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  1. Tony The Wiz

    Free Agent Centers

    The Jets will be drafting a Center. This is what you do in the draft. Fill in the Holes that you think your team is weak at. And Center is one of those immediate holes.
  2. In this NFL just give me these two..........................................LT and Deon. You need that pass rusher and shut down corner.
  3. My Cornerbacks Continued. The top 7, I feel is much better than the rest of the class. But my the next 4 do come a round or a round and half away from them. So my 8 to 11 ranked cornerbacks are talented but just not like the 7. Last year there was 29 Cornerbacks drafted and 34 in 2017. I really think only 26 will get drafted this year. But if you want to add players like Joejuan Williams who is a Cornerback but is better as a safety than the amount will be higher. I have at least 5 players that are Cornerbacks who I will list on my Free Safty and Strong Safety list. 8. AMANI ORUWARIYE - PENN ST. - Whenever I watched Penn St. this player just made plays. He is a solid defender and fighs for the ball. And better yet he is a big corner who has speed. He ran a 4.47 at the Combine with a vertical 36.5. He had an impressive 3 cone drill at 6.82. He is a solid CB and tops the next bunch. I see him going late 3rd to early 4th round. 9. ISAIAH JOHNSON - HOUSTON - He has great tape and performed well at the combine. And again a big corner who can run fast. At 6:2 1/2 he is perfect for these big receivers. I mean he runs a 4.4 at 210 LBS. His first two years he played receiver so we know he has good hands. Late 3rd to Early 4th Round Grade 10. JULIAN LOVE - NOTRE DAME - As a Notre Dame fan I have to view him as just another player. Now he was my leader in that backfield. I go back and forth with him as a top cover guy. He is not a press cover guy like a Sean Bunting or Greedy Williams. I see him more of a CB in a zone defense. He plays his area but does freelance a little. He plays quicker than fast. He does tackle good and has good hands. He didn't run an above aveage 40. His time was 4.54. His Vertical was nice at 36 and his 3 cone was great at 6.72. His closing speed is what I like about him. And he is athletic. A Late 3rd To Early 4th Round Grade 11. LONNIE JOHNSON - KENTUCKY - Here is another guy you can't miss on a football field. So much passion and fire comes out of this cornerback. His explosion to hit a receiver who catches a reception in front of him catches your eye. He is built like a safety and hits like one. At 6:2 and 213LBS you could understand why. But I see a team drafting him for the Cornerback position. He runs a tad under average 40 with a 4.52 and he has a nice Vertical at 38' and a really outstanding long jump at 129'. So we see that explosion and athletic ability. When I watch him I really think he can be an all pro. He Is My Riser. A late 3rd to Early 4th Round Grade but could move up. I feel like there is a gap from the talent level starting here. 12. TRAYVON MULLEN - CLEMSON - He anchored the secondary for Clemson and he is another big corner. At 6:1 and 200LBS he battles for the ball. Funny but he looks slower on the field than he actually ran at the Combine. He ran a 4:46 but he plays like a 4.56. But he is a good tackler. Late 4th Round 13. DONNIE LEWIS - TULANE - He is a 1st Team American Conference Cornerback. He wasn't invited to the Combine. I don't know why. He is an in your face Cornerback and has some really good tape out there. And again he is 6:0 and 195LBS. Like to see what he runs at his pro day. He is really interesting. Late 4th Round 14. DAVID LONG - MICHIGAN - He is a perfect Cornerback for a slot receiver. He is low to the ground and being only about 5:11 bigger receivers maybe too physical. At the combine he was one of the most impressive CB on the field drills. And to top it off he ran a 4.45 and had an excellent Vertical at 39.5 and his 3 cone drill was supberb at 6.45 Late 4th Round 15. IMAN MARSHALL - USC - A fine player he is but he is more of a tweener. For me he can play CB but is safety a better position? He plays press most of the times but he can be beat and at the combine he ran a below average 4.53 Forty. I seen on tape a few defensive plays that looked good in college that would of gotten called in the NFL. He likes to grab the receivers arms and I'm thinking that is because he is one step behind. But his ball hawking and his tackling is a plus. Again I think Free Safety is his best position. So I am going to include him in with my safeties. He is 6:1 210LBS so he has perfect size for either safety and CB. Late 4th for Conerback but be better rank for Safety. 