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  1. This Draft didn't have that A.J. Green or Fitzerald or Julio Jones. But it was a deep draft. Wide receivers like Butler, Deebo, A.J. Brown, D.K., Marquis Brown and N'keal Henry were all first round material. And than you had other ones like Paris Campbell, Harmon and Boykin was not too far from them.
  2. I don't agree on the Edge Rusher. Polite will do fine. I see they just picked up Jabril Frazier from Boise St.. He could open some eyes. Yes Jets didn't do anything at Wide Receiver in a Wide Receiver draft. Hopefully we can get an undrafted WR. I see they signed Greg Dortch. He is undersized but explosive. And yes the Center position is a needed position. Again this was a fail for Mac. He could of drafted Galliard instead of Wesco. Galliard was the All SEC 1st team center. He just picked up Toa Lobendahn from USC as a undrafted free agent. Hopefully this can work out. He was a big time player at one time. And another Fail was the Cornerback. Again he drafted an injured cornerback and we seen how that turns out with already having failures like Milner and Mcdougle. Should of drafted Jimmy Moreland who at James Madison was a man to man real good cover CB.
  3. Tony The Wiz

    Grade the draft

    1. QUINNAN WILLIAMS - A+ Because they got their Edge rusher in the 3rd round. Top 3 player in draft. 2. JACHAI POLITE - A+ Got their Edge rusher who was a riser on my board in the 3rd RD. 3. CHUMA EDOGA - B+ Was impressive at Senior Bowl and opened eyes. A Right Tackle for two years at USC 4. TREVON WESCO - D Not impressed by him as a receiver but he can block. Should of drafted a WR 5. BLAKE CASHMAN A+ He should of went earlier. Jet fans is going to love this guy. 6. BLESSUAN AUSTIN D Incomplete. The player is always injured. They could of drafted Jimmy Moreland at CB So I say looking at this I have to give the Jets a B+ to a A-
  4. Just read the initial list of Undrafted Free Agents and yes it did not have my top 15 but did have 5 players who were under valued in this draft and who can make a roster and contribute. Not a bad job by MAC. Now these list could change. First the list. RUNNING BACK JALIN MOORE - APPLACHIAN ST. Wide Receiver Greg Dortch — Wake Forrest Jeff Smith — Boston College Tight End Offensive Lineman Wyatt Miller — Central Florida Toa Lobendahn — USC Tyler Jones — NC State Defensive Lineman Trevon Sanders — Troy Justin Alexandre — UIW Jabril Frazier –Boise State Fred Jones — Florida State Kyle Phillips — Tennessee MyQuon Stout — Appalachian State Linebackers Jamey Mosley — Alabama *Mosley is the brother of Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley* Jeff Allison — Fresno State Defensive Backs John Battle — LSU Santos Ramirez — Arkansas Kyron Brown — Akron I love Greg Dortch. He is undersized but reminds me of Darren Sproles. He is so exciting out in the open field. He will give LBS nightmares. Another player is Jeff Allison. He had 65 solo tackles at Fresno St.. I really like him. Jalin Moore is another player who if it wasn't for his injury would of been drafted this year. A real good RB. Another player from the Mountain West was Jabril Frazier. I was always impressed by him whenever I watched him. An Edge Rusher he is. And the Fifth is USC Toa Lobendahn. Now here is a player who was considered the best offensive lineman on his team. And he plays CENTER which we need badly. Hopefully he gets a shot. I did Notice The Giants list and it was Horrendous !!
  5. Tony The Wiz

    The Last three picks by Mac

    You are an a**. I am not Tony Pauline. You keep on saying that. Get your facts together !!!
  6. Hopefully the Jets can pick up one or two of these players. 1. Emanuel Hall WR 2. Keelen Doss WR 3. Stanley Morgan WR 4. Tevon Coney MLB 5. T.J. Edwards MLB 6. Malik Carney EDGE 7. Beau Benzshwal OG 8. Alex Barnes RB 9. Shaq Calhoun G 10. Anthony Johnson WR 11. Preston Williams WR 12. David Sills WR 13. Tyre Brady WR 14. Olemide Zaccheaus WR-SLOT 15. Wyatt Ray EDGE Come on Jets sign a few !!!
  7. Tony The Wiz

    The Last three picks by Mac

    I said the Jets shouldn't of drafted no tight end here when there were better players from positions more needed. But you don't know how to read. You just come here and just want to be the annoying blank that you are. And yes Kaden Smith is not a burner. Yes he ran a 4.93 at the Combine and Wesco ran a 4.89. But Walter Football like you quoted me had Kaden Smith as a high 3 round to low 5 round on him. And NFL Draft Scout Maven had Smith the number 4 rated TE. And NFL Draft Countdown had Kaden number 7 on their board. Wesco was number 13. So go back watching Soap Operas.
  8. Tony The Wiz

