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  1. They signed a Guard and an OT who is 30 years old and hasn’t been healthy a whole season in his Career. Pass rush.
  2. Really like Watson, hopefully the coaches saw what they needed to at the Senior Bowl to make a decision. Hoping to draft 2 Wr’s and he is one of them.
  3. In before Roger takes away their pics for next year after trying to pay to tank.
  4. Unless they lose those picks due to the whole throwing games for cash debacle. They have 2 firsts next year that’s a start. I think your right they will have another QB pending Tua ‘s play.
  5. Regardless of the outcome this trade seemed strange, it all happened in about an hour, the news breaking a trade was in the works they built it up saying Douglas is willing to give up whatever but decision is on Hill. No other teams involved for a top WR like Hill? Just the Dolphins and the Jets?
  6. It is a great get for the Fins but they gave up a 1,2, and 4 this year and have 2 firsts next year. If the Fins are fined draft picks due to Ross, let’s say both of their 2023 first rounders they are in some trouble besides their future cap. . This is not win now team, while I would have liked a player like Hill, minus the domestic abuse issues I wouldn’t be too comfortable about the future if I was in Miami’s position. Especially with a 30 year old oft injured Tackle and suspect drafting of the oline the past two drafts.
  7. Says the guy who has the same avatar on Finheaven.com as a prominent poster on JN. Go Jets bash with the rest of the goofs on Finheaven. Miami is not the team that could afford to give up all that capital with an impending loss of draft picks looming for 2023. I thought Jets fans had an obsession with the Pats but the Dolphins obsession with the Jets is odd.
  8. Unless big Rog takes them away as penalty for Ross being Ross. So this trade could hurt Miami badly. No 1 and 2 this year and no 1st’ s next year. Get it done RG.
  9. He just needs to learn to ignore when some miserable Jet fans call him fat and out of shape. That’s it! Don’t engage with these goofs, end of problem. He will go back and forth with complete strangers who are probably fat and out of shape as well. Even better, get off twitter.
  10. Resign Cole, unless they plan a trade closer to or on draft day.
  11. What I think of when I see some of your posts, JN’s very own
  12. Looks like he was doing some work while JD was at the combine.
  13. This how the front office should be thinking. I don’t care about having to overpay some or having more money tied up in the OL, especially after all the injuries last year. In my opinion developing a young QB the OL is priority for many reasons. I hope JD has a plan, until Becton is back and playing the way we hope, he is a question mark.
  14. Thanks for the updates, greatly appreciated.
  15. Lol, I hear you it’s frustrating especially when they put out all this marketing BS “ready to strike then I see Cooper to the Browns. I have been telling my self for way too long they have a plan they have to, then by week 3, reality hits, hard. I’m just in self preservation mode with this team that’s all I can do to survive being a fan.
  16. True. Believe me no one is more frustrated than me when it comes to our FA agent follies, especially the injury prone and last contract vacation players. I would have liked Cooper but as hard as it is to have any faith we will make the right move, I will still reserve judgment until after the draft.
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