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  1. This team is turning me into this guy with all the injuries and injury scares. Instead of the park I’m heading to the Everglades, maybe find DWC.
  2. So a tweet saying Payton was interested in coaching the Jets amongst other teams, and we are honestly believing he would want to coach the Jets. Sorry I don’t see it.
  3. You really can’t argue that it would be nice to find a reliable and consistent Kicker. Cap hit, whatever.
  4. I know, that’s the ******* problem.
  5. If you have to troll the Jets you are better off jumping off a bridge. Should tell you a lot about where your life is at.
  6. Watched second play and switched to the Mets Yankee game. The Jets give me ******* anxiety
  7. Every time this Op starts a new Topic.
  8. Can we reserve judgment until at least week 3 maybe 4. We added some good players and still need more pieces, let see how our accusations play out in this defense scheme before we judge. They aren’t going to show many defense schemes in the pre season. If the defense has not improved or looks halfway decent, ok then it’s time to question some decision making by the CS and the DQ. That’s as optimistic as I can be right know.
  9. Happy Birthday Phil, enjoy your day.
  10. Would you prefer to see Flacco throw a few picks? Maybe that would help.
  11. When I knew it was over for him. Damn that was embarrassing. I remember seeing that and was thinking watch your shoulder CP, Damn. Then I remembered he was a Dolphin.
  12. That’s it , unfortunately that doesn’t happen here, it’s more of some BS narrative, All gas no breaks, positive vibes only. Just ******* win and stop stroking your fans with a false feel good narrative. I am believe it when I see it fan.
  13. It’s W Johnson’s psychological warfare, the Jets are masters at marketing and deception showing all these great training camp highlights of Zach Wilson, having all this hype putting out crazy narratives. While on the other hand there’s all these low lights of Tua missing throws etc. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Fins finish 2nd in the division with us last.
  14. Might be, Zach hasn’t even completed a full season of football and already had two knee injuries. Not promising.
  15. As solid as Chad Pennington’s shoulder. They are like eggs back there. Can you imagine all this Positive Vibes Only narrative now that the kid is hurt again. Talk about wind out of the sails for the rest of the team, all these FA’s that signed here, all the marketing BS, the shirts, the Milf BS. Back to being a nervous wreck every time this kid gets the ball. I would expect at least 8 weeks before he his close to game shape, then what just throw him in a game so we can repeat the knee injuries of our two most important positions.
  16. Did anyone really expect anything else.
  17. says the guy with 31 posts who comes out of nowhere, please. Jump,off the freedom tower already
  18. How many weeks of football has this kid played hurting his knee two times. Sorry can’t trust. Let Mike white play Wilson is suspect at best. All BS no Gas
  19. Ok @TomShane your boy better step the **** up! #MikeWhite
  20. No matter who we bring in you know the outcome and every time the media speculation is bigger and more encouraging it is, they got you.
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