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  1. I think that John Idzik's plan will stay status quo.  I'm sure that you'll continue to see him be a tough negotiator and sign players at positions of need under his circumstances while continuing to build this team through the draft.  Even if (hypothetically) the team had $100M in cap space, you won't see Idzik make any irrational decisions.  I'm sure he's going to stick to his plan.

  2. What exactly is the draft strategy?  I really liked the first two picks but besides Dozier, is there anyone drafted that will make an impact?  Who are these guys?  Bottom line is either Idzik and his staff are great or they are the biggest group of morons ever associated with this organization.

  3. Idzik hit on Richardson and Milliner last year.  I really like the Pryor and Amaro pick.  After these 4 players is there anything special that he drafted the past two seasons?  Granted you really can't give a grade right now to what he drafted this season but who are these guys? What's going on?  Is there something that we don't know or are they just grasping at straws?

  4. Some combination of:


    CB: Keith McGill, Utah

    CB: Marcus Roberson, Florida

    WR: Martavis Bryant, Clemson

    WR: Bruce Ellington, South Carolina

    WR: Jarred Abbrederis, Wisconsin

    G: Cyril Richardson, Baylor

    G: David Yankey, Stanford

    T: Cameron Flemming, Stanford

  5. Why would he do this? As it stands right now, the Jets could go corner in rd 1 and still get a quality WR in rd 2. Doesn't make sense to me

    I tend to agree with this.  They can stay put and take the best available WR in Rd. 1 then go best available CB in Rd. 2 or vice versa.  They could also trade down which I think would be a better scenario than trading up.  Stock pile picks on top of what they have.

  6. That would be a great scenario. Pick up a late #1 but get an extra 3rd rounder. That would also keep us in front of the 49ers who could possibly go WR as well. 

    Agree.  Trading back and getting extra picks on top of what we already have is a very good option.  Plenty of very good players in this draft.

  7. Is it possible that we can get off Idziks back now... I mean its only the dudes first full offseason and he's clearly made a serious impact on the offensive side of the ball... WR, TE, CB first 3 rounds and were going to war

    Yeah have to agree with this.  Suddenly our offense looks respectable.  Now we need Geno to take the next step. 

  8. He was publicly exposed for doing something that wasn't considered abnormal for the area.  He stopped doing what he did, and has since help educate others about how wrong it is.  


    When I was in school, a public speaker visited a full auditorium and shared a story about how his decision to drive drunk (while in college) impacted the rest of his life.  He killed the occupants of a small vehicle and served 12 years in prison regretting his decision every day since.  His story was powerful and thought provoking.  It was real. 


    Nothing he can say will bring those children back to life.  But, moving forward he can dedicate his life to educating others on how easy it is to make a stupid, life-altering decision. 

    Are you kidding me?  He stopped doing wht he did because HE GOT CAUGHT.

  9. I just don't know what to think anymore.  The team didn't need him.  Plenty of other backup QB's to sign or trade for.  We got rid of our cancer in Santonio Holmes.  Izdik drew a line in the sand a and took a hard line approach to free agents.  He wasn't going to spend wildly just to make a splash.  He was going to make smart moves with free agency while building this team through the draft.  Then he goes out and signs Michael Vick.  We didn't need him.  We didn't need this attention.  This just brings more of a negative attitude towards this team.  If Izdik was really going to change things and change the perception of the team, then why sign Michael Vick?  I can root for the team and I will.  I won't root for the player.  I'll continue having questions about Izdik. 

  10. It may not be our job to judge him, but the evil that is in a person and causes them to do such horrible things doesn't just go away.  Sure he may act different now, hasn't been in trouble, most respected player etc. Doesn't mean that he is a better person. Our only hope is that Geno beats him hands down and that he never sees the field. It will be extremely hard to watch if he plays.

    Agree.  Geno needs to step up and keep this guy off the field.

  11. Third round pick and I will be just as happy. I mean who are you selecting n round 3 that's is good as Jackson?

    Yeah good point. Bottom line is if it doesn't cost too much, you have to get this deal done. Jackson and Decker would give our WR's instant credibility, not to mention playmakers that we desperately need.

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