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  1. Leave the on side alone but take back that stupid 2018 rule where you can't about lining up for the kick.
  2. Just completed the Sixth Season of Bosch on Amazon. If you haven't watched all 6 seasons it is worth the watch.
  3. The Two Joe's are the greatest. Joe Namath and Joe Klecko for me are the two greatest Jets of all time. Next would be Don Maynard and Darrelle Revis.
  4. To get a player like Klecko in the 6th round is a gem. This has to be the best pick. And he should be in the NFL Hall of Fame.
  5. Huff is going to surprise people. He was my really good edge rusher no one talked about. His bowl game versus Penn St. was impressive.
  6. Jets should look at Hasise Dubois of Virginia - Wide Receiver from New Jersey
  7. They should go read what Walter Football thinks of the Becton pick.
  8. You are right. I was grading as a potential prospect instead of their choice. That is why I adjusted it to a D-. I don't like to give F outs since that is a complete failure.
  9. I did not say he was going to be a bust. I stated that he will take time to learn. I never said he was a big guy who couldn't play. I stated that he needed work. That is why I gave him a third round grade. If I didn't think he would make it in the NFL I wouldn't even give him a grade or if so a 6th to 7th round grade. So again, what I am stating to every one why he got a B and B+ is because he has an upside to him but he needs to be coached up. Now the Jets could of went a different direction but they believed that he can be coached up and become the player most people thinks he could. Now th
  10. No, It is because he will not be ready this upcoming year to play this position. What I am saying is he will be easier for him to play right tackle than left. He needs to be coached up.
  11. It is funny though, because I thought Adams was a top notch left tackle when I watched some of his games even though he had so many injuries. But then he came to the Combine and I swear I thought Rich Eisen could of beaten his forty time. The guy looked drunk.
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