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  1. If it's for a 4th round pick we should get this done.
  2. Good signing at a very good price. Good signing at a very good price.
  3. I hate to say it but between the two, I would go with Sanchez.
  4. I have a bad feeling that this is going to happen.
  5. Reports are Vick coming in for a visit this weekend.
  6. Jets80

    Trade Back?

    With the draft being deep and the team needing to fill multiple positions, would it be wise for Izdik to trade back and acquire picks? San Francisco has an extra 2nd round pick. Cleveland has an extra 3rd round pick. Since Izdik's plan is to build through the draft, wouldn't this be a smart thing to do since we have so many needs on both sides of the ball?
  7. I thought that all of the nonsense was done when the team parted ways with Tanny. If this is true, it looks like we have a different type of nonsense going on with Izdik.
  8. If Watkins and Evans are gone need to go CB in round 1 and then best available WR in round 2.
  9. If this is actually the way they g,o who are the projected 2nd or 3rd Rd. CB's?
  10. James Jones off the board. Reportedly going to Oakland.
  11. Yeah I agree. If we indeed are going CB at 18 and both are available, Gilbert should be the guy. Unless of course we trade down and acquire more picks.
  12. Well at this point it's either Cro, or maybe Carlos Rogers. Sign one of them to hold down the fort. Draft a CB in Rd. 1.
  13. I tend to think this is the way we're going. CB in Rd. 1. WR in Rd. 2?
  14. Well at least we can build through the draft.
  15. Well unfortunately this seems like a real possibility based on what we currently have on our roster.
  16. We couldn't afford to give Walter Thurmond a 1 yr. $3.5M contract? That's the contract that he signed with the Giants.
  17. Need to get James Jones in here to play opposite of Decker. Kerley in the slot.
  18. Lee but unless we sign DRC, we're going to need a CB also.
  19. Maybe they're going to take Rodgers-Cromartie to IHOP tomorrow morning and sign him over the Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity Combo.
  20. Can anyone remember who the Jets passed on to hire as GM instead of Idzik?
  21. Need to get Jones signed. The only real legitimate option left at WR that we can bring in to help Geno (or whoever else is going to be our QB next season). Spend a little money John!
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