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  1. Who is going to play CB along side of Milliner? No reports of signing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Are we going to spend a 1st round pick on a CB when the team has plenty of other holes to fill?
  2. Agreed. I like the Decker signing. I understand going with Giacomini as opposed to Howard, but can we please add a CB or another WR? Time to spend a little more of the cap that we have. Just has to be a little bit to fill some holes!
  3. With all of the money being thrown around in FA don't you think another team would have signed Darrin Walls to start for them if they thought he was worth a sh*t? Instead we signed him to a 2 yr. $1.9M contract. He's depth. He's not a starter. Neither is Wilson. He's a slot CB. We have Milner and a black hole at the other CB. The team either needs to sign someone (if anyone is even left at this point) or draft a CB.
  4. Why give him an extension when you weren't going to give him any quality players to coach? The team has holes to fill. Spend some money and sign some free agents. Draft players. Add competition to the roster. Make players fight for positions. Can't do that if there are open holes on the roster.
  5. Not sure what the strategy is. I understand patience and not overspending, but the team has holes to fill. Need to add players. Can't do it all through the draft because the team isn't going to hit on every player chosen. Sign some players to add some competition to the roster!
  6. This is a video of Antonio Cromartie. Not Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.
  7. Adam Schefter reporting that Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is scheduled to meet with the Jets tonight. Lets get a deal done!
  8. Any word if we're bringing in James Jones for a visit or even if we're still interested in him?
  9. I agree with this. There's only so many players that we'll be able to draft. And there's a very good possibility that we'll swing and miss on some of them. The team needs to add some pieces in Free Agency to fill the open holes. Then you draft players, bring them in, and let there be an open competition for starting jobs. I'm not saying that Idzik has to go on a wild spending spree, but he has to sign some players to create some depth to this roster. Right now, we don't have it. There are needs all over the place.
  10. With Pettigrew now off the board it looks like the best available TE's are Jermichael Finley, Owen Daniels, and Ed Dickson. The team could still use a WR. The best available being Hakeem Nicks, Julian Edelman, Steve Smith, James Jones, Emmanuel Sanders, and Miles Austin. The team also needs a CB. You have Walter Thurmond, Chris Tillman, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tarell Brown, and Brandon Browner still out there. Finally, we need help on the OL. The best of the rest in that bunch include Zach Strief, Donald Penn, Travelle Wharton, and Willie Colon. The big question is what will Idzik's next move be to help improve this team?
  11. I'm actually thinking the same. All of the FA CB's are coming off the board. Unless they sign Rodgers-Cromartie, Thurmond, or Tillman, I think we might be looking CB in the 1st round.
  12. 5th round pick and I believe his salary is only $3.5M for 2014. Would have been a nice addition to the team.
  13. Eagles dealt a 5th round pick to the Saints for Darren Sproles.
  14. Very good signing. The team needs WR's and Decker is a quality one. They didn't break the bank to get him either.
  15. Yeah I'm starting to agree with this. There's a time to be patient and then there's a time to sign some players that help your team. We have a need at CB. We couldn't do better than 1 year @ $12M to sign the best CB in the game? Losing all faith in Idzik.
  16. Are you kidding me? We couldn't match or do better than this?
  17. They're still locked in the conference room with Decker.
  18. If he's asking for $7M that's still reasonable. If Tate money or $7M is the asking price, then there's no excuse to let him leave the building without getting a deal done.
  19. If it's similar money to Tate then that's reasonable. Time to get this deal done.
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