16. COREY BALLANTINE - WASHBURN - What can I say about a player I really don't know about. Except that he looked alright in the Senior Bowl but he was voted The Cliff Harris Award winner for best defensive player in Division 2. And then he goes to the Combine and Wows it. His Performance overall was outstanding. First he runs a nice 4.47 Forty. Then at 5:11 he does a 39.5 Vertical and if thats not enough he jumps an incredible broad jump of 135'. Fantastic !! But he also puts up 6.82 three cone drill. Look physically he has all the tools but a team needs to mold this Raw Product. Late 4th Early 5th Grade 17. NATE BROOKS - NORTH TEXAS ST. - I really like this guy. Not invited to the Combine by the NFL was a big mistake. He had 6 interceptions this year and he closes fast in the run game. He was a 2nd team All Conference USA cornerback. He is a 6 foot and 180LB Cornerback. I watched him in the Bowl game and he was impressive. Will be intersting to see how fast he runs at his Pro Day. Early 5th Round Grade 18. JORDAN BROWN - SOUTH DAKOTA ST. - Another DB who was a receiver in high school. This past year wasn't as good as the year before when he earned 1st team all conference. He was invited to the Combine where he ran a tad under average 4.51. At 6:0 and 200LBS. But he did have an impressive Vertical at 39.5 and 128 Broad Jump. So when watching him on film I noticed he really doesn't play press coverage. He plays back and has a nice first step in to the line. And when peddling back he has nice loose hips. Watching on tape his tackling ability needs some work. He is a raw Prospect. Mid 5th 19. JUSTIN LAYNE - MICHIGAN ST. - He was voted a 2nd Team All Big Ten Conference Cornerback. He plays skinny. Basically what I am saying I don't see a hard hitting tackler. Now his covering skill is a lot better. But he has a tendency of mostly playing the sideline and if a receiver breaks inside by pushing their right hand away from his body they get open all the time. It just looks like he needs to get stronger. He has great height at 6:2 and he is 192LBS. He did run a just about average 4.50 and a Vertical of 37.5. He did have an outstanding Broad jump of 134. Mid 5th Round grade 20. HAMP CHEEVERS - BOSTON COLLEGE - He had 7 interceptions this year. So is he just in the right spot or is he just reads the QB. He does both especially reading the QB. Watching his tape his first step in is very quick. Now he is not a big guy and only 5:9 and 170LBS so he will be your DB to cover that slot receiver. He ran a 4:52 so he is more quicker than fast. He will never be a tackling machine so he needs to get stronger but the quickness is perfect to play that slot receiver. Late 5th Round Early 6th round 21. KRIS BOYD - TEXAS - He was supposed to be a 2nd round draftee but there were to many plays he got burned by receivers especially if the team was Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Don't put him on the island by himself. More of a CB in a zone defense and can get help over the top. His flexibility is a little tight near the hips when he has to turn. Look he does tackle and plays the run nicely. And he has athleticsm and he proved some at the Combine. He ran a 4.45 so he is fast but not quick. And he had a 36.5 Vertical being 5:11 and 205LBS. He may have to change positions to Free Safety which will be a better position for him. Mid 6th Round 22. BLACE BROWN - TROY - He would of been a top CB if it wasn't for his knee injury he had the last game in 2017. It seems it took some speed away from him. I watched Troy a few times and he is a good cover guy who has instincts for the ball. He did play all year but only had 1 interception compared to the two years before where he had 6 and 5 interceptions. He would of been a 2nd round draft pick but I see with that 40 at the combine was a disaster 4.75 and he just had his pro day and he had a 4.65. So somebody will draft him for the two years before and hope he can get back the speed he lost or get switch to Free Safety. Mid 6th Round 23. RASHAD FENTON - SOUTH CAROLINA - When looking at his tape he has a lot of energy. His tackling is just o.k. but I like his covering skill. Now he is 5:11 and 195LBS and he runs a 4.52 which surprised me. He looks on the field like a 4.4 guy. He may have to play nickel at the next level because of his quickness. He is far from perfect but after looking at some of these other supposed wonderful prospects like Joejuan Williams and Savion Smith for me I rather have him out there on the corner. 