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  1. Quinnen Williams was a Physical freak and young. He is not a disaster. That is why you stay in college like Derrick Brown. He needed not to be put in the limelight. He is too good physically to be a bust. Now Derrick Brown is a player and had been getting double teamed all year and still putting up numbers. Yes I will take Derrick Brown over Williams.
  2. I stay up at nights looking at the offensive lineman in games like the Alabama versus Auburn, Alabama versus Michigan, LSU verses Clemson, and LSU versus Georgia games. I also studied the Ohio St game with Wisconsin. I have seen some mock drafts that has Jedric Willis going 4 to the Giants. Are these people Serious?!!!! He should not even be an OT. My God how can you say this player is the 4th best player in the country. For me the Best and I mean Best OT i have seen is Wirfs. Thomas is interesting because his feet and especially his hands are fantastic. It is his strength and getting into the play that worries me. There are so many OT that are bunched together. But only two who deserve a top 12 mention. And right now That is Wirfs and Thomas. And Thomas is iffy. Did not like he didn't want to play in his bowl game and maybe I was right that he wasn't giving his full effort on some plays. I watched Jon Runyan last night and his improvement is incredible from his junior year. So much stronger and agile and we all know who his father is. In the same game Cesar Ruiz and Landon Dickerson at center looked good. Ruiz needs to get a little stronger but he could move up. The same game Willis looked terrible. A few good moments but many terrible all on pass blocking. His strength is the ground game.
  3. You don't need to pick Ruggs at 11 when this is a good wide receiver draft. You could get real good wr in the 2nd round. My choice is a RT who was coached by a offensive line head coach. Wirfs would fill a huge hole and the Jets have both OT who are free agents.
  4. Just looked at the top 50 list and Conklin or Bulaga would be that signing.
  5. The way I look at it is the first ten will be 1. Joe Burrow 2. Chase Young 3. Derrick Brown 4. Jeffrey Okudah 5. Grant Delpit 6. Justin Herbert 7. Jerry Jeudy 8. Dee Dee Lamb 9. A.J. Epenesa 10 . Andrew Thomas Now if Tua takes one of these last two spots that means that Epenesa or even Thomas could drop to you. Now that depends what Thomas does in the Combine. But he is athletic and I see him not dropping. He is not a guarantee OT. So we have one of these players if Tua is in top 10 and Wirfs and Shenault. So we should get an excellent player. My choice is Wirfs and secure that Right Tackle position.
  6. Look you are confused I said the best manager for the Mets now is Buck Showalter and for Houston it's Bruce Bochy. With Baker an outside chance for the Astros job.
  7. They didn't need to. They had a manager. I am talking about Houston not the Mets.
  8. Bochy is the perfect choice for them. But this owner will go with Dusty if he can't get Bochy out of retirement.
  9. Buck is the perfect manager for the Mets but just one problem. This GM !! He wants a puppet and Buck isn't one.
  10. I see Bruce Bochy going to Houston with Dusty Baker as an outside chance and Buck to the Mets.
  11. I wanted him there to even though I am a Yankee fan. Next up. Buck Showalter.
  12. They had to do it once his name was mentioned. And now he is not an active player that can be protected by the players association.
  13. The best player out of the 4 that I would want is Gross-Matos. Becton doesn't deserve to be picked in the top 12. There are a ton of wide outs to spend at 11. And Chaisson is a nice player but not at 11. OT will be decided at the combine. My best 3 left OT that I liked in fact went back to finish their senior year. Even Thomas I need to see at the combine but he is athletic and probably look great. He has great hands and feet but seems to avoid contact. Was that later in the year he was concerned about getting hurt. Maybe. After the combine he will probably be the first Left OT. Wirfs is the player I would draft and I see him going past the top 10.
  14. With only two parts of the college football players evaluation finished. Regular season and bowl season. We have two more to go . The all star games/Pro day and the Combine. And the Combine can make or break you. So with the two complete this is my top 50. 1. JOE BURROW QB 2. CHASE YOUNG DE 3. DERRICK BROWN DT 4. JEFFREY OKUDAH CB 5. DEE DEE LAMB WR 6. GRANT DELPIT SAFETY 7. JERRY JEUDY WR 8. A.J. EPENESA DE 9. JUSTIN HERBERT QB 10. JORDYN BROOKS MLB 11. TUA TAGLIOVA QB 12. TRISTAN WIRFS R-OT 13. LAVISKA SHENAULT WR 14. J.K. DOBBINS RB 15. JONATHAN TAYLOR RB 16. ZACK BAUN OLB/DE 17. ISAIAH SIMMONS MLB 18. KENNETH MURRAY MLB 19. JAVON KINLAW DT/DE 20. C.J. HENDERSON CB 21. JEDRICK WILLS AS A GUARD NOT TACKLE 22. TEE HIGGINS WR 23. XAVIER MCKINNEY SAFETY 24. YETUR GROSS MATOS DE 25. K'LAVON CHAISSON OLB/DE 26. ANDREW THOMAS I NEED TO SEE HIM AT THE COMBINE HE IS UP AND DOWN 27. JALON REAGOR WR/PUNT RETURNER 28. HENRY RUGGS WR 29. JAMES LYNCH DE 30. TYLER BIADASZ C 31. DEANDRE SWIFT RB 32. ANTOINE WINFIELD SAFETY 33. JUSTIN JEFFERSON WR 34. KRISTIAN FULTON CB 35. JEFF GLADNEY CB 36. TRAVIS ETIENE RB 37. JUSTIN MADUBUIKE DE/DT 38. MEKHI BECTON OT 39. MALIK HARRISON MLB 40. DAMON ARNETTE CB 41. COLE KMET TE 42. TYLER JOHNSON WR 43. SHANE LEMIEUX GUARD 44. JONATHAN GREENARD OLB/DE 45. NICK HARRIS CENTER 46. LUCAS NIANG OT 47. AUSTIN JACKSON OT 48. ANFERNEE JENNINGS OLB/DE 49. BRYCE HUFF OLB/DE 50. JACOB EASON QB So this is my 50 and there were so many that I wanted to include in this 50 like K.J Hamler, Denzell Mimms, Byron Edwards, Michael Pitman, and Harrison Bryant as receivers and Tight End. And on defense I love Chris Orr, Trevon Diggs, Evan Weaver, Curtis Weaver, Raequan Davis, Bradley Anae and Cameron Dantzler. Bryce Hall CB would of been on my top 50 if not for injury. This will change after the other two parts of the season.

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