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  1. True. I don’t owe him my time either. I don’t give a **** if he is famous, doesn’t make him better than anyone. I was recovering in West Point Army hospital sitting outside in a wheelchair smoking a cigarette wondering if I would ever walk again and some young kid runs up to me and starts asking me questions about what happened to you and asking general military questions and I didn’t blow him off,I talked to the kid, **** that analogy. I was just saying hello not looking for an autograph or anything. If you are a star QB and you can’t give a kid at least a nod then that says a lot about a person bad day or not. I didn’t give a **** as a Jets fan, just thought what a d* k. I am scared for life, damn you Phil Simms!! The Gastineau story is ****ed especially for a fan of a team at the facility. Sometimes people just think to highly of themselves.
  2. What a dick. When I was a kid 12-13 years old and I saw Phil Simms walking in a Church parking lot after Mass I walked right by him and just said Hi Mr Simms and he looked right at me and kept walking not a hello head nod, nothing, just right to his car. I was like **** him and the Giants.
  3. What a douche move, putting down others publicly so you can seem relevant.
  4. Yeah good point, makes sense. With all different venues field would be mud or tore up after each event.
  5. It’s interesting because before last season Woody was tweeting about how he had the best turf guy for the stadium. This year E Moore did a poll that he put out on Twitter asking what players prefer playing on grass or turf. Majority chose grass.
  6. Was not to pleased with that question. Good response, can imagine how many of these players just want to ******* body slam these parasite beat writers.
  7. It was his right knee that was injured that step putting full weight bearing on it looked shaky as hell. Hopefully it was because he was tired and knee was maybe sore. I hope.
  8. He feels he is in a position to get paid LT money, like blood in the water with Becton barley able to make up to the podium and a rookie 4th round pick. I don’t agree with it but he probably feels he has leverage if Becton is not where he needs to be and he is the only reliable T on the roster.
  9. As @Spoot-Face pointed out that first step up with full weight bearing on the knee was concerning. I can give a sh*t about his weight, from someone who had severe lower leg injuries that is a scary sight. I am no way trying to be an alarmist but I have experienced and seen that type of step too many times in my years of rehab.
  10. "The size, the athleticism, the physicality...he's important. If he takes care of his business, he can be transcendent." - Robert Saleh on Mekhi Becton If he takes care of his business? Doesn’t sound like RS has a lot of confidence at this point.
  11. Looking good Big man minus the
  12. Sad but true. The issue for me is some of these players get paid so much, can **** up and get in all kinds of sh*t and still make millions, then act like entitled brats seeking attention. I can usually give two sh*ts what former players do but this was like a child who never got a trophy for sub par play and screams I’m quitting! It seems gone are the days of the quite professional.
  13. Posting I think I am going to retire on social media is cowardly and childish. If you want to retire, do it! What are you looking for people to beg you to stay in the league, attention? Bitch move, can you imagine sending an email to everyone in your workplace like that. Get off my lawn, too old for these antics.
  14. I am with you on that. I see the positive changes and I like where we are headed, I support whoever is wearing a Jets uniform. It’s just like beaten dog syndrome when it comes to this team sometimes.
  15. It’s Woody Johnson secret, he lures you in with media hype, making players do stupid sh*t and filming it, and posting pictures of our QB and his one WR friend, showing videos how everyone is getting along to hide the truth behind the curtain. I thought we went over this already. That’s my optimistic side when it comes to the Jets.
  16. There was a point at the end of the season where Saleh said something about how he was unhappy with Bectons attitude. I can’t find the quote as it was a small dig and he went on talking about something else, but it was kind of a head scratcher. I was surprised when I heard it as you could hear the frustration in his voice, then after that it was a different narrative when talking about Becton. The whole situation is absolutely frustrating, a great off season and now we have this issue. I try to be optimistic but that sh*t is wearing thin, very thin.
  17. The CS and management obviously handled this poorly but saying Saleh is at the worst coach in the league for it
  18. Max Mitchell come on down you are the next RT of the NY Jets. Better sign Reiff.
  19. It’s a good point. I hope he comes back better than ever as I am pulling for him 100% but there still is the doubt you brought up. I remembering Saleh saying some negative comments about Becton at the end of the season. The whole Becton issue since injury and through recovery was like watching a slow train wreck. The comments on social media him changing his name to big bust etc. I can see how people are split on what to make of this whole Becton situation, as am I.
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