6th Round Prospect 24. JAMEL DEAN - AUBURN - Number 1 there is an injury red flag. And multiple. Does that sound familiar. In high school he had multiple knee injuries and then he got another 1. So how is it possible this player runs a 4.3 Forty. So I have to watch the film on him since he had a good combine. He also put up a 41 Vertical and a 130' Broad Jump. So when watching the film I seen an inconsistent player who looks sometimes he doesn't want to enter a tackling play. He just stands there while his teammate is trying to tackle the ball carrier. And then there are good plays when he is covering a receiver in press coverage. But again there is some bad plays where he is getting beaten right across the middle. So can we just say he is up and down all over the place. He seems stiff and plays upright and never bends his knees. I wonder why? Somebody will draft him since Cornerbacks are a premium especially how fast he is. Late 6th to early 7Th Round 25. MARK FIELDS - CLEMSON - The Good he ran a 4.37 Forty at the Combine. And he has some cover skills. The Bad. Why didn't he have more playing time this year. The Good. The Alabama game he looked good and at the Senior Bowl. The Bad. At 5:10 he is a little smallish for the big receivers of the NFL. So I see him covering the slot receivers and not putting him out on the island with the likes of Deandre Hopkins and Julio Jones. Early 7th Round 26. BLESSUAN AUSTIN - RUTGERS - How do you evaluate someone that can't stay on the field. He injured himself twice on the same knee. But when he is on the field he is a play maker. I like that he is a long cornerback. At 6:1 and 210LBS when healthy he could make a roster. Early 7th Round 27. KENDALL SHEFIELD - OHIO ST. - Probably the fastest Cornerback in this draft. But I just don't see him as a good corner. In the Maryland game he looked terrible and he needs a lot of work. And he was injured at the Combine and couldn't show his speed. So whoever drafts him you have a project. Late 7th Round. I HAVE TO GIVE SOME CREDIT FOR THESE THREE PLAYERS WHO WILL OR WILL NOT GET DRAFTED BUT PLAY HARD AND I CAN SEE THEM PLAYING THE NICKLE BACK 28. BRIAN PEAVY - IOWA ST. - A two time 1st Team All Conference Cornerback. Look he is 5:9 and 195LBS and been playing receivers bigger than him but he gives his energy and effort on every play. Just watching him and watching other DB on film you say to yourself I want this guy on my team. For me he will be a perfect nickle back and cover these slot receivers. And don't tell him that he doesn't put the effort to tackle a runner. He flys to that ball carrier to hit him with his compact frame. I just love the way he plays. It will be interesting to see if he gets drafted at the end of the later rounds. 7th Round 29. ANTHOULA "TANK" KELLY - FRESNO ST. - He was a 1st Team All Conference Mountain West Cornerback who is 5:10 and 185LBS. He had 4 interceptions last year and was the leader of the back end of a good Fresno St. Defense. Another player who earned his stripes by always giving the effort and sticking his nose in many tackles. He had 47 Solos. Again he could play nickel back in the next level. 7th Round but most likely a free agent. 30. DUKE SHELLEY - KANSAS ST. - I am serious when I say, if the Cornerbacks of this years draft class played with the effort of these three players I just listed including Duke this class would then be great. Duke like the other two, just plays his oss off. And his teammates love him. He is 5:9 1/2 and 180LBS and tackles ball carriers way bigger than he is. Players like him just rev you up on the football field. Unfortunately for him he was injured with a toe injury that caused him to miss the last 5 games. The year before he had 53 Solo Tackles and 2 interceptions. Before he was injured he was going to have even a better year since he already had 33 Solos and 3 interceptions. But he has came back and ran at his Pro Day and ran a 4.46 Forty. 7th Round My Two Sleepers Cornerbacks 1. TAE HAYES - APPLACHIAN ST. - I actually like him more than his more publicized teammate Clifton Duck. Tae is 5:11 and 185LBS and had a nice year this year. He had 34 Solo Tackles and 3 interceptions and was named 3rd Team All Conference Sun Belt Conference Cornerback. 2. DAKARI MONROE - SAN JOSE ST. - He was voted 1st Team All Conferest Mountain West Cornerback. He is 5:11 and 191LBS and this year he had 32 Solo Tackles and 4 interceptions. So this Concludes My Top Cornerbacks in this NFL Draft. Like I said there were players who may not be on this list like JoeJuan Williams, Saivion Smith, Montre Hartage and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. This was a top heavy class of Cornerbacks. For me there is only about a dozen Cornerbacks that can right now step in the NFL and either look good or be acceptable, not including the three nickle backs I included. So Thank You Again For Reading My Cornerback Evaluation. Tony The Wiz 😎😎😎🏈🏈🏈
  4. Tony The Wiz

