brings a better perspective than Manish. It really has nothing to do with his reporting, it’s his affiliations with the Dolphins and their players. I am sure he can give some insight if asked, but I’m paranoid with sh*t like this, so.
  10. DJ Bien-Aime, how many people trust a Dolphins fan working the Jets beat. He is an upgrade over Mehta but still he is a Dolphins fan, friends with players etc. Dont like it.
  11. The great Sauce Gravy debate:
  12. Back to the swamp DWC. No place here with that BS
  13. Has anyone seen the commercial on NFLN where it shows Deebo working out as he talks about Garret Wilson. He says you are just like me, you can catch run etc. While showing Wilson highlights. Just found it strange, I saw it last night after the draft and then again today. I by no means think it has anything to do with him being traded to the Jets but definitely ironic since the trade never happened.
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