    The Last three picks by Mac

    Trevon Wesco, FB, West Virginia Height: 6-3. Weight: 267. Arm: 34.63. Hand: 9.38. 40 Time: 4.89. Three Cone: 7.18. Bench: 24. Vertical: 31. Broad: 9-9. Projected Round (2019): 6-FA. 4/23/19: Given the passing-driven nature of the Big XII, one wouldn't think that an NFL fullback prospect could come out of college's version of the arena league. Wesco played tight end for the Mountaineers and caught 26 receptions for 366 yards and a touchdown in 2018. He played some fullback at the Senior Bowl though, and he could transition to the position in the NFL. Wesco would need to lose weight, but he could be a nice check-down receiving h-back. From Walter Football !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hello Jet fans I just had to write this. This is why you want to run Mac out of town but then he comes back and picks a winner. There is no in between with him. Either it is horrible or it is a great pick. So far the only player you could say that is Chuma. But it agravates me when you have a deep draft where every pick counts especially on a team that has not been at the top for years. But when you whiff on two players like Mac has done you get upset. For all who like Wesco as a pick I have no problem with you. You like him. I can't change your opinion. But I watched at least 50 games this year from the Big 12 and seen this player many times. He is a good blocker and has good hands but his feet is in the mud when he has to go down field. If you can't catch 20 passes in the no defense big 12 than you have a problem. For me Mac could of gotten a big time WR or Galliard at Center with this pick. Galliard was the All SEC 1st team Center. This was a fail. I am sorry. Now for all of you that hate me or don't know what I am talking about than go on Walter Football or NFL Draft Maven and see where they rate Wesco. They don't even list him in the TE category on the Draft Maven. More of a Fullback. If they wanted a TE they could of drafted Kaden Smith, out of a well coached TE school Stanford or Alize Mack out of Notre Dame. Now for the Cornerback. Didn't the Jets learn with Milner and Mcdougle that you don't pick injured players. Why?!! Why?!! How good can he be if he plays for Rutgers and not an LSU or Clemson. Another total fail. You want a Cornerback go get Jimmy Moreland from James Madison whose upside is huge or Jordan Brown from South Dakota St. Yeah not big Division 1 programs but we seen their talent. And again he passed up big time wide receivers in Harmon, Doss, Hall or Morgan. I just don't get him. At least he did draft a big time warrior in Blake Cashman who will make you very happy. He is tough and is all over the field and reminds you of Luke Keuchly when he was in college. He was the team leader at Univerity of Minnesota and a tough cookie. So this was an up and down draft on the third day for MAC. First day he couldn't miss. He got the top rated player in College. I would of rather have gotten the Edge rusher but than on the second day he got that with Polite. He was my riser and 7th best edge rusher and moving up a couple of rankings. Yeah he didn't draft my 3rd best edge rusher with Winovich being that player. And damn he went to where else.............. The Patriots. And the USC OT Edoba was solid especially watching him at the Senior Bowl. And again the Patriots took the other OT I was thinking the Jets might take in the West Virginia OT Yodny Cajuste who I loved watching during the season. Cajuste looked like a better pass protector and Edoba a better run protector but then you seen the stats on pass protection which was great. And his protection at the Senior Bowl just aced that. But I just Wished I could of came out of today saying we got three excellent players. But I feel we got 1 and a half. So again this was my opinion. Like to hear yours.
  10. Tony The Wiz

    Baldy: Wesco Reminiscent of Quentin Nelson

    Hey I hope I am wrong but this guy is not even listed as a TE on some College Football Websites. He is listed as a FB or maybe HB. He is to big for HB so what is he? That is the problem.
  11. Austin has been limited to just five games over the past two seasons and suffered a torn ACL. Over the course of his first two collegiate seasons, Austin played 20 games, intercepting two passes and picking up 17 passes defended. The post Jets Select CB Blessuan Austin in Sixth Round appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... You don't pick a player who has been hurt especially when you others like Jimmy Moreland and Jordan Brown still there if you wanted a CB.
  12. Tony The Wiz

    Baldy: Wesco Reminiscent of Quentin Nelson

    I am not a fan. Yes he is tough and a good blocker but anyone could of gotten open in the Big 12. Sorry his feet is in the mud and he is not quick enough. And the Jets didn't need to get him in the 4th round. They could of gotten him in the sixth.
  13. Tony The Wiz


    Well he was a dumbass picking Wesco and Blessard. But he was a genius picking Cashman.
  14. Tony The Wiz


    I just don't get Mac at all. I never pick a player who was injured all year unless he is special !!
  15. Tony The Wiz


    I have no opinion on him. He was injured but he was supposed to be Rutgers best player. I don't know. Sounds like the Maryland Cornerback we picked who was injured.

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