    My Top Cornerbacks In The 2019 NFL Draft

    I wouldn't trade down now with all of the free agents we signed. Now you go get Allen at 3 and when the third round comes around there should bee a nice center you can go get. This draft was deep with centers so one of them may still be around.
  5. Tony The Wiz

    My Top Cornerbacks In The 2019 NFL Draft

    I don't know if you watched the combine where he did something negative and than pulled out of the other drills due to cramps. The event was inside and Deon Sanders had mentioned minutes before it was cold in there. And even Deon commented a little sarcastically about the excuse he just pulled.
  6. The Cornerback position has become one of the most important positions in football. The passing game has been so much more relevant than ever. Back in the day it was the running game and I remember a NY Giant game where they ran 15 straight running plays. This was the way Bill Parcell coached. That will never happen in todays game. Now you have 3rd and less than 2 and half the time the team is throwing to make the first down. That was basically unheard 35 years ago. So finding a gem at this position is so valuable. Now I have been evalating players and I remember 2 players the Jets drafted and I heard hell from some of you Jet fans. Those two cornerbacks, a first and a 2nd round pick was Dee Milner and Dexter McDougle. I was on the mark on both of them. I never like Milner with Alabama because he had so many injuries before his senior year at Alabama. An McDougle was injured the whole year when he was picked 2nd by the Jets. So hopefully if we go into the draft and pick one we could go get one. Now this year was not great year on Cornerbacks. But we do have a half dozen or so really good ones but the best are late 1st rounders. So here we Go. The Combine I really needed to see their speed and techique and if you watched it the Cornerbacks as a whole was either not good or just fair. Look all year I had my number 1 but I had reservations about him watching his Combine. And that was Greedy Williams. Now he has the speed and his height is excellent but something is wrong with his personality and his technique, Now look you can't coach speed but you can coach technique. But there was one player that just passed him as the number 1 CB. 1. BRYON MURPHY - WASHINGTON - Now his speed was the only thing not going for him. But all year he has the knack of making the big play. If he would of ran a 4.6 and under he would of moved in the mid 1st round. But he has put on some weight and some of that speed got affect. He has got nice height in 5:11 and great hands. He also was a great receiver in High School. He is athletic with a Vertical of 36.5 and a long jump of 120 so we know he is faster than a 4:55. He had 4 interceptions this year. His instinct is his high quality. So I see him getting a Late 1st Round to Early 2nd Round Grade. But if he runs a fast 40 at his pro day he moves up. 2. ANDRAEZ "GREEDY" WILLIAMS - LSU - He has the tools but he really needs to grow up personally. He thinks he is better than he thinks. He needs to work and learn. Hopefully he can listen since he really has all the tools. He is the highest rated CB by most experts especially running a 4:37. A Solid 1ST Round Talent but 3rd round attitude. He could go from late mid to late 1st round to early 2nd. 3. DEANDRE BAKER - GEORGIA - He won the award for best defensive back in college. Now I watched more times than none and what I get is a cornerback who for his size can hit you like a linebacker. He is no Deon Sanders when it comes to that. But unlike the Great Deon who played right in your face, he sometimes always back peddles when the play begins. Now that won't fly in the NFL. Since they would just continue and do a button route ar a crossing route. Is that because of his top speed. He did run a 4.52 which is a touch under average for a cornerback. Now he does have some size being 5:11 193LBS. But what I love about him he is a team player when he is on the field. Now he did skip his bowl game which I hate as did Greedy Williams. Bryon Murphy played which I give him kudos for. He may have to move to either of the saftey positions. But overall Deandre is a worthy Early 2nd Pick. 4. SEAN BUNTING - CENTRAL MICHIGAN - A two time 1ST Team All Conference Mac Cornerback. Now if you watch his tape he is right on you on the line. And he sticks to you like glue. He has great size at 6:0 195LBS and he runs a great Forty. His time was a 4.42. An his Vertical was outstanding at 41.5 and his long jump a 126'. And did anyone watch his drills. Smooth and natural. So lets check the boxes. He has good size, Great speed, incredible athleticism, and a smooth and natural technique. So what do I get? Excited Because He Is My RISER !!! I really think he is a First Round Talent that the NFL team that gets him will benefit from his play and be as happy as a Bingo winner. What round will he go. Probably mid 3 to late 3. For me he is a first round guy. 5. ROCK YA SIN - TEMPLE - I tell you when they put those single numbers on your back at Temple something goes off inside of you and you play like Superman. This character and I mean character on the football field is a born leader. His enery exudes over to his other teammates. Watch his tape and you see him like Bunting on top of that receiver. He sticks to him like glue. Now again he may be quicker than fast like Baker since he also ran a 4.51. A tad off average for a CB. But no denying his heart. I love this guy. He reminds me of a player who would of played with the Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens. Look he no small guy. He is 6:0 and 192LBS and his Vertical was an outstanding 39.5' with a broadjump of 120'. Now his negative was he only played one year of division 1 football. Mid to Late 2nd Round 6. MICHAEL JACKSON - MIAMI - Another up in your face Cornerback who is physical with the receiver. But I also seen him peddle back and actually drop in a safety posion. Miami Defensive coordinator had all kind of schemes that he played and Jackson was a perfect corner. He is not flashy but so steady and loves that turnover chain. He will be a good pro in the NFL. He is long at 6:1 and 210LBS and before if you want him to play free safety he had an impressive 4.45 Forty. And followed that up with another impressive 40.5 Vertical and another impressive 130 broadjump. So I see this player playing both positions. He is another one of My Risers for his flexability. I see him as a mid to late 2nd Round Grade. 7. JIMMY MORELAND- JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY. - Oh My God. This player is so annoying. Oh no not to me but receivers. Watching this Corner as I watched Buntings tape has to be my two favorite cornerbacks. I have nicknames for this guy. The Gambler or The Swagster since he has so much swag on the football field. He also can be called Take It To The House Speedster. Lets make it simple he is a very good Cornerback. Late 2nd round talent. SO FOR NOW THIS IS MY TOP 7 CORNERBACKS. I WILL GIVE MY NEXT 15 TOMORROW
  7. Tony The Wiz

