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  1. @0vvnd @THE_ELPRESADOR Is that Chris Bosh's long lost twin Dinosaur brother?? #BEAST

  2. @79USMC @RichCimini Then Rex will pick him up on us next year..

  3. @AlexisSprofera Did you get hacked??

  4. @AndreElijah no fallout 4??

  5. @Bravesoul79 Theres a little thing at the top of the page called "the search button" or "Search Twitter"

  6. @ChrisandPitts It would be a shame if someone were to "walk in with a loaded weapon" and tell everyone to "get out".

  7. @DallasCowboyBoi @VinceVp84 @incarceratedbob after last night I say we keep Melo for now.... Jeremy Grant has potential

  8. @DeJoy83 @incarceratedbob It happened 2 years in a row, and 6 years in a row 3rd place in the AFC East #Dolphins, yeah, "that's funny", huh?

  9. @eallenjets @jhowertonjets Whats going on with Jeremy Kerley? How come he didn't play?

  10. @FillWerrell 1,000th like

  11. @humeidi @NBA @kporzee Aaaaaaaand he's still ballin'

  12. @IBNincarcerated I made the move in a few of my leagues cuz Luck's bye week isn't until Week 10, and IDK if Bradford will be healthy by then

  13. @IBNincarcerated I removed the tweet 5 minutes after I posted it cuz I scrolled down, my bad.

  14. @IBNincarcerated Jets D or Titans D?

  15. @IBNincarcerated Originally had Rawls in there smfh

  16. @IBNincarcerated Should I trade Luck and keep starting Andy Dalton??

  17. @IBNincarcerated Stevie Johnson or Andre Johnson in my FLEX for week 1?

  18. @incarceratedbob Are the Jets making any moves before Trade Deadline??

  19. @incarceratedbob Are you gonna root for Johnny Football last 2 weeks?

  20. @incarceratedbob Colts are 3-0 in the Division, and 0-4 outside of it.

  21. @incarceratedbob Did you see what Robin Lopez did tonight?? smh, got Ejected, and might get a big suspension

  22. @incarceratedbob Eli vs Peyton Super Bowl next year... New York vs New York... Brother vs Brother.

  23. @incarceratedbob Geno will retake the job, just not quite yet.

  24. @incarceratedbob How come no one signed Ray Rice?? (not even the Chiefs?)

  25. @incarceratedbob https://t.co/UC0J55J30G you got mentioned on wikipedia

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