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  1. Look I am not going to argue about college head coaches. Yes I do agree some college coaches should not go pro. Spurrier, Kelly and Petrino should never have went pro. They didn't care about defense. Saben could of been a winner in time. I do believe that. Schiano should of never left college because he was a Ra Ra type of guy with his college players. But Rhule is more of a Pro coach and believes in defense. This NFL is not the same NFL of the past. Because of rule changes that allow more offense this NFL is so much like college. You would of never survived as a running QB back in the day. In fact Big Ten Football is more like the NFL past than the NFL today. I think Jet fans are fed up with assistants and revamped losing head coaches.
  2. Well we just got rid of a terrible hockey head coach with Hynes getting fired from the Devils so miracles do happen.
  3. Go ask Pete Carroll and Bill O'brien about that !! I see that hiring assistants have really worked !!
  4. Money Talks and you know what walks. Throw the money at him and he will sign. He is an East Coast Guy and the Jet Job is a high profile job.
  5. I really have a good feeling with him. I watched him take a Temple program and built that up and after what he has done in Baylor is amazing. He has coached in the NFL for 1 year for the New York Giants under Coughlin. Since I watch a ton of college football I think he not only brings an offensive approach like a Lincoln Reilly but he was a Linebacker under Paterno at Penn St. and brings that toughness to his defense. Baylor was a disaster when he was hired and now they could go to the Championship Series. And all in less than three years. He is my guy for this organization. But yes he will be a high priority for many teams, College and Pro. Hopefully he picks the Jets.
  6. I am not gung ho on him as some on this board. Don't get me wrong he is a top tackle but when I watch him he is a better run blocker than a pass blocker. At the University of Georgia they play more of a Bill Parcells running the backs and beating down on that defensive line. Unlike LSU that pass the ball and Alabama which mixes the run game and pass game you see a better pass blocker since they run more plays in that format.
  7. This is a nice draft for OT and Guards. There are five top centers if the Oklahoma center comes out. My top 5 are Tyler Biadasz out of Wisconsin, Creed Humphreys of Oklahoma, Jake Hansen of Oregon, Nick Harris of Washington, and Darryll Williams of Mississippi St.. I don't think Humphreys is coming out but these are all wonderful prospects. After these 5 only Zack Shackelford of Texas comes close to these 5 centers at this time. The Ohio St. Center Josh Myers interests me but he most likely is coming back next year. Same as Drake Jackson of Kentucky who I just watched open enormous holes in the Kentucky vs Louisville game.
  8. It is another real good Wide Receiver Draft. My favorite was Tylan Wallace. He reminded me of Odell Beckham when Beckham has his mind on football. It is unfortunate he got hurt and out for the year. I watched him for two years and no one can defend him. Now Juedy worries me. Watched the Auburn Game and he disappeared. Waddle was the most dangerous player on the field. If you want another Larry Fitzgerald than Laviska Shenault is your guy. He is big and runs like a RB when he receives the ball. Another dangerous receiver who catches everything is Michael Pitman out of USC. What I like about him is that he catches the ball when he is gets covered and will fight and get that reception. Beside Wallace being my number 1 guy the two players who are right behind him is Cee Dee Lamb, who is as quick as any receiver but needs to get stronger, and Denzel Mims out of Baylor. Mims catches everything and is a big receiver at 6:3. He reminds me of Hall Of Famer Terrell Owens. Others to watch are TCU Jaelen Raegor who also returns punts and Tee Higgins from Clemson. Two sleepers who could rise are the SMU receiver duo of Reggie Robinson and James Proche. Robinson is plain fast with excellent hands and Proche could run any route and catches everything.
  9. I don't agree. Two OTs from Iowa in Jackson and Wirfs and you have Tre Adams from Washington and Niang from TCU.
  10. This is a good offensive OT Draft. You could add three or 4 more that will be called in the first 50 picks.
  11. Defensive tackle takes awhile in the NFL. Yeah you get players like Aaron Donald who takes the NFL by storm. This kid is young and he will progress. Is he another Donald?! No. But he will get way better.
  12. Boy does the Giants stink. You got to feel bad for all New York and New Jersey football fans of these two teams.
  13. Nice player but these two and wide receiver Tylan Wallace out of Oklahoma St. are game changers. Unfortunately Tylan hurt his knee and he is out for the year and he is a junior. These three players could change a game by themselves. Thomas can't.

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