    Who is Plan G at Edge rusher?

    Allen will be there. We pick him. Great player and Great Person.
  8. Tony The Wiz

    Who is Plan B at center?

    Draft one in the 3rd round. Look your center is your worse position on the offensive line as we speak. So I stated this is a great year for centers and one of those centers i evaluated may drop in the early third since there is an abundance of DT and WR. Look if McCoy or Jenkins drops draft one of them. Bradburry will be gone.
  9. Look we have a 2nd year QB and that left tackle needs to be an above arage to a goos football player. To get a great Player you have to pray in the draft you can discover one. So I would rather start the season with Beachum at guard and Brown with his 71 rating at left tackle. At Right tackle will be Shell who has an average 62.7 rating. Winters has the same 62.7 rating. I would move Beachum and his 66 rating inside and draft a Center in the 3rd RD. And if you trade down and acquire a 2nd then take one of the blue chip centers in the draft. Now your offensive line would be a lot better. You would replace the center, Harrison who has a 54.1 rating. Carpenter will be the odd man out but he can be there if an injury occurs. And in fact if you don't want to sign Brown you have a second option in signing Ju'wuan James who had as good a rating as Brown. I would entertain both and see what they looking for. But now having kelechi the OT is not a priority. The Center is the priority.
  10. Don't get me wrong I like the signing and just hope Kelechee is recovered from that Knee and toe injury. But he is going to be 30 and has had 7 years of football. His Guard rating did plummet to 53.7 last year. So we have to pray it goes back to the 80s when he was the top guard with David Locastro. Look the Bills are looking at Brown and you can't find an OT this year. He has the highest rating and he is only 26. Now if he wants crazy money than say bye bye. But at least entertain it.
  11. Tony The Wiz

    Jets trade with Raiders for G Kelechi Osemele

    A nice move by the GM and still acquiring the 6th round pick since this is a deep draft with talent. Now just hope Kelechee can stay healthy. That is the key.
  12. Tony The Wiz

