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  1. Also. Did you know. If you google Askew the results are slightly crooked when they are displayed
  2. They sung that one song. I want you to want me I need you to need me I'm begging you to beg me
  3. It was fun. I enjoyed the game. Watching it was unbearable tho.
  4. @DPR missed you again. Hope to see you back in swing soon
  5. No were not. It's like being trapped in the monkey cage at the zoo. You get used to it but we stay the same
  6. Can't see it on mobile. So it's a fail
  7. It is pretty quiet. Let's lynch Hess.
  8. Nolder that link said traditionally mafia and doesn't work on a bpv.
  9. He basically reposted my points but with more bite.
  10. No ape. Cop claimed with no pressure and said he got a result in the middle of the night only to recant saying he misunderstood pac
  11. Wombat what do you think about my post.
  12. If it wasn't for Nolder shooting 80 I'd be voting for him. Why vote for the person with second to least posts in the game. Odd behavior. I do however find it interesting that we ran up AVM and we aren't running up Hess for doing the same thing but more smoothly, and everyone is okay with that. Also by mafia shooting BeeGee it gives us two potential lines of game theory. 1. Mafia doesn't have a roleblocker or redirector ability. Cause it would be to easy to leave a loose cannon in game and mess with his results. So either scum team doesn't have those roles or their are derping hard by taking out a mad dog from the equation. 2. Scum is either ballsy or stupid. They shot at a cop that on most instances would have protection. Speaking of. AVM, who'd you protect last night? Why? So let's look where the lines intersect and work backwards. Mafia kill BeeGee. BeeGee was all hot to lynch me and AVM. Who was his other suspect? Can't remember. Now mafia either use their kill to leave no info and prolong the chaos. Or remove the vocal player to run up one of their lynch choices. Ape pushed at me, and I think I am remembering right but could be wrong. Wasn't he using BeeGee going for me and being our cop claimant as part of his reason along with his derpy scrabble game? Hess also continued to push beegee's angles and voting AVM for the same thing he did. Both those I think would be good places to look atm
  13. unvote and vote Hess Checking the other derailer of known scum
  14. Why was my interaction suspicious? Cause I confronted a cop that had an impossible viewing on me and assumed he was lying?
  15. He retracted sighting misunderstanding of our mod. I'll grab the quote
  16. Vote Avm. As stated earlier his and Hess's derailment of our known scums train is terrible
  17. I thought you were lying so I was trying to get you to recant or say that I got you. I never said I forced you to claim. Your reading this all wrong >.<
  18. Are you purposefully trying to be obtuse. I assumed you were a fake claim on cop or a jester as you said you had results at night. So naturally the real cop would counter claim. If I poked holes in your obvious BS the real cop wouldn't pipe up. Can't even begin to say how many circles you are talking in. I'm watching Jennifer Lawrence shoot a bow and arrow. My night is on an upturn. See you all later.
  19. Which is when I figured on him lying because I am town and pegged him as jester and pushed the angle that I was blowing us both up to get him to cave and to keep the real cop from countering. That's risk/reward
  20. Wrong. BeeGee already cop claimed before I pushed trying to catch him in a lie and stop a real cop counter claim. Cause why would a townie cop derp out and claim at the beginning of night? Check time stamps scumbelina
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