    Jets trade with Raiders for G Kelechi Osemele

    Nice move by the GM. Got back a sixth was a key especially in this draft. Now hope he can stay healthy.
  13. When looking at the Jets Roster and looking at who is available in this Free Agency we have to figure out what position talent wise is out there that will better for us the most. Then we have to say what is the most important position in football. Beside QB you say OT, CB, and a DE/LB that can rush the passer. Those are my three. So let us see who is out there and who is in the draft. So first start with our tackles. We see Carpenter, Beachum, Ijailana, Shell and Smith. Do we need to upgrade this position? Kelvum Beachum was our highest graded ot with 66 grade. The Jets offensive line was better than just 7 other teams in the NFL. So this is where I start. So looking at the free agency group we see 2 OT free agents. One from the Dreaded Patriots, Trent Brown and the other Daryl Williams from the Carolina Panthers. Two reasons my priority is to sign Brown over Williams. One get him away from the Patriots and the other he has a 71.0 Grade which is an Above average ranking. While Williams actually is rated 64.9 which Beachum is 65.9. And Brown is only 26 years old. So Jets sign this guy. I hear the Bills are looking at him. Tony The Wiz 🏈🏈🏈 😎😎😎
  14. Thank You 🏈🏈🏈 Tony The Wiz 😎 😎😎
  15. Hello Jet fans. So to complete my up front part of the defense I will evaluate my last part. I already reviewed the DT, Traditional DE, DE/LB and yesterday I completed the Middle Linebackers. So many of the top Linebackers I already listed on the LB/DE and Middle LB like Devin Bush and David Long. So this list will not have any 1st or even 2nd round grade players but there are some fine players that will be drafted on the 2nd or 3rd day. So with that I will begin. 1. DREW TRANQUILL - NOTRE DAME - He and Coney manned the Linebackers position and he performed well this season. He was a safety that moved up to linebacker so we know he has great covering ability. He could play outside in a 4/3 or he can play in the 3/4 as an inside LB. He is big enough being 6:2 235LBS.. He ran well at the Combine with a 4.57 Forty. But he really impressed me with his 37.5 Vertical and his strength with a 31 reps on the Bench Press. I mean if you look at his Broad Jump of 122', 6.94 Three Cone Shuffle and his 4.23 twenty yard shuffle he should be one of the top LB that performed at this Combine. His Three Cone Shuffle was .01 second faster than Bush and Twenty Yard shuffle was .09 second quicker than Devin Bush. He also had a nice season with 63 Solo tackles and 9 tackles for a loss. And he is a leader on the field. So after looking at his tape and seeing how athletic he is I see myself giving him a Mid to Late 3rd Round. SIONE TAKITAKI - BYU - Another player who came to the Combine to prove his worth and he performed almost as well as Drew. He is a perfect size 6:1 1/2 and 238 Linebacker. He had a 4.63 Forty, 37' Vertical, 125' Broad jump, 24 reps on the bench press and a 4.28 twenty yard shuffle. His 3 Cone Shuffle was way slower than Drew Though. But in all he showed that athletic ability I seen on the football field. And he had a nice year with BYU. And I mean real nice. He had 75 Solo Tackles, 44 Assists. 10 tackles for loss and 4 sacks. He is an NFL player. Watching him on the field and his passion comes across. And now we see his athetic ability. Late 3rd Round Grade 2. SUTTON SMITH - NORTHERN ILLINOIS - Now here is a player that really Intriguies me more than any other player. I mean this guy played DE at 225 LBS. He is just so quick that he is right by the OT in a flash. If he was the same size as Bosa he would be the Number 1 DE in this draft. He is tied with Sione for 2nd best OLB. The MAC had some really fine football players this year. And he was one of the Best. He was the MAC Defensive Player Of The Year. And thank God he was invited to the Combine. And when there he Impressed. First he gained some weight and he was 233LBS on his 6:0 Frame. He ran a 4.69 which was a little slower than I thought he would do but he is getting used to the weight. Same as his Vertical at 31.5. But he lifted 25 reps in the Bench Press so you seen he is strong enough and his broad jump was an impresssive 118'. But the 3 Cone Drill was the most impressive. He did a Wow of a time !! His 6.75 blew away Drew and Devin. His time was an amazing .18' faster than Devin. This showed you his quickness around the edge. And he is also a leader for his team. And those Stats are just say another Wow !! It is not the tackles and assist which he had 43 Solos and 18 Assists but it was the incredible 26.5 Tackles for Loss and 15 Sacks. And let's not forget the 4 forced fumbles. And before I give him a Grade he had the same stats in 2017. Late 3rd Round Grade. 4. CHASE HANSEN - UTAH - Another one of my favorite player. Like Drew, Sione and Sutton all 4 of these players are alike with their character. They are team leaders and great teammates but really good football players. The difference is Chase plays farther back from his linebacker position. He reminds of a rover back just spotting the QB or a RB coming out of the backfield. He is better in the passing game than the running game. I see him best as an outsideLinebacker in a 3/4 defense. He has size being 6:2 1/2 and 230LBS. He wasn't invited to the Combine so his Pro Day will be important. He was a 1st Team All Pac 12 Conference Player and deservingly so. So yeah NFL got it wrong again not giving him an invite. There should be a rule if you are a 1st team Conference Player you should automatically be elegible for the Combine. So lets look at his year. He had 70 Solo Tackles, 44 Assists, and a really impressive 22 Tackles for Loss. Let us not forget he also had 5 Sacks, 2 interceptions, and 1 fumble recovery. I give him a Mid 4th Round Grade. 5. VOSSEAN JOSEPH - FLORIDA - Watching his film I see a lot of Quickness especialy sideline to sidelines. And he has that burst to go around the end or if there is an opening in the middle. What I don't see sometimes his ability to tackle. He don't wrap up and take the ball carier down. He is more of a blitzing style OLB. So he is better as a Will Linebacker. I like his athletic ability and there is a lot of talent to work with. He wasn't invited to the Combine. So his Pro Day will be important. He did have some nice stats this year with 40 Solos and 53 Assists, 9 tackles for a loss and 4 sacks. He is 6:1 and 230LBS but he needs to get stronger and be able to play the run better. Mid to Late 4TH Round Grade. 6. TERRELL HANKS - NEW MEXICO ST. - Have to admit I have not watched a game with this player in so I had to go to whatever I could see in the Senior Bowl Practices and Game and any tape I can get. And it was a mixed bag for me. When watching his tape, and remember I didn't have much, he just looked like an alright type player. But watching him at the Senior Bowl practices he looked real good. He was Invited to The NFL Combine and put up a slow time in the Forty. He came to the Combine at 242LBS on his 6:2 Frame. So His Physique and slow time makes me think that his best position would be inside in a 3/4 defense. His time was 4.98 but he had a nice vertical of 35.5' and 118' High Jump. But he needs to get stronger and looking at his stats he needs to get more Solo Tackles. Looking at those stats we notice he 33 Solos but 68 Assists. And 9 tackles for loss. So looking at this for now I give him a Late 4Th Round to Early 5th Round Grade. 7. RYAN CONNELLY - WISCONSIN- A Typical Wisconsin Linebacker. Seems like they always never overrun a play and very dicipline in their game. They are very well coached and use angles to tackle their opponents. He is very Similar to another Wisconsin linebacker in Andrew Van Ginkel. He went to the Combine and ran a very good time in his Forty 4.66. And his Vertical was impressive too at 34.5 as was his High Jump of 118'. He is also a nice size LB at 6:2 and 242LBS. I really like him. He had nice production this year with 58 Solo Tackles and 33 Assists and 10 tackles for loss. Late 4Th Round to Early 5th Round Grade 8. GARY JOHNSON - TEXAS - Some experts don't like this player and basically say he won't get drafted. I just don't see it. I watched him many times this year and his name was mentioned many times during the game as he was making plays after plays. Either he made the tackle or he threw himself at the blocker so the next player was able to make the play. So he was invited to the NFL Combine and showed everyone he belonged. So what does he run?!! A 4.43 thats what !! How many Cornerbacks and safties didn't run that fast? Many!! So he showed you his speed and his Vertical was nice at 33.5 and 121 Broad jump. So he has an explosion in his initial reaction to the ball. But he needs to get stronger. He came to the Combine a little light at 225Lbs and 6:0. So I like to see what he is going to do on his Pro Day. He had some nice stats this year with 61 Total Tackles and 21 Assists, 16.5 tackles for a loss and 6.5 Sacks. Early 5th Round Grade. He be drafted from Mid Fifth to Early 7th 9. OTARO OLAKA - TEXAS A&M - A nice size LB who after watching him at the combine he has some athletic power. First he is 6:3 and 240LBS which goes great with the NFL. And he runs a respectful 4.82. He had a nice 36' Vertical but an amazing Broad Jump. So he checked a few boxes but watching him at Texas A&M sealed the deal for me. He attacks the line of scrimmage and looks to make that play behind the line. He has some nice lateral movement but his pass defense is not his forte. He is more of a blitzer or a run stopper. Like him in the inside of a 3/4 Defense. He had some nice stats this year with 39 Solo tackles and 40 Assists. He also had an impressive 14.5 tackles for loss and 4 sacks. Like Johnson I see an Early Fifth Round Grade. Probably get drafted around the Early 6Th round. 10. NATE HARVEY - EAST CAROLINA - What do you got to lose if you take him in the 7th round. This player could be a Home Run or a Single. Why is that? Because this was his first year playing the position. And his first two years he was in junior college and then walked on to this team last year and only played on the special teams. But what does he go and do?!! He becomes The American Conference Devensive Player of The Year and the leader in the Country For Tackles for a Loss. And the NFL does not invite him to the NFL Combine !!! I would of loved to see him competing and showing his athletic ability. This is one of the best stories nobody knows about in the 2018 College Football Season. SHAME ON YOU NFL. So let us look at who this player is. He is 6:1 and 228LBS. And let us look at those Stats. 42 Solo Tackles and an amazing 24.5 Tackles for loss with12 Sacks in only 12 games. All in his First Year as a starter and a walk on. How do I even give him a Draft Grade?!! But he needs to be on this list. 11. EVAN CROUTCH - OHIO - You know by now I am not going to just pick players because McCshay or Kiper picked them. Well this player is on nobodies list as he plays in the MAC. He plays the Linebacker position like the old Monster Position. Which means he is all over the field like a safety to a blitzing LB. And that is what he is. He is 6:1 228LB Dynamo. I wish to god he gets drafted because he deserves it. How many tapes I have looked at and see players just giving up on the play because it is not right at them. Not this Player he seeks to destroy like a missile. He will be perfect for this NFL. I will be looking for his Pro Day Numbers but I am going to list his stats this year. In 13 games he had 53 Solo Tackles, 33 assists, 14 tackles for loss, 5.5 Sacks, 6 passes defended and two interceptions. I give him a late 6 to early 7th Round Grade. 12. DAKOTA ALLEN - TEXAS TECH - I love a player that just wants to jar the ball loose with a hard hit and that is what Mr. Allen is. When he tackles you it has to hurt. But to really tell the story about Dakota is to basically say that everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Dakota was on a Netflix documentary on how he got kicked out of Texas Tech and he had to go away to a College called East Mississippi Community College. While there, they taught him Dicipline and rules and Dakota earned his way back to Texas Tech and worked his butt off and this year was named Captain of the Team. And you saw that in the way he played this year. A self respect from his teammates just made him try even harder and that is something I love to see. Dakota was invited to this years Combine and we know he had to answer many questions from the teams and explain how he ran around with the wrong crowd at a young age. Now he is a 6:1 235 LB who performed nicely at the combine. He ran an alright time in the 40 at 4.77 and the same with his Vertical at 31.5 but his Long Jump was nice at 116'. But he did excell at the Cone Drill. He put up a fantastic number with a 6.88. That was 05. better than Devon Bush. And then he did a tremoundous job on running the 20 YD. Shuttle which he did in 4.04. That is better than Devon White by .13 of a second and Devin Bush by .19 of a second. He earned a Early 7th Round Grade. So For The Next Two Pick I Had To Pick The Two Headed Monster Of The Akron Zips. These Two Player Have Different Skills And A team Can Mold Them Into NFL Players. 13. JAMAL DAVIS ll - AKRON - Another impressive player who may need to be put on a practice squad since he is a tweener. He is a OLB that was playing DE the whole year. He did get the honor of 2nd Team All Mac Conference De Of The Year. In the NFL he be better to play as a pass rusher for the Linebacker position but he needs to learn how to play the run. He has no problem initiating his hands to engage the OT but he overruns every play as the RB just goes right by the hole he leaves open. But he has a fantastic first step and sometimes he looks like he jumped offside. Any Team that gets him is getting an athlete to work with and his production would prove that. This year he had 47 Solos in 12 games and 33 assists. But the 16.0 Tackles for loss is the impressive stats. But I really thought he would of had more sacks with that 1st step. That means he was just rushing the passer the same way and the OT new his routine. He has nice size fot the 3/4 at 6:4 and 240LBS. So I will be looking for his Pro day. 7th Round Grade Free Agent 14. ULYSESS BENNETT - AKRON - What else can you say about a player who has accomplished being named 2nd team All MAC Conference Linebacker of the year. Like Davis he worked hard on the field to accomplish this feat. And how did he accomplish that you say? By playing the way he did. You know the MAC Conference doesn't have the talent as the big 5 Conferences but the Conference has been producing more players to the NFL. And with Ulysess they may have another. And with that name do you really want to count him out. He is smaller than Davis so he is more of a natural Will Linebacker who is better in coverage. He does have some size as he is 6:1 and 230LBS. I would love to see his Pro day and watch him and his teammate go through the drills. We will see on that when it comes and then find out the results. But lets look at what he put up in stats this year. Why is stats important? Because that is the result of his hard work on the field. He had 47 Solo tackles, 38 assists, 7.5 tackles for loss and 2 fumbles recovered that went for a Touchdown. Like his Partner in Crime I give him a 7th Round Grade to Free Agent. Hopefully for both a NFL team will see their talent and succeed. So that is my top 14 Outside Linebackers but there were other ones I was considering like Tyrel Dodson of Texas A&M, Porter Gustin of USC, and Willie Harvey of Iowa St. Before I go I have to Mention 2 Sleepers that play in the Sun Belt Conference 1. HUNTER REESE - TROY - A nice LB who at 6:1 228 LBS I noticed him in the first week of College football when his team played Boise St.. He finished the year and was 1st Conference All Sun Belt Linebacker who played at the SAM Position. He had 14.5 Tackles for loss and 7.5 Sacks. 2. DAVID GRIFFITH - LOUISIANA MONROE - A smaller linebacker who plays the WILL Position and had a real fine year which earned him 2nd Team All Sun Belt Linebacker Of The Year. Very athletic and is smallish so he needs to get bigger and stronger. He plays at 6:1 212 LBS. His stats were great as he had 40 Solo Tackles, 46 Assists, 15.5 Tackles for loss and 5 Sacks. Good Luck to Both Of Them. Thank You Again Jet Fans 😎😎😎 Tony The